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Today we have the fab Lisa Renee Jones with us talking about her books MY HUNGER and MY CONTROL from her Inside Out series! Give her a warm Smutty Smutketeer welcome and be sure to enter her Rafflecopter contest below-the prize is a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card or cash via PayPal-winner’s choice! The contest runs April 14th-21st, so be sure to check her page April 22nd to see if you’ve won!



My Hunger – Inside Out 3.2

An Inside Out Novella in Mark’s POV

While Chris and Sara have traveled to Paris to avoid the chaos of press and police after the tragic night we’d shared, I have stayed to face the reality of what has happened. But there is no peace to be found in facing the truth, and no truth to be found in the confessions that have been made and retracted. I am a Master, all about control, and yet right now, facing great tragedy, I feel as if I have none. With my club and my relationships of the past in the spotlight, I find sanctuary in the one place I’ve promised I will never be again, but cannot seem to resist. Her arms.

***Mark and Crystal’s story begins in the novella Master Undone
 My Control – Inside Out 4.1

Mark’s POV novella
I have lost the man I once was, letting guilt and heartache define who I am. Darkness has controlled me, and one woman has seen what no one else has seen in me, what I do not wish to exist. My hunger for her has driven me to the edge of sanity, but no more. She’s about to find out that the Master has returned.

Bonus Contest Info!

 Right now on Lisa’s Facebook page there are a TON of contest counting down to the Release of Rebecca’s Lost Journals in Print and for the $.99 Sale of Escaping Reality - so stop by Facebook and enter to win!

Lisa Renee Jones Headshot - 375About Lisa: New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, and is now in development by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland, Austin Powers, Must Love Dogs) for cable TV. In addition, her Tall, Dark and Deadly series and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, both spent several months on a combination of the NY Times and USA Today and USA Today lists.

Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 40 books translated around the world. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.

Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at and she is active on twitter and facebook daily.


Invitation to Eden April Releases, Book Club and Contest!!
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The Invitation to April releases are here!


Yours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster (The Undergrad Years, Book 2)
Jetting to Martinique for a modeling assignment with three of Europe’s hottest magazine photographers—Gustave, Fabian, and Leon—should’ve been easy, breezy beautiful. Never did I expect to look up and see a hole in the ceiling of our plane that was bigger in size than my Birkin bag.
Shit! We’re nose-diving toward Eden Island. I pictured how my New York Times obituary might read when I’m gone, “Taddy Brill, Manhattanite, dethroned descendant of the Austrian House of Brillford royalty, dies at age eighteen, penniless, unloved, and a virgin.” I swear this crap only happens to me. Suddenly, Leon pulls me with Fabian and Gustave. Adrenaline racing through me, our bodies clung as one. We prepared to…crash.The Undergrad Years is a New Adult contemporary miniseries about first loves, independence, and everlasting friendships.
Reader warning: Contains mature content intended for readers 17 and up.
Interact with Avery while reading this story on Instagram and Twitter @AveryAster using the hashtags #UndergradYears #NewAdult. Swag and reader contests can be found on Avery’s blog at

Random Acts of Fantasy by Julia Kent (The Random Series, Book 3)
You ever really think that you’ll win the lottery? Meet Mr. Right? How about two Mr. Rights? Somehow the universe is handing me everything I want, and I don’t like it. Not one little bit. Because just when you get all your dreams handed to you on a silver platter, that’s when an airplane dumps its sewage on your house. Or your mama’s diabetes takes a bad turn. Or your mobile phone gets stuck in your hoohaw.(What? It happens…) Boring old average me got everything I wanted already, moving from small-town Ohio to big-city Boston to follow my heart. So when the fancy invitation offering me a pile of money to come with the band, Random Acts of Crazy, to perform on an island resort and be their manager arrived, I thought it was a cosmic joke. Enough money to help my mama get what she needed, five days in sunny paradise, and a shot at greatness for the band? Unreal. One big shoe was waiting to drop. On my head. Just like no one really ever finds a naked man wearing only a guitar standing by the side of the road hitchhiking and ends up falling in love with him and his friend and moving halfway across the country for true love, no one gets an invitation to come to what turns out to be a resort where people make what me and Joe and Trevor do together look like a chaste peck on the cheek. But… Well. I guess these things do happen.

To me.

Escape From Reality by Adriana Hunter
When curvy single and struggling romance author Leila Connors  receives a  mysterious invitation to spend an all-expense paid week on a tropical island, it simply seems too good to be true.  Who is responsible  for sending the invitation?  Why does the envelope smell of dominant  male  possession?  And most importantly, why her?  With a string of   failed relationships and a career on the down-slide, Leila feels she has nothing to lose and agrees to the trip. But when she arrives at her destination, far away  from everything she knows, she can’t help but wonder if she made a  mistake.    That is until she comes face to face with the incredibly  handsome Sebastian Phillips, a tortured stranger with dark secrets, and a man  who will take without asking. With just one touch he awakens a  desperate need within her. Before too long Leila finds herself caught up in a game of  irresistible obsession, where truths are exposed, and the dangerously  blurred line  between fantasy and reality threaten to drive her to the  point of no return.

In case you missed it, catch Lauren Hawkeye’s free prequel MASTER OF THE ISLAND

Master of Island -Lauren banner



3 winners have the chance to win 1 of 3 $10 Amazon gift cards!

How you ask?

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Winners will be chosen on Friday!

Now enjoy your April reading, and don’t forget, the island of Eden will have 3 new stories each month, from 27 amazing authors including Carly Phillips, Joey W. Hill, Mari Carr, Delilah Devlin, Roni Loren, Erika Wilde, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Jennifer Probst, Jessica Clare, Eliza Gayle, Steena Holmes, Daire St Denis, Suzanne Rock, Sharon Page, Tawny Stokes, Marian Tee, Cathryn Fox, Sara Fawkes, Sarah Castille, Opal Carew, Lauren Hawkeye, CC MacKenzie, Eden Bradley, and RG Alexander!!


The winners have been chosen!

Beth Wharton!


Jackie Wisherd!

You have all won $10 Amazon gift card. You should be receiving an email soon, so be on the look out :)


Saskia Walker’s Burlington Manor Affair!
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Hi folks!

I’m here today to chat about my forthcoming HQN Books novel and do a giveaway from my backlist.

THE BURLINGTON MANOR AFFAIR is due out on May 1st and is now available on preorder. This one is a big novel – a contemporary BDSM erotic romance set in London and Oxfordshire. The protagonists, Carmen and Rex, are a couple who have history, complications, and a silent, obsessive attraction that just won’t go away!


I’ve posted the official blurb and a teaser below, together with pre-order links. Have a read and leave a comment and you’ll be in with a chance to win a print book from my Harlequin backlist.


A legendary family estate.
A mutual longing.
A bargain struck.

Carmen Shelby wants what’s been left to her–the valuable estate that she once called home. Rex Carruthers is the heir to Burlington Manor, a ruthless playboy who enjoys playing games, and all he wants is for Carmen to surrender. There can be only one winner…


Carmen was the one who’d got away. Not anymore. Circumstances had got in the way but now the little bird had fluttered back to him, and he was determined to see her relinquish that fiercely held mask of independence she wore and admit the desire that had existed between
them for so long.

“This is a ludicrous situation.” She stood up, throwing the napkin she’d had clutched in her hand down onto the table. As she turned and headed for the door, he rose to his feet and put his hand out in her path, easily halting her in her tracks as she broke for the door.

A warning flashed in her eyes. She trembled visibly.

“Easy,” he urged, and drew her in against him.

For a moment she kept her eyes lowered, as if she couldn’t bear to look at him, but he could see the pulse at the base for throat was beating wildly, her breasts rising and falling rapidly beneath her dress.

Her eyelids flashed up, and she stared at him boldly. “Rex, please don’t.”

“Why not?”

She shook her head. She didn’t try to break free, though, and it felt good to have his hands on her. She stared up at him, her dark eyes luminescent. So enticing. When her lips parted, he bent his head to kiss her.

At first she stiffened, and her mouth remained immobile beneath his. The resistance was momentary, though, and he felt her soften in his embrace, her lips parting beneath his.

That barrier breached, Rex’s hunger for her flared. Too long he’d waited for this, wanting her, and now he had her. He locked one hand on her waist. With the other he cupped the back of her head as he kissed her deeply.

Carmen’s hands went to his chest, but they fisted there. Even while she opened her mouth to take his tongue she pressed hard against him with those fists and moaned her resistance into his mouth.

Her hair was soft and silky in his fingers, while the curve of her waist made his hands ache to rove over her, to outline her every curve. He wanted to explore, touch and taste every part of her.

As the kiss deepened, her body trembled–which only made his grip on her tighten. He wanted to keep his little bird, win her trust and make her sing out with pleasure.

First she was warm and supple in relinquishment, and then she was all fire and brimstone in his arms, clutching at his shirt with eager hands and arching her body to his.

He moaned his pleasure aloud.

She froze and drew back, breaking the kiss.

Desire pounded at the base of his spine, his cock semirisen as his body readied to get closer still.

“Why not?” He repeated his question.

“I can’t. I can’t sell myself, least of all to you.” She turned her face away.

He shifted, lowering his head to kiss the soft skin exposed beneath her ear when her hair fell back. As his lips made contact with the warm surface, she moaned and shifted in his arms.

“You want to do this. We both want to do this. We wanted to do it back then, we want it now. That situation’s not going to end until we have each other.”

She shook her head but he could see the truth in her eyes, the repressed emotion and the obsessive desire that he was certain mirrored his own. Carmen had always had the most expressive eyes. It was one of the many things that drew him to her. He felt as if a lifetime of experiences and sensations were offered to him, just by looking into those eyes of hers. His most abiding desire was to be doing that very thing while he brought her to orgasm. Repeatedly.

He continued to soothe her with his hands. “I can’t think of a single reason not to.”

“I can. Bloody hell, Rex. I have my pride.” She tugged free of his grip and stared at him wildly.

The desire that he’d harbored for this woman belted through him with a fury in the face of her denial. He had to have her. He ached for the sweetness she possessed. Reckoning with himself, he tried to keep his cool, he didn’t want to frighten her. She would relinquish, he knew she would. She was as programmed for this as he was, but the bitter sweetness of her resistance threatened to turn him into a Neanderthal.

“What about that time in the conservatory? You wanted me then, didn’t you?”

She eyed him disbelievingly.

Tension ratcheted between them.

A red flash flared across her cheekbones. She shook her head, denying him. “We were stoned. You brought that potent stuff from university and I’d never had anything like it.”

He shrugged. “True enough. It got rid of a few inhibitions for sure, but what was left behind, hmm? The honest to God truth of what we were to each other, what we still are.”

Her eyes squeezed shut. “No!”

“No? You weren’t thinking ‘no’ when you were on your back and pulling me over you.”

She turned her face away and wrapped her arms around herself.

Was it distress, or embarrassment? He had to know. “No, there’s no escape from that day, is there?” Obviously she couldn’t deny it, so he said it aloud. “Let’s see if I can recall…ah, yes. ‘I want you, Rex,’ that’s what you said.”

“That was then,” she shot back. “I was a stupid teenager with a crush on you.” She glared at him as if she hated him for pulling that moment apart. “I’ve come to my senses since then.”

If she’d come to her senses, then what was this about–the trembling, the barely held sexual desire he saw in her? Rex resisted the urge to argue that point some more and got serious instead. “Oh, come now, Carmen, can you honestly say it’s gone away?”

He closed on her, cupped her jaw, forcing her to look him in the eye.

She did so, stubbornly, but she didn’t say a word.

His hand slid down her throat and, when it did, her eyelids lowered and her head tipped back.

That action–so simple, so telling–triggered something inside him.

With his free hand he captured both her wrists together and locked her hands to his chest.
She whimpered and looked at him from under heavy lids.

“You can’t deny it, can you?” He laughed softly, his libido sensing victory. “And you like this.” He tightened his grip on her wrists, lifting them easily so that her arms were clearly in his grasp. “This makes it even more tempting for you, doesn’t it?”

Her eyes rolled and a low moan emitted from deep in her throat. It sounded earthy, primal, and Rex mirrored those reactions. Gone was the ladylike front, her cool exterior.

“Not tempting,” she retorted in a low warning tone, “easier.”

He cocked his head, curious.

She flashed her eyes at him. “The way you hold me makes this easier to do.”

It was resentful, but it was consent.

For Rex, that was victory.


Preorder links: | Harlequin
(only $3.99 advance order price!) | Mills
and Boon in the UK

Let me know what you think of the teaser in the comments for your chance to win! :)


Erin Simone & Shadows of Night!
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Shadows of Night

Erin Simone

Immortal Embrace, Book Two

Let’s give a big Smutketeers welcome to our friend Erin and her latest release! The Smutketeers love some hot, sexy vampires, and we know you do, too! So let’s take a peek…

Christian Voss’ immortal existence becomes a little less boring the second he meets his new assistant, Emma Hayes. Her fiery personality and raw sex appeal bring out his every carnal instinct, their chemistry charged and volatile. Christian enjoys the challenge, feeling alive for the first time in centuries. Sex with Emma is a drug he can’t resist, and he’s not about to give her up.

Emma is no easy conquest. She fights him at every turn, frightened by the growing desires threatening her will. Her reservations are fueled by guilt over the loss of her family, and Christian vows to help her find the vampire responsible. But when secrets from her past come to light, the truth may be more than a mere mortal can bear.

When two worlds collide, the resulting conflagration of passion, pain and revenge will leave Christian and Emma changed forever.

Inside Scoop: Necks are so passé. These provocative vamps sometimes like to drink from more…intimate body parts.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Holy shit!

Her mouth dropped open as she noticed an open door to the right of the desk—and the heavily muscled male with his back to her, doing pull-ups on a bar.

The guy had to be at least six-foot-five and weigh two-sixty, if she had to take a guess. His hair was the color of night, cut short. Muscles rippled and strained as he effortlessly pulled his massive frame up and down in a slow, fluid motion. On his right upper arm and across part of a shoulder blade, an extensive half-sleeve wrapped over the shoulder and, she presumed, continued to his chest.

He dropped to the ground suddenly and spun around, as if sensing her presence. He pulled the ear buds he was wearing from his ears as his eyes traveled down the length of her body in an erotic, predatory gaze.

She inhaled sharply at the sight of the outrageously handsome man who stood before her. “Damn…” Emma swallowed hard as a surge of lust sliced through her body.

He had a square jawline, ruggedly handsome features, a straight nose, high cheekbones and the most remarkable set of green eyes she’d ever seen. His wide, muscled chest and broad shoulders was also covered with the same beautifully etched tattoo that began on his back. Washboard abs disappeared beneath black shorts that hung low on a tapered waist and partially covered a pair of powerful legs. Her gaze ran over his massive frame and she couldn’t help her immediate attraction to the guy.

He cocked his head as confusion creased his extraordinary features. “Who let you up here?”

“Oh sorry, my mistake, wrong office.” She dropped the package on the desk and started to back away.

“Hey, stop. I asked you a question.”

“I told you—I must’ve picked the wrong office. My mistake.” She turned to leave. Why hadn’t she just told him why she was there? God, he flustered the hell out of her. That wasn’t normal.

“You’re not leaving.” He was by her side instantly, grabbing her arm.

“Let go of me.” She pushed him back.

“Human…” he mumbled under his breath and his eyes widened.

Oh this is not good. I’m not getting bitten. In a split second, she decided to react with force rather than take any chances. He was too close for her comfort, and stepping closer. She blocked his advance with a roundhouse kick to the jaw that sent him stumbling backward.

Licking blood from his split lip, he grinned—then moved like a flash of light. Before she knew what hit her, he’d lifted her off the ground and slammed her down on the desk.

“I’m not on the menu!” She cocked her fist back and belted him in the jaw. How the hell had she allowed the situation to fall apart so quickly?

“Bloody hell, woman, you fight like a goddamn man,” he growled.

She gasped when he quickly captured both wrists and placed them above her head. Now what?

Think, assess your options, then act, she tried to tell herself, needing to regain control over the situation, but quite frankly, she was pissed that he’d attacked her.

“What did you expect me to do, just stand there and let you manhandle me? You haven’t even begun to see me fight back, asshole.” She tried to shake him off but the bastard was too strong and held her easily. Her heart pounded wildly. God, he was gorgeous though.

Why was she thinking that at a time like this?

“Is that so?” He leaned close to her ear, his voice a sexy velvet purr. The smell of aftershave and male permeated the space between them. “The next time you hit me, I’ll return the blow. Now, I’ll not ask you again. How the hell did you get access to this floor?”

“Why don’t you ask Miss Palmer?” She glared at him.

“Believe me, I intend to do just that.” He looked at her with lust in his eyes so intense, it caused her nipples to pearl. Pleasure pooled in her core and a shiver passed through her. She wondered if he sensed it when his lips parted in what seemed like surprise.

Her cheeks flushed. What was she doing? This was crazy. The idiot just attacked her and she was getting all hot and bothered over it. Had she lost her mind? More than likely, because she certainly wasn’t acting like a highly trained operative at the moment.

Get a fucking grip, Hayes. “Ms. Palmer left me a note asking me to deliver a package to Mr. Davies—I clearly picked the wrong office. Sorry.” Her voice was laced with sarcasm.

“Where’s the package?” He started to relax a little but still didn’t release her.

“I don’t know. It’s probably on the floor with the rest of the crap you knocked off your desk.” Another shiver traveled up her spine as she felt the swollen press of his cock along her inner thigh. The bastard apparently wasn’t wearing underwear under those workout shorts. It appeared he was a big motherfucker in more ways than one. His masculine scent invaded her like a drug to the brain, promising a kind of passion that would be hard to resist. She closed her eyes in the hopes that her sanity would return.

No luck. She opened them to find him staring at her with a humorous expression.

“So it seems.” He glanced over his shoulder at the random items he’d swept off the desk and chuckled, his tone dark and delicious.

“I’ve answered your question. Now will you please let me up?” She struggled against his hold. There was something primal and raw about him. She’d never experienced such longing for a man—and it terrified her, because he wasn’t just some random guy who turned her on. He was obviously a freaking vampire.

Instead of letting her up, he lowered his head to her ear again. “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Miss Parker, now, would it?”

“As a matter of fact, it is.” This wasn’t funny anymore. Usually she was the one in control of the situation, not the other way around.

“Why do I get the sense you’re not being truthful with me?” He cocked his head as he scrutinized her more closely.

She tensed. “I have no reason to lie about who I am, sir. Just because I fought back doesn’t mean I’m lying to you.”

“You fight with a skill most women don’t possess. Tell me your real name and maybe then I’ll let you up.” He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck. She sucked in air at the erotic sensations that engulfed her.

“W-what the…haven’t you heard the term ‘sexual harassment’, asshole? Because that is exactly what you’re doing. I could press charges against you, damn it.” Her words came out breathless as she tried to buck him off. He didn’t budge, seemingly unfazed by her threat. It was empty anyway. But he didn’t know that.

“And you’re well within your right to do so,” his expression darkened, “but somehow I sense that isn’t going to happen, because whatever you’re hiding is too important for you to risk exposure. Am I right?”

Shit. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she panted.

“Really?” He leaned forward, using his teeth to tug at her nipple through the fabric of her blouse. “Let’s test that theory.”

“Hey, s-stop that!” Another shiver rushed through her, causing a hot, aching need between her legs.

“What? You mean this…?” He lowered his head again and gave the other one a playful nip that sent a shot of pleasure straight to her clit.

“Oh damn.” I’m in trouble.

She wanted a fucking vampire. Badly.

“Your real name—what is it?” He ran the tip of his nose along her jawline.

“M-my name is Emily,” she gasped in outrage.

“I’ll accept that answer for now. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

A grin slowly spread across his face. Could he be any sexier? What was it about this inhuman asshole? She wasn’t that easy, was she?

Apparently she was.

Resist him. You can’t do this, for Christ’s sake. “That all depends on what you’re referring to as ‘hard’.” She narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t knock it until you try it.” He wedged his hips between her legs and the skirt she was wearing easily rode up her thighs. She gasped when the hard press of his arousal slowly slid over her silk panties in a delirious friction that had her instantly writhing. Part of her wanted to enjoy his touch, which pissed her off even more.

He continued to tease her clit with the head of his cock in a slow rocking motion that was going to send her straight over the edge.

Sweet heaven, he’s going to make me come. She bit her lip to keep from moaning.

“Mm…you’re very tempting.” His voice was low and husky as he continued to tease her swollen bud. She clenched her jaw and turned her face away, caught up in an erotic wave that was impossible to resist.

“F-feeling is not mutual.” That was such a lie, and they both knew it. Her mouth was suddenly dry and she licked her lips. Oh God, don’t come.

“Are you sure about that?” He chuckled.

“You smug, arrogant jerk. Don’t flatter yourself. I-I don’t enjoy being attacked and held down against my will. But it appears you get off on overpowering women.”

He stilled and the look in his eyes almost made her regret her words. “If my intent was to harm you it would’ve already happened.”

“That’s debatable.” She rolled her eyes.

“You’re a feisty thing. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to you.” He muttered the last part under his breath and shook his head with a heavy sigh.

“Look, mister, you’ve had your fun. If you let me up, I promise I won’t report you to my superiors.”

“I am your superior.”

This can’t be…oh hell.

“W-what’s your name?” She swallowed hard.

“Christian Voss.” His lips twitched in amusement.

“You’re kidding me…?” Her blood ran cold at the thought. Her target. And if there had been any lingering doubt in her mind about what he was, there wasn’t anymore.

He leaned closer. “Kiss me.”

“What—no!” But everything about this guy filled her with a desperate need to have him, no matter the consequences. Where was her cool levelheadedness when she needed it? Apparently she’d lost it when she entered this office and came face-to-face with a dark angel.

“I smell your heat. You can’t deny it with me.”

He captured her lips before she could respond. She let out a gasp, surrendering to him as ripples of pleasure tore through her. His hot tongue invaded, swirling and tasting. He released her wrists and without thinking, she pulled him closer instead of pushing him away.

He groaned, deepening the punishing kiss. Her belly clenched and she rolled her hips against his straining length in reckless abandon as the ache between her legs grew to an unstoppable force that suffused all reason.

“Yesss…” she hissed as he licked the column of her throat. He cupped her breasts, kneading them in his powerful hands. He pinched her nipples and desire shot straight to her clit. She moaned loudly, clutching at his back as he muffled a moan with another kiss.

“Your scent…it’s driving me crazy.” His voice deepened as he stared down at her.

“We should stop.” She made one last feeble attempt to resist.

“Ssshh…I won’t hurt you.” His warm breath tickled her heated skin as he slowly kissed his way down her throat, ripping open her blouse and sending buttons flying everywhere. He opened the clasp to her bra and ran his fingers lightly over the full swells.

Oh God, I want this, want him. She arched her back when he captured a nipple between his teeth. More liquid dampened her panties and goose bumps broke out on her heated skin as he sucked on one breast, drawing it deeply into his mouth, and then switched to the other with hungry tugs that nearly sent her skittering over the edge. She heard herself keening as ecstasy took hold. The feel of skin on skin had never felt so good. She ran her fingers through his dark curls, drawing him closer.

“God, you’re so wet.” He licked her flesh.

“This is crazy,” she moaned, arching into him. It’s just sex—nothing more.

She barely registered it when her skirt came off, or when her panties were ripped away, until cool air tickled her skin. He kissed a trail down her body, twirling his tongue in her navel.

Dark hunger registered in his eyes as he lifted his head. “I’m going to taste you now.”

“Oh God!” Her thoughts completely derailed when he pushed her thighs apart and his hot tongue slowly traced her outer lips. He spread her folds and buried his mouth against her pussy, sucking and licking without mercy. She cried out when two fingers pushed inside her slick channel.

“That’s it, baby.” His voice sounded rough as he lowered his mouth to her again. She couldn’t formulate a coherent thought as her vaginal walls trembled and clenched from the relentless assault of his tongue and the fingers breaching her core.

“Your taste…so sweet, like cream…”

He focused on her clit, drawing it between his lips. Another scream escaped her parted lips and she climaxed hard. He suddenly withdrew his fingers and buried his tongue inside her opening. The erotic intrusion heightened her pleasure.

Emma was so completely lost in the throes of passion that she’d forgotten who she was—until the orgasm finally began to subside and reality set in.

He rose and stared at her with barely restrained need in his eyes, his lips glossy from her release—and she noticed the sharp points of fangs peeking from between his lips. It was surreal to see them up close.

A vampire—and the sexiest male she’d ever laid eyes on.

Oh shit, what the fuck is wrong with me?

“Let me up, now!” she snapped, “I have to go.”

He nodded slowly and released her. She slid off the desk to search for her discarded clothes. How could I allow this to happen? He’s the fucking enemy. She quickly fastened her bra and fumbled clumsily to pull her shirt on. What was left of it, anyway.

He watched but made no attempt to stop her. His jaw clenched and the muscles in his neck were corded and strained. Had he planned to bite her? Fuck, I’m such an idiot.

He turned and picked up a towel from the debris on the floor and wiped his face. “You shouldn’t have wandered around this floor, Miss Parker.” His expression was patronizing.

No shit, asshole. “Have you decided to address me formally now that your face isn’t buried between my thighs?” She gave him a disgusted look.

“That’s not what I meant.” His penetrating gaze flickered over her. She trembled from the memory of where those lips had just been.

Shutting her eyes, she replayed the scene in her mind. Shivers of need slid down her spine while part of her recoiled at the mere thought of wanting to have sex with a vampire. The situation had gone terribly wrong. She’d lost her fucking mind by allowing herself to be compromised by a leech.

“You should go.” Sweat glistened on his chest and she had the sudden urge to run her tongue across those glorious planes.

Yeah right, I need to leave now before brain damage sets in permanently.

“I wasn’t staying.” She turned on her heel to leave when she heard him utter a low growl.

“Miss Parker…” His voice was a deep purr.

She paused like an idiot, hating the way he affected her.

“What?” She squared her shoulders and turned to face him.

“I think this belongs to you.” He tossed a thin wooden stake at her, which she caught with ease.


“Um…yeah, that.” She gripped it in her palm.


And now let’s get to know Erin a little better, because we’re a nosy bunch…; )

Why erotica? Because I like delving deeper into the character. I think sex is a very natural and beautiful part of who we are. I like to know my characters intimately and want to share that component with the reader. It’s a major component in any romantic story I’m writing. When you close the bedroom door it feels like something is missing.


How much down time do you generally take between books? Not much. I love to write and usually hop write into the next story because for me, writing is an outlet which I truly enjoy. Creating the story and watching the characters come to life on the page is exciting to me. It pulls me back to it every single time.


Do you do anything to celebrate or reward yourself for finishing a book? Sometimes I’ll buy myself something or go to dinner with the family. But mostly, I’m grinning from ear to ear because it’s like giving birth.  The journey was long and the process was sometimes hard, but the end result is so worth it.


If you could travel to any one place, where would it be? I want to go to Scotland, Ireland and back to Greece. (the Smutketeers want to go to Scotland, tooooooo! I see a smutty group trip to Europe happening!)


Do you collect anything? Hats. I love them. (and she looks adorable in them!)

What’s your idea of a romantic evening? Dinner and a movie at home. Hot sex with my man for dessert. I’m a simple gal.

Do you incorporate people you know into your stories? No. My characters are all unique. They have a life of their own and don’t represent life experiences or anyone I know. Fantasy is so much better and I like creating a character from scratch and breathing life into them. It’s so much more rewarding.

How do you recharge your batteries? I read. Nothing relaxes me more than curling up with a good book.

What are you reading right now? I just finished Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward. I love dark gritty characters. If they have a seedy past. It makes for a more interesting story.  Xhex and Reverend are great characters in this series.  I do try to read in the genre I’m currently writing and since I have four more books to write. It makes sense to me. It keeps my creative side on that mode. Plus, who doesn’t love a juicy vampire novel.

What inspired this story? To be honest, Bram Stroker’s Dracula is what inspired me to write this series.  I love Gary Oldman’s character, especially when he starts to interact with Mina, the object of his affection, their love story was bittersweet and I found this portrayal of the vampire to be a gothically sexy version of this classic tale. (Eden says: Gary Oldman as Dracula-yum!)

Beer or girly drink with an umbrella? Both. It depends on my mood.

Vanilla or chocolate? Hmmm, that’s a hard one. How about a little bit of both. Yum!!

Hugs or kisses? Kisses, unless he sucks at it.

Boxers, briefs or commando? Boxers. They’re so sexy on a man or a woman.

Steak or sushi? Sushi baby!!!

Jeans or stilettos?, I wear both at the same time. Ha!!

Quiet dinner in front of the fire or hot night on the town? Quiet dinner in front of the fire.

Carried off into the sunset on the back of a galloping stallion or in the luxury of a racy corvette? Corvette.  Love fast cars…

Elegant fop or rough-edged rogue? I like bad boys.  Rough-edged Rogue baby!!!

Tropical beach or mountain cabin? Tropical Beach.

Cop or fireman? Fireman.

Rough and ready cowboy or corporate big-wig in a sharp suit? Cowboy.

Vampire or werewolf? Oooh that’s a tough one.  Hmmm…Vampire.

Soft, sensual make out session or throw you up against the wall? Throw me up against the wall.

Gorgeous canopy bed with satin sheets or fur rug in front of a blazing fire? Fur rug, blazing fire.

Summer or winter? Summer.

Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos.

City girl or country girl? I don’t know. I guess I’d have to really say I’m a mixture of both.

Dog person or cat person? Dog person. But I just got a new kitty named Tink and I’m soooo in love with her.

Cinderella or Snow White? Snow white.

Las Vegas luxury hotel or quaint Wine Country Inn vacation? Las Vegas baby!!!!


Buy SHADOWS OF NIGHT Now at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon or B&N!

Find out more about Erin and all of her books on her website!

CONTEST! Just comment here to be entered to win a prize pack including a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and a swag pack from Erin with a mug, a mousepad & pens! She’ll be back to choose a winner and announce it here in the comments section on the night of the 24th, so be sure to check back!

It’s a Kinky 3-Way Release with Eden, Angela Knight & Lauren Jameson!
by edenbradley on Apr 1st, 2014 29 Comments »

Who doesn’t love a 3-way?

Eden says: You know the Smutketeers do-especially if I get to be in the middle! And today I’m snuggled in with the amazing Angela Knight and Lauren Hawkeye! (Yes, you should be jealous!). So sit back, relax and enjoy the show as the three of us get busy…showing you our latest releases, of course! (What?? You have a dirty, dirty  mind! Of course, we like that in a person…)


Book One in my new Dangerous Romance Series

Buy it now! Amazon   B&N      Kobo

She wasn’t as innocent as he remembered. He’s twice as wicked as she ever imagined.

“For those who are born to New Orleans, it’s in your blood. It lingers there no matter where you go. BDSM is the same sort of thing. If you’re born to it—the way you were, the way I was, whether or not you want to accept that—you can never shake it. It shapes the way you think, the way you respond to…everything. And those who were a part of unleashing those desires…you never forget them, either. That’s what you did for me, Mick. For me, not to me.”

~Alessandra ‘Allie’ LeClair

 * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * *

She can whip up something sweet…

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.

But with two in the kitchen…

When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.

Can they take the heat?

Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.


Eden says:

Mick was one of my favorite heroes ever to write! He is one bad-ass Dom…and I only discovered how bad-ass in doing research about his hobby: bare-knuckled boxing, an underground form of MMA street-fighting. My massage therapist (I know!) does MMA training, and I got to interview him, as well as a friend of his who competes, and believe me, these guys are not to be messed with! Is it terribly old-fashioned of me to find it HOT when these gorgeous, muscled guys just lay into each other? I can’t help that I love a little alpha in my males. It’s that bad boy thing–something I’ve really tried to get over, but even though I should know better, that attraction still lingers. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a rock n’ roll kinda girl–I have a lot of ink, dress like a teenager, and my music choices can be pretty rockin’ and dark. But the music can really drive and inspire me and it really did when I was writing DANGEROUSLY BOUND.  Here’s a peek at my playlist for this book:

Closer-Alex Clare
Relax My Beloved-Alex Clare
The Engine-Trixie Whitley
Burning Desire-Lana del Rey
If You Want It-Superstring
Kingdom of Rain-The The
The Same Side-Lucie Silvas
Anything, Anything-Dramarama
Last Kiss-Pearl Jam
Get Outta My Head-Intwine
Sheryl Crow-Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man
It’s Been a While-Staind
If You Could Only See-Tonic
Breaking the Girl-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Burning Bright-Shinedown
Let It Take You-Goldfrapp
Breathe You In My Dreams-Trixie Whitley
Glory Box-Portishead
Melissa Ethridge-I’m the Only One
Live-I Alone
Aerosmith-I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
Paramore-The Only Exception
Say Something-A Great Big World

* * *


She waited while he walked around the truck to open her door. He lifted her down, his big hands around her waist, and his touch burned into her, making her need all the more acute. She could barely stand to wait as he led her up the walkway, up the steps, took her keys and opened her front door.

He grabbed her wrist, encircling it with his strong fingers.

“Bedroom,” he demanded. “Or it’s going to be right here on the hall floor.”

She nodded and led him down the narrow hall.

He was on her almost the moment they passed through the doorway, stripping her down until she was naked and barefoot once more. Her pulse was a hot, thready beat in her veins, her chest, between her thighs. Desire was something solid, palpable, nearly unbearable.

She put her hands on his chest, tried to unbutton his shirt.

“Mick . . .”

He took her wrists in his hands and pulled them down to her sides, held them there as he looked into her eyes, and she understood, her mind shifting gears. If they were going to be together right now they would be in role, submissive and Dominant. She understood his need to leash his desires. Understood how dangerous he felt he was to her.

She would show him tonight she could take it. That the full darkness inside him was exactly what she wanted, yearned for.

He moved around her, one hand on her body, sliding over her stomach, her side, her back. He stood behind her, and she waited for whatever would come next, her heart hammering, her body aching for more.

When he wrapped his arm around her neck and tightened just enough to restrict her breathing, she felt his command with an enormous sense of relief.

Oh, yes.

She closed her eyes as he pulled tighter. With his other hand he swept her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck tenderly. She loved the combination of roughness and gentleness. Even trusting him enough to do this bit of breath play with her was erotic. Her body flooded with desire, her legs going weak. Even weaker when he bit into her skin, just hard enough to hurt.

She moaned.

“Yeah, baby girl. I want to hear it now. I want to hear everything you’re feeling. Every groan. Every panting breath. Give it to me.”

She leaned her head back onto his shoulder, and he slid his hand into her hair, grasped it at the roots and pulled tightly.

“Oh . . .”

“You like this. It makes you feel taken over, doesn’t it?”


“I like the way your whole body bows when I pull your hair. The way I can see your yielding in the way you move. It’s beautiful. And so, so hot”

He pulled harder, the pain making her gasp.

“You like that, too.”

It wasn’t a question, but she answered, anyway.

“Yes, Mick.”

He pulled until her neck bent back as far as it could. He pulled harder and she had to arch her back. And groaned when he bent to kiss her throat right where it met her shoulder—her favorite spot.

“Oh yeah, I remember, Allie. I remember everything about you,” he murmured against her skin before he bit her.


Her legs nearly went out from under her, but he had a firm hold on her. He licked her skin, then bit again, harder this time, hard enough to make her draw in a long, deep breath as she tried to manage the pain. Then his tongue bathed the sore skin once more, a lovely sensation.

When he lifted her arm and bit into the delicate skin on her inner bicep, she gasped. He followed the bite with a soft, lingering kiss, then helped her straighten up and turned her around to face him.

“Can you stand by yourself?”

She nodded.

When he let her go she swayed on her feet, and he steadied her. “You okay, baby?”

She smiled. “Perfect.”

He stroked a finger across her cheek. “Yeah, I think you are. But let’s sit you down.”

He moved her until she felt the edge of her bed at the back of her knees, and he helped her to sit. He was so caring of her, so protective. It was one of the things she’d always loved about a dominant man. It was one of the things she’d always loved about Mick.

As he took off his shirt, she remembered what else she’d loved about him, but his chest and arms were even more developed now. The tattoo he’d gotten right out of high school, the fleur de lis that was the symbol for the city of New Orleans with the words New Orleans Fire Department in a bold font arching around it, stood out against his pale golden skin, and she noticed once more the Latin script on his forearm. She’d always loved tattoos on a man.

And his abs . . . they were absolutely flawless, a full six-pack that looked as if they’d been cut from granite. She’d felt those hard planes of muscle when he’d held her close, but seeing his body was another thing altogether. It was all pure, male beauty, rough and masculine in the same way his face was. All of him matured in a way that made him seem all the more male.

The lines of his body flexed and rippled as he bent over to unlace his big black boots. When he straightened she saw the jagged scar on his ribs from the old motorcycle accident, and she wanted to reach out and run her fingers over that hurting place. She wanted to run her fingers over every inch of him. But that would have to wait until—if and when—there was going to be sex between them without these roles. He was clearly in charge now. And tonight, their first night together again, it couldn’t be any other way. She didn’t want it to be.

* * * * * ~ * * * * *

BONUS READ! If you’d like to visit The Bastille in New Orleans again-the BDSM club from my Dangerous Romance Series-you can read about one of Mick’s best friends, the gorgeous, hulking Dominant Finn, in DANGEROUSLY INKED-on sale now for just .99!


* * * * * ~ * * * * *

Find Eden online:





* * * * * ~ * * * * *


Buy it Now! Amazon   B&N   Kobo

In this stunning romance, Lauren Jameson presents a story of unexpected desire in which two strangers play a dangerous game in the quest for incredible pleasure. But winning comes with a price….

  After walking in on her boyfriend with another woman, Devon Reid decides to seek solace in the small California town she’s often visited on vacation. Instead, she finds herself consumed by a mysterious man who sets her ablaze with one simple look.

  Devon has always been the good girl, but Zach’s touch turns her into something primal, especially when he persuades her to give up control to him. But while Zach can make her burn, he seduces Devon one moment and turns her away the next.

  When Devon starts her new job at Phyrefly Aviation, she learns that Zach is actually founder and CEO of the massive corporation. And while Devon knows she should keep things between them strictly professional, his overwhelming magnetism makes it impossible to stay away….

* * * * * ~ * * * * *

Lauren says:

When Zacharish St. Brenton agrees to an interview with me, I feel a little giddy at the prospect. I mean, sure, he’s taken, but a woman can look, right? He invites me to the coffee shop in the lobby of Phyrefly Aviation. I wonder to myself why he doesn’t invite me into the building, and I suspect it’s because he’s wary about what information I’ll publish. To let me in might mean letting me in on some of his secrets.

I’m not going to be the one to remind the imposing man that I know him better than he knows himself.

He’s waiting when I arrive, five minutes late. I don’t think he’s pleased with my tardiness, but then, he doesn’t know that I had to drop my toddler off at my mom’s. I’m pleased that he has a dark roast coffee with skim milk waiting for me. It’s just like a Dom, to observe and file away all those little details. I curl one hand around the warmth of the cup as I grab my notebook and pen from my purse with the other.

I might be happily married, but I can’t help noticing that he looks good. His suit is black with a faint charcoal pinstripe running through it. His shirt is dark blue and his tie solid black. It’s a mouth watering combination.

Lauren Jameson: Thanks for meeting with me. It’s been a while.

ZS: Well, I can hardly say no to you. (I feel a little jolt of happiness, then realize that he just might be implying that he wouldn’t do it if he had a choice.)

LJ: Well. I know you’re busy, so let’s get started. I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

ZS: I appreciate it.

LJ: Well, let’s not mince words, then. How’s Devon?

ZS: (Regards me warily.) I’m not ready to talk about her yet. You know that.

LJ: And you should know that no one is rooting for the two of you more than I am. Hello? That’s the whole reason behind telling your story.

ZS: (Expression softens a hint.) I know that. But as much as I… care… for her, I don’t want to taint her with my darkness.

LJ: Zach, stop beating yourself up. You’ve found a woman who cares about the real you—all of you! Can’t you just loosen that iron grip on control that you have and enjoy it? (In my agitation, I jolt my coffee, and the steaming liquid slops over the edge.)

ZS: (Raises an eyebrow, then takes my dripping cup and mops it off with a napkin before handing it back to me). I’m a Dom. Control is my life.

LJ: (Wryly.) That aspect of your personality is quite obvious, thank you.

ZS: (Cracks a small smile.) I hate to hurry this along, but I have a meeting in ten minutes, and need to get back upstairs.

LJ: Tell me just one last thing, then. Do you think you’re going to be able to take that final step and open up to Devon?

He is up and striding away before I can remind him that I already know what’s going to happen. The whole purpose of this meeting was to give a little nudge… a nudge in the right direction, of course!

* * *


“This is how my mouth will feel when I get you naked and kiss you all over.” The picture sprang into my mind all too clearly, of myself bare and laid out on his desk, waiting for the touch of his mouth. I whimpered, just the slightest bit, and was hushed with the kiss of the leather over my lips.

“Spread your legs.” I did it before I even thought about it, the fabric of my skirt riding up, exposing the edges of my stockings, the flush of my panties, and the inches of skin in between.

The leather traced over my bare ribs, the valley between my breasts, my hard, tight nipples. I began to pant, more excited than I’d ever been in my life.

“Hold on to the desk.” I did, swallowing hard, wondering what would happen next.

Instead of the flogger, I felt Zach’s fingers toy with the crotch of my panties. I moaned lightly and leaned into the touch, but he didn’t linger.

Deftly, he pulled the fabric aside, and I felt slick pressure at my entrance. Instinctively opening to it, I was startled to feel something heavy and round being inserted in my most intimate of places, followed quickly by its twin.

I tried to clench my thighs together at the strange sensation, but Zach was there to block the movement.

“What . . .” I straightened up a bit to ask Zach what he had just done, and as I moved, the balls shifted. They created pressure in delicious, private places, and an unfamiliar ache bloomed through my belly.

“If you are to take this journey with me, then you must learn to trust me.” I was too distracted by the heavy sensation of the balls rolling around to ask him what he meant. “These are ben-wa balls. You will keep them inside of you until I say otherwise.” I shifted experimentally, and the balls moved, forcing sensations that were rich and impossible to ignore to flood through me.

“Bend over the desk again.” Oh, Lord. Bent over, the balls pressed heavily on the flesh above my clit. I wanted to rock back and forth, to build that delicious pressure so that it could be relieved, but a palm pressed to the curve of my back warned me against it.

Focused on the new sensations inside my cleft, I wasn’t expecting the hiss of the flogger when it came, the bloom of pain between my thighs. One kiss of the leather on each smooth expanse of leg, then several short, quick flicks right in my center. I cried out, fingers scrabbling for purchase on the slick surface of the desk. He hit harder than he had the first time, and the blows hurt, hurt quite a bit, actually, landing as they were on my most sensitive flesh. But combined with that pain was a sense of pleasure, one that was dark and rich and seductive.

As my body jerked, the balls rocked inside of me. It was almost unbearable, that pleasure which melted so effortlessly into the sting of the whip.

The pleasure built, wave upon wave that finally reached the shore in a tidal crash of pleasure. I cried out again as the sensations washed over me, riding the darkness until I’d wrung every last bit of it out and I could see again.

Stunned, I slowly rolled over, propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at the man in front of me. His eyes were glowing like those of a cat, and they were full of an emotion that I couldn’t read.

I didn’t know him very well, after all, no matter what he’d just done to my body.

Something in his stare, though, was too personal, too raw, for anyone to see. In fact, I didn’t think that he meant for me to catch him that way, for as soon as he saw that I had come back down to earth, his eyes shuttered and his face tensed up. I watched as he closed his emotions back off from the rest of the world, again becoming the controlled, charismatic young billionaire who held the interest of the world.

So even all of his money couldn’t protect him from the demons that haunted him, that haunted us all.

Feeling exposed, though I supposed it was useless to at that point, I tugged my bra from my wrists and stuffed it in my pocket. I didn’t feel as though there was time to fuss with putting it back on. I wrestled my blouse back over my arms, my shoulders, and closed it hastily, not bothering to double-check if it had been buttoned straight.

I had no idea what had just happened, but I didn’t intend to think about it there. Zach was frozen in place, his eyes unreadable as they assessed me.

Pushing away from the desk, I hastily made my way toward the door, the balls rocking as I moved, making me moan. It was all just too much—too intense. I didn’t know what to do with it. I would rather have faced Philippa the paper-doll princess while mussed and braless than have continued to try to breathe in a room that suddenly had no air.

“Miss Reid.” My hand was on the door before he spoke. I turned slowly, not letting go of the knob.

The sexy man who just seduced me had changed. The tortured one who made me come had disappeared. In their place was the cool, controlled CEO, complete with arrogant posture and the hint of a smirk on his lips.

“Be in the first-floor lobby at half past six this evening. We need to have a discussion.” His words were serious and very nearly foreboding.

“Do not remove those ben-wa balls this afternoon.”

I shifted, aware all over again of the gentle rocking of the balls inside of me. Though I’d just had a huge orgasm, I felt the need beginning again. I tried to imagine going through the afternoon with them inside of me, of working at my desk while they weighed down on my clit. The thought made my cheeks flush and my lips part.

“I have exposed you to some of the pleasure of my . . . lifestyle, Devon . But I haven’t yet exposed you to the pain.” I couldn’t move, not without those balls sending jolts of need through my veins.

“I need to know if you are open to both.” My eyes were wide. Pain? More than the martinet? Feeling as though I were in the presence of a predatory animal, I watched, cautious, as Zach strode across the room to me, tilted my chin up for a soft, short kiss.

“Go back to work now. I will meet you in the lobby at six thirty.” Somewhat dazed, drugged by the sensations in my blood, I nodded and turned to leave the room. Right before I exited the door, he whispered one last thing in my ear.

“And whatever you do, don’t come.”

~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BONUS READ! Lauren’s MASTER OF THE ISLAND, the first story in the 27-author Invitation to Eden continuity series is out now for FREE! Meet the enigmatic owner of the Eden island resort and find out how the resort came together-and why he is a man full of shadows and secrets. Three books will be released each month from an amazing array of your favorite authors! Find out more HERE!

Lauren-prequel-for website

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Find Lauren Online:

Mailing list
Lauren Jameson website
Lauren Hawkeye website

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A Mageverse Book

Buy it Now!  Amazon   B&N   Powell’s

A prequel novella to the bestselling Mageverse series that gave a sexy twist to the Arthurian legend headlines this collection. This volume also features a special selection of stories, previously published as ebooks, but completely revised and expanded for this anthology.

* * * * * ~ * * * * *

Angela says:

Readers have been asking for Gwen and Arthur’s story for years, so I decided to oblige with The Once and Future Lover, a novel-length story in WICKED GAMES. Unlike the other nine books in the Mageverse series, this one is a historical set in 500 AD, back when Arthur, Gwen and the knights and ladies of the Round Table gained their immortality and power.

The story also deals with just exactly what did happen between Lancelot and Guinevere, as well as the rebellion led by Mordred, Arthur’s bastard son with Morgana le Fay. Be warned: The Once and Future Lover is much more erotic than the rest of the Mageverse series, featuring elements of bondage and submission.

* * *


Gwen dreamed of death, of blood and terror and grief. She jolted awake. In her panic, she almost shot from the bed, but her husband’s brawny arm was wrapped around her waist. She stilled, his breath warming her nape.

Arthur Pendragon slept as he so often did, curled around her, surrounding her in his swordsman’s hard strength.

He’s not dead. It was only a nightmare. Going limp as a soaked rag in her relief, Gwen turned her head to press her cheek against his broad bare chest. His heart thudded in her ear, steady and strong and comforting. Like Arthur himself.

As her dream panic drained away, she heard the deep voices of the guards out on the balustrade murmur something to each other. They sounded unusually tense.

Reality hit Gwen like an armored fist. Today was the day Arthur would fight to the death.

Against Mordred. His son, heir, and enemy.

Her stomach curled into a sour knot. She had to pace, do something, or she was going to start screaming. What if this morning’s dream had been more than a nightmare? What if it had been a vision?

Slowly, carefully, she eased Arthur’s warm, muscled forearm from around her waist, swung her feet to the stone floor, and rose, trying not to wake him. They’d been up late last night, making love out of desperation as much as desire. Arthur needed to sleep every minute he could.

A cooling breeze poured through the open shutters of the chamber’s sole window, which overlooked the courtyard where he and Mordred would do battle in a few hours’ time. A shaft of blue dawn light spilled in, illuminating her husband as he sprawled in tanned, brawny nudity across their bed.

Arthur was not a tall man, though Gwen suspected he was actually more muscular at thirty-seven than the nineteen-year-old she’d married, back when they’d called him the Princeling King. He still drilled with his knights every morning, going full out with sword and shield. Whenever she pointed out the likelihood of being hurt in such practice, he’d snort. “I’ll not grow too soft to sit a horse.”

Her beautiful man. Her handsome king.

Responsibility more than age had salted Arthur’s hair with gray. More pewter threaded the beard that framed his lushly sensual mouth, and sprinkled the soft, dark thatch that covered his powerful chest. Still, the hair on his groin was as dark as ever, a sable ruff surrounding the long cock she’d always adored, the heavy balls she loved to cradle in her palm.

If he dies, I might as well crawl into the grave with him.

Gwen had seen too many battles over seventeen years as Arthur’s queen. She knew what happened when an older man fought a big brute nineteen years younger, and it wasn’t pretty.

The wizard Merlin had promised power to the winner of today’s battle. Arthur wanted that power to better protect his people from the invading Saxons, not to mention a Celtic warlord named Varn who had been a thorn in his side for the past two years. Then there was the collection of former rulers whose kingdoms Arthur had conquered more than a decade before, any one of whom would love to topple the High King.

As for Mordred . . . Well, he just wanted an acceptable excuse to kill his father. Anything more was just gravy on the goose as far he was concerned.

Arthur deserved better than a bastard son who hated him. Unfortunately, Gwen had been unable to give her king that successor—and God knew she’d tried.

Three pregnancies. Three miscarriages.

A familiar bitter sting gathered behind her eyelids, and she clenched her jaw, blinking hard, forcing her twisted features to smooth. You will not cry. You will show only smiling confidence. You will not make Arthur doubt himself.

Doubt can kill a man in a fight like this.

Mordred had enough advantages as it was. Gwen wasn’t going to hand him another arrow for his assassin’s quiver.

Wheeling, she paced naked across the chamber. All too soon, they’d have to walk out into the courtyard below to face the prince’s challenge. Gwen only hoped Mordred didn’t win. Not only would his victory be a catastrophe for her and Arthur, it would be a disaster for Britain.

Her mind flashed back to a night months before, when Mordred had tried to convince Arthur to declare war on the Saxons. The king had refused.

“War always sounds like a good idea to those who’ve never fought,” Arthur said. The knights, ladies, and courtiers seated at the Round Table fell silent over their trenchers, watching the interplay between their liege and his son. “Believe me, the enthusiasm dims when you’re knee-deep in mud, blood, and someone else’s intestines.”

“But isn’t conquest the right of the strong, Father,” Mordred argued, “Proof of God’s favor?”

“Unless you lose, in which case it’s proof God doesn’t favor you as much as you thought.” Arthur cut a slice of venison and fed it to Gwen, giving her one of his wickedly sensual smiles. “Then it’s too damned late, and those you love are getting butchered for your arrogance.”

The prince started to retort, but Arthur cut him off. “I’m not declaring war on Hengrid and his Saxons, Mordred. Their raids may eventually push me into it, but I’d rather wait until our people get in the harvest and survive the winter. This is the longest stretch of peace we’ve had in thirty years. Let the peasants savor it a little longer.”

“Peasants.” The prince speared a bite of mutton on the tip of his dagger and ate it with a wolfish snap. His green eyes glinted with growing temper over the curl of his lip. “What do we care for the opinion of peasants?”

Arthur studied him. Everyone else held their collective breath, Gwen included, wondering if they were about to witness another explosive row. Mordred was a bit too much like his father, right down to the infamous Pendragon temper. Unfortunately, he lacked Arthur’s iron self-control. “Peasants, my son, are the ones who do the worst of the dying in war. Marching armies too often murder peasant children, rape peasant wives, and burn peasant crops, leaving the survivors to starve. Never forget, a good king doesn’t declare war unless he has no choice.”

Mordred dipped his head in grudging acquiescence. “Aye, Father.”

Arthur turned away as Lord Kay said something Gwen didn’t catch. She was immobilized by the sight of rage and malice flashing across Mordred’s face, there and gone so quickly she wasn’t even sure she’d seen it. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was naught but too much imagination and too many bad memories. Dear God, let that be all.

Mordred’s rage and impulsiveness had grown throughout his childhood, reaching a bitter pitch in his teens that had made all their lives unbearable. Yet in the past year, that storminess had seemed to abate. Gwen, Arthur and Mordred’s mother, Morgana, had begun to hope the worst was over, that he’d finally learned to control his anger.

But staring at his expressionless profile, she wondered uneasily if he’d just gotten better at hiding his darkness . . .

Now Gwen squeezed her eyes closed. With a queen’s ruthless discipline, she concentrated on making her mind as smooth as a frozen lake, feeling no fear. No doubt. No pain. Feeling nothing.

“You know,” a deep voice purred in her ear, “you do have the most beautiful rump I’ve ever seen.” Arthur’s big hands cupped both her bare cheeks. “I made you queen for this arse.”

But there are better things to feel than nothing. She turned her head to smile up into her husband’s wicked grin. If he was working just a little too hard at it, she’d do them both the favor of refusing to notice. He’s not dead yet. And neither am I. “At the time,” she drawled, “you told me it was my eyes that won you. Or perhaps my mouth.”

“And so they were. You’re a woman of many parts.” He slid his arms around her and leaned down to take her lips in a kiss so passionate, it made a fine distraction. She opened her mouth with a sigh and leaned into his warm strength. His tongue slipped inside her lips, explored sensitive flesh, teased with gentle strokes. Heat gathered between them everywhere they touched, dancing along the surface of her skin, coiling in the tips of her breasts and between her thighs.

Arthur’s arms curled around her, tracing the naked rise of her hip before sliding down to cup her between her thighs. One finger stroked her sex with an exquisitely gentle touch that brought heat rushing to her core.

As delicious as that felt, though, she knew they would be interrupted. “My maid and the servants are due . . .”

“We’ll send them away.”

“. . . and you did order Lancelot to attend you for new orders.”

“He can damned well wait with the servants. None of them will begrudge us whatever moments we can steal.”

She considered arguing, but Arthur’s free hand distracted her as it traced a leisurely path up her torso, his swordsman’s callused palm a little rough. The erotic scrape of his skin along hers made Gwen squirm.

The thought of the duel tried to surface again, but she thrust it down hard. Arthur was right. If this is to be the last time, let’s make a memory to keep me warm through all the lonely winters. Everyone else can wait.

Especially Mordred.

Find Angela Online:




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We couldn’t have a real celebration without a contest, and this *is* a 3-way, so of course we have to have a 3-way contest with 3 very satisfying prizes! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

From Eden: An e-book package including ROGUE (my kinky vampire novella), BREAKING SKYE (another BDSM book), plus just for variety my ménage novella from Samhain Publishing TEMPT ME TWICE  (a *mostly* true story!)~and~ A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card ~and~ since this is a rope book, this lovely knot bracelet!


From Lauren: How about a bag with some of my local goodies… a box of Le Chocolatier Truffles and three bars of Rocky Mountain Soap Company Natural soap, winner’s choice of scents? Plus a signed copy of Surrender to Temptation in print!

From Angela: For a prize, I will donate three copies of my book Wicked Games (to three winners)  and one winner will get a $25 Amazon gift card!

HOW TO ENTER: Just talk to us here about your reading preferences in Erotic Romance-is it the kinky books? A good menage? M/m? Do you like paranormal elements? What rocks your boat? Extra points if you read Lauren’s new MASTER OF THE ISLAND or Eden’s DANGEROUSLY INKED and leave a review on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads-just post the link in your comments. We’ll be back to choose our winners and announce it in the comments section on April 4th! Be sure to check back to see if you’ve won!

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Miranda Baker’s Girl Trouble!
by robinrotham on Mar 25th, 2014 5 Comments »
Don’t Tame the Heroine!

Did you hear Chris de Burgh singing “Don’t Pay The Ferryman” when you read that title? If not, read it again, just for fun. And if you didn’t grow up in the eighties…never mind! Or look it up on Youtube and give your family a wicked ear worm like I did.

In 2011, I attended a panel at the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance conference in NYC and a few years later a LBGTQ fiction panel at RWA in Anaheim, CA. I’m pretty straight, but I knew Bonita, one of the heroines of GIRL TROUBLE was a lesbian. I wanted insight into writing gay characters, and I was hoping to find some “rules” or advice to follow. I didn’t want to inadvertently screw up because of my hetero frame of reference.

Two things stuck with me from those events. Len Barot/Radclyffe (Romance Author, Editor, and Publisher, Bold Strokes Books) gave a talk on Queering the Alpha (Actually, I think it was a paper. Forgive me—my brain was on academic overload!) She spoke of keeping the alpha heroine strong and wild, not making her change her basic nature at the end of the story. That made a heck of a lot of sense to me. I love wild heroes, and I kept Kat, my alpha GIRL TROUBLE heroine wild—in love, yet retaining all the badass, headstrong, dominance that made Bonita fall in love with her in the first place.

The panel at RWA focused on how well LGBTQ fiction was doing in the marketplace. Hurray! However, I was there to ask questions about how to write it, not sell it. I screwed up my courage and asked my question. The answer? Everybody is unique. Create your characters. Create your world. Give it rules, and stick to them. Motivate opinions and actions. Focus on emotion. I was so relieved! Because that meant the “rules” were the same, and I had been counting on that.

The Come Again series is all kinds of sexy, as in straight, bi, and lesbian. Okay, maybe that’s not ALL kinds, but I’m not done yet! Fresh Fiction calls GIRL TROUBLE “Erotica for the 21st Century”. Library Journal describes it as “Kinky and red hot”. LASR says it has “Great snappy dialog, sex scenes that curl your toes and a fast character driven plot that made you care about the characters…” I’m so glad readers are enjoying the book. Bonita, my favorite submissive lesbian, deserves her happy ending!


Do you like LGBTQ fiction? If so, what’s your favorite book? All commenters will earn an entry in my GIRL TROUBLE birthday giveaway, so please leave me a way to contact you (Twitter handle, e-mail address separated by spaces, etc.). Prizes will involve leather, shiny things, books, and gift cards. Winners will be picked on my birthday, April 8th. Giveaway is International. You must be 18 to enter. Incorrect or incomplete entry voids entry. (So don’t forget that contact method!) Winner will be chosen by a random method and will be contacted within 2 days after the contest ends. Winner has two days to claim prize. Entry constitutes agreement to the rules and confirms age.


There are no safe words for love.

Come Again, Book 4

Bonita Pritchard has tried everything to get over the one woman she can’t have, movie star and secret lover Kat St. James. Yoga, tantra, psychotherapy, even BDSM. Nothing has helped for long.

Hanging on the thinnest thread of denied desire, Bonita heads for Hollywood to get her Kat fix, fully intending to return straight home to her sex-toy boutique, Come Again. Until she sees the surprise Kat has in store for her.

Playing the talented bad girl kick-started Kat’s career twelve years ago. Now she’s famous, filthy rich…and totally miserable. Leaving Bonita in Norton was a mistake, and she’s planning one last attempt to fix it—by transforming her king-sized closet into a dungeon. And using her training as a Domme to satisfy her lover’s latest kink.

Soon, their white-hot need for each other transcends their desire to protect Kat’s heterosexual screen-siren image. But when compromising pictures surface, Kat realizes there’s only one way to beat the tabloid gossip that’s tearing them apart. Fight fire with fire…

Warning: This book contains kink in the closet, sexy games in an SUV, and D/s in the middle of the living room. And love strong enough to break all bonds.

Exclusive snippet of Kat bringing the alpha heat:

“Turn around and put your hands on the table.”

Bonita obeyed quickly this time, glad of the chance to hide her expression. Kat was starting to get to her. She could smell fear, mixed with her own scent heating the air around her. She felt Kat touch her knees, push them apart, then run her hand up the inside of her thigh to clasp the crotch of her panties.

“Mmm…fabulous.” Kat rubbed, pressing her middle finger firmly into the soaked material.

“I’ve been traveling all day,” Bonita said weakly. “I haven’t showered.”

Kat pressed harder. “Don’t be silly. I want to taste your whole day. Your whole week. I want to feast on every fucking year that has passed since I felt you like this, wet from wanting me.”



About Miranda Baker:

It makes me chuckle to think about all the romantic short stories I wrote in my rather too literary creative writing classes in college. If only one of my professors had steered me toward popular fiction! On the other hand, if I had discovered my calling back then, I wouldn’t have gone to culinary school, I wouldn’t have met my husband, we wouldn’t have had three children and I wouldn’t have turned to erotic romance to get my mojo back during all this hair-raising kid raising.

If you’d like to chat more, please visit:

My den of iniquity
My home away from home
My favorite hangout

Thanks for visiting me today, and smooches to the sexy Smutketeers for having me! I hope you’ll share a comment and enter my GIRL TROUBLE birthday giveaway! :)

Mystery Spring Fling & Library Benefit!
by robinrotham on Mar 19th, 2014 19 Comments »

Today the Smutketeers are excited to welcome the gorgeous and infinitely talented Gemma Halliday!

Hi, Smutketeers! I’ve teamed up with 10 other bestselling authors to put together the MYSTERY SPRING FLING $0.99 ebook bundle of romantic cozy mysteries…and we’re donating ALL the proceeds to one local library! Purchase your copy today at, and visit our web page for details on how to nominate your local library to receive 100% of the proceeds!

Amazon | iBook | Kobo

How to Nominate your library


10 romantic cozy mystery novels by New York Times, USA Today, and National Bestselling authors! Mystery, murder, laughs, romance, and tons of fun!

This bargain priced collection is available for a limited time only, and includes the FULL LENGTH novels:

by Kathleen Bacus

by Christina A. Burke

by Maria Grazia Swan

by Leslie Langtry

by Traci Andrighetti

by Sibel Hodge

by Aimee Gilchrist

by Jennifer Fischetto

by Gemma Halliday & T.Sue Versteeg

and the novella:

by Wendy Byrne


Just for you Smuketeers, I’m also giving away a print copy of Luck Be A Lady signed by me and co-author T. Sue VerSteeg.

Also, any of you who share the bundle link and info on social media and put your link in the comments, will be entered into a separate drawing for a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card! Winner’s choice.

Gillian Archer’s Up In Knots!
by robinrotham on Mar 17th, 2014 9 Comments »

I’m so excited this day is finally here! First, thanks for hosting me, Smutketeers! Second, this book has been forever in coming *snicker.* Um, sorry. Anyhow as Eden can attest (since she mentored me two years ago) this story has been forever in the making so I’m so psyched it’s finally out!

Speaking of out, a large part of the story in UP IN KNOTS is public play. My hero, Sawyer, is into rope bondage and teaches classes at his local BDSM club and at the annual Kink Con. Which is where Kyla meets him and becomes his lovely assistant. Although the play during the class is kept mostly PG rated, their scene while out to dinner is decidedly not. Kyla thinks they’re going to enjoy dinner and THEN play some kinky games, but nothing is ever that simple when a Dom is involved…


Book two of The Pleasure Code*

After the loss of her dom and first love two years ago, the time has come for Kyla to again allow herself the pleasure of giving up control. She isn’t looking for anything serious yet, just the comforting embrace of rope and a firm hand on her body for the night.

Rope-top Sawyer is extremely skilled and he doesn’t do relationships—but he’s fascinated by the gymnastics instructor who approaches him at a kink con. By the end of the day he’s vowed to help her feel submissive pleasure again, and to introduce her to a few doms she can choose from.

But as Sawyer breaks down Kyla’s emotional defenses, his barriers also come down. Soon he can’t imagine giving Kyla over to any other dom—and Kyla can’t imagine being with anyone else. When their feelings are put to the ultimate test, they’ll learn that while taking risks in the bedroom is easy, taking risks in love is terrifying.

*UP IN KNOTS is part of a series but can be enjoyed all on its own ;)

Super Hot Excerpt:

Kyla blinked. She could not have heard him right. “Uh, sorry?”

“I said, take off your panties and give them to me. I do not like to repeat myself.” His stern expression bought a full force of butterflies squirreling around in her stomach.

She made to slide to the end of the booth but his next command stopped her in her tracks.

“Here. Take them off here.”

She flinched at the bite in his voice. Peering around the booths near them, she couldn’t really see much. The pendant over their table gave off a dim circle of light. She had been in such a haze when they’d sat down, she couldn’t remember the layout of the restaurant. For all she knew there were twenty people hiding in the shadows, listening to their conversation and eager for a show. Heaven help her, the thought made her hot. And a bit interested in providing a show.


The command in his voice had her obeying before she even realized she’d moved. Half standing at the table, she reached beneath her dress and hooked her thumbs under the elastic at her hips. Wincing when her g-string stuck to her, she carefully pulled her panties down to her thighs. She quickly sat down and closed her eyes in embarrassment. The minute she handed them over to Sawyer, he’d know how aroused she was. In for a penny… She took a deep breath and pulled them the rest of the way down her legs, untangling her g-string from her heels before she furtively passed her panties around the side of the booth to Sawyer.

When he didn’t take them, she finally met his gaze.

He did not look pleased. His mouth was firm and unsmiling, his eyes hard behind his wireframe glasses.

“Next time I tell you to do something, you are to look at me the entire time. I want to see those gorgeous green eyes. Understood?”

She nodded.

“Good.” He extended his hand across the table top.

Knowing she couldn’t hide anything from him, she wordlessly handed her panties to him.

He accepted her black, barely there g-string. Running his thumb across the obviously damp crotch panel, his eyes burned into hers. Something about his expression— the hard yet gentle look in his eyes combined with that ever-present smirk—made her want to drop to her knees right there and pledge to do whatever wicked, outrageous thing he thought up. More than anything she wanted him to be happy with her.

“Thank you.” With another smirk, he gently laid her panties on the stark white linen of the table cloth.

Suddenly her barely there g-string didn’t look so barely there.

Available today from Carina Press and all major etailers!

Carina Press | Amazon | B&N | All Romance ebooks

About Gillian Archer

Gillian has always loved books. And has had a serious soft spot for romances ever since the tender age of twelve when she would steal her mother’s Harlequin books and read them under her covers with a flashlight. But the writing bug didn’t hit until more than ten years later after a dare from her husband. (It might have also involved a wallbangingly bad book.) Now she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Outside of writing, Gillian loves to spend her time snuggling with her husband, playing with her dogs and travelling to exotic places. After living abroad for four years, she is very happy to be back home in the U.S. and enjoying the wonders of Walmart.


Is there any place you wouldn’t be interested in getting down and dirty? Leave me a comment and I’ll pick *THREE* lucky winners on the 19th to receive a copy of the first book in the Pleasure Code series, WICKED WEEKEND!

Old series, New releases. March Madness and a Big Contest!
by R.G. Alexander on Mar 13th, 2014 32 Comments »

So…I was dealing with corrupted files and deadlines and…more things than you can imagine these last few weeks. Including that Riding Desire antho…you know, the one I was screaming about because we got on THE NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLER LISTS!! (screamed again. Sorry)

And now? Now our house is costume and promo central since RT in New Orleans is only a couple of months…weeks!…away. You can imagine, so many things have been going on that I didn’t get a chance to write a blog and have a contest!

I realized yesterday, when several people exclaimed in surprise, that a lot of them had no idea that I had a release on March 5th and another on March 12th. Even the ones who had been waiting close to 4 years for the next books in these old series. (I know, I know, but self pub only really became a thing a little while ago lol)

I’ve decided that needs to change. So let me remind you about the series and books…and then have a contest!

First up-yesterday’s sneaky like a ninja release MY VAMPIRE IDOL! It’s 3rd novella in the series guys, so you should get them all for complete enjoyment…

A shifter, a vampire and a demon walk into a bar…or hop online and reveal themselves to the world on a vlog called Shifting Reality.

This series is what happens when the things that go bump in the night discover social media and the women who love it. *G*

Reality shows, movie contracts, videogames that are a little too realistic…even a singing competition. Wanna play? Then check this series out.

My Vampire Idol

Reality bites…again.

Mac is dead, grumpy and sick of social media. The vampire thought a couple of roommates would help distract him from an eternity of boredom. Instead, they created Shifting Reality, became an overnight sensation and managed to get Mac into serious trouble with his own kind.

Roommates suck.

Rose is a half-demon bounty hunter with five evil sisters and one last job standing between her and freedom. But the instant she hears Mac sing and gets a look at the brooding ginger hunk, turning him in suddenly seems less important than getting her own private taste of him. Too bad her sisters don’t agree.

Sisters suck.

Fortunately for Rose…Mac bites.

Warning: Lots of sex, some more sex (Rose is half succubus) A little more sex, a contagious case of the hormones, some spanking and handcuffs and a return of a few favorite characters. Have fun and keep your hands inside the car at all times.


My March 5th release was the 3rd book in the series that started it all. Lifting the Veil was literally the first book I ever wrote in my life. The first book I submitted to a publisher. It’s a connected series and–like Shifting Reality, it took me years to get back to the Temptation Unveiled series. But I did. In case you were wondering. :)

Hidden for centuries, the Book of Veils has finally revealed its secrets to stop an ancient evil from returning to wreak havoc on the world. A group of fearless warriors stand ready to fight, but the cursed Lycan, tormented Vikings, pompous Fae and cynical demi-god may not be prepared for the four very different women foretold in the prophecy—women they will do anything to claim as their own. Passions ignite and magic is reawakened in Temptation Unveiled.

Behind the Veil

Book 3 of the Temptation Unveiled series.

Sheridan’s world is turned upside down by one magical book and the sexy supernaturals who come with it. Now the latest piece of the prophecy seems to point to her saving the day, but she doubts her supposed powers–and the new man in her life.

As a warrior, Finn learned the art of patience, a skill that has served him well for millennia–until Sheridan’s impenetrable mind and fierce beauty capture his passion. But she seems uninterested in the growing lust between them. When Finn discovers it isn’t lack of desire, but the dark secret she harbors that stands between them, nothing can keep him away.

Surrounded by enemies and endless temptations, Sheridan will have to fight to conquer her fears and embrace her wildest needs with Finn. As the prophecy begins to unravel around her, she’ll be faced with the hardest challenge of all…accepting her destiny.


This is the Help A Smutketeer Out contest! Spread the word about My Vampire Idol (only 99 cents!) and Behind the Veil. If you’ve read them and liked them, leave a review on Amazon. If you liked both the series-let people know and post the links here so I can know too. :)

You can enter as many times as you want :)

The winner-who will be chosen on Monday-will receive your choice of a 1 year membership to Amazon Prime, a $75 Amazon gift card, or a 6″ wifi Kindle!


Ready? And Go!


PS- Go check out the previous post about CJ the cover model! You have until Friday to win!




Brandi S!!!

Send me an email and let me know which prize you’ve chosen.

CJ Hollenbach: Confessions of a Romance Cover Model!
by robinrotham on Mar 12th, 2014 31 Comments »
The Smutketeers are thrilled to welcome CJ Hollenbach! We know him and we love him–so much we invited him over to talk about his book and have a contest!!Every RT convention? He’s right there for whatever we need. He’s one of our Cover Model Karaoke men, and…well, he is just an all around great guy! The next time you see him? Give him a kiss from us. xoxoxo

And now we’ll get out of the way and let you enjoy all the cover model goodness!

CJ Hollenbach, veteran cover model and RT convention fixture for the past 20 years, has finally written his memoirs, Confessions of a Romance Cover Model. The book takes the reader behind the scenes as he navigates his way through the treacherous waters of the multi-billion dollar romance novel industry.

Hollenbach has appeared on dozens of romance novel covers. His novel starts out shortly after his appearance in Playgirl magazine, which gained him national notoriety. Working at the time as a grocery store manager, he was dubbed “Sexiest Grocer In America” by an article in The Washington Post newspaper. CJ went on to compete in the first ever “Mr. Romance Novel Cover Model Pageant” at a Romantic Times convention in San Diego in 1993.

Since then he has gone on to appear on numerous TV shows, including Jerry Springer, The Joan Rivers Show, The Gordon Elliott Show, Entertainment Tonight, The TODAY Show, MTV and countless others. CJ’s blonde hair and muscled physique earned him the title of “Ohio’s Answer To Fabio.” Las year at the RT convention in Kansas City, CJ was feted at a party celebrating his 20 years in the romance industry.

Confessions of a Romance Cover Model

More than just a pretty face, killer pecs and long blond locks, CJ Hollenbach has been a shiny fixture in the romance world for more than twenty years. You could hate him for being beautiful, but then you would miss out on his warmth, wit and hysterical accounts of his adventures.

In this memoir, CJ reprises some of his favorite tales previously published in blogs and magazines (including his column in Lady Jaided) and he has added some new ones that might surprise even those who thought they knew everything about him. Being a romance cover model is not all roses and pirate shirts, but CJ has navigated its treacherous waters with humor and grace—and lived to tell the tales.

An EC for Real book from Ellora’s Cave

Available NOW at Amazon | B&N | EC


Who would have thought that this former junior high school fatso would ever compete in a male beauty contest? Certainly not I! But there I was in San Diego, vying for the title of Mr. Romance Novel Cover Model at a romance novel convention. For those of you not in the loop, the convention I’m speaking of was sponsored by RT Book Reviews magazine (formerly Romantic Times Book Reviews), the bible of the romance novel industry. It’s where publishers, authors, editors, aspiring Barbara Cartlands and fans all show up to schmooze, network and party like it’s 1999. A family friend insisted that with my Fabio-like looks I should enter the contest.

With my modeling career stalled and my unemployment running out, I didn’t have a whole lot of options so I figured, What the hell! Nobody was beating my door down at that point even after my recent appearance in Playgirl magazine. They had asked me no fewer than three times to be a centerfold, but something always managed to botch things up. The editor was fired or the photographer was fired. Once, the entire editorial staff was let go. I was beginning to think the world wasn’t ready to see me naked!Actually, I was already something of a pageant veteran, having competed in The Search for the Most Romantic Man in America on Joan Rivers’ talk show. The producers found me indirectly because of my less-than-monumental pictorial in Playgirl, published while I was managing a grocery store. The Playgirl spread got me the attention of a national grocery-store trade publication, which named me Sexiest Grocer in America. The magazine liked that I broke the “Mr. Whipple” grocery-store manager stereotype. The Washington Post loved the title and the hook, so they did a story on me because of it too. I often wondered if President George Bush saw that article over breakfast and said to his wife, “Hey, Barbara, will you look at this!”The Joan Rivers Show also liked the “sexiest grocer” hook and invited me to compete in The Search for the Most Romantic Man in America. I did the show wearing only a gravity-defying loincloth and a smile. I was also chosen by the producers because, as they put it, “You’re not an asshole! What’s with these other guys? They’re all out for blood.” I said to the guy, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” The producer said, “You’re on the show!”

Later I talked to several of the other contestants who said the show had also asked them to be on but they turned them down. I thought, Yeah, right! Like you turned down a chance to be on national television! Joan Rivers was a sweetheart and a true professional. I was sitting in the empty studio before the show as Joan sat on a couch on stage going over her notes. She was impeccably dressed and coiffed wearing a white jacket and miniskirt. The comic icon pointed at me saying, “You…with the…” and made a gesture with her index finger referring to my hair. “You’re on my show today, right?” I nodded, dumbfounded. She chuckled and said, “I’m good. Aren’t I?”

The judges on the show were founder of RT Book Reviews magazine Kathryn Falk, costume designer/artist Sharon Spiak, a Playboy playmate and Rhonda Shears, the bombshell movie hostess of MTV’s show Up All Night. Rhonda smirked and asked me, “How many hair-care products do you use?” She might have been jealous because my hair looked better than hers. I had asked a hairdresser I knew in the city to do my hair. Not sure what part of “long and smooth” she didn’t understand, but I ended up looking like Christie Brinkley’s brother. I should have known the hot rollers were a mistake. Another lesson learned the hard way. The show turned out to be a huge ratings grabber for sweeps week. Naked men always pull in large female audiences. The loincloths we wore almost didn’t make it past the network censors.

That’s where I learned the “less is more” pageant ethic. After being handed a small strip of cloth and a leather cord, we were told to arrange our assets by a producer. I watched in amazement as my fellow contestants ripped and cut the already postage-stamp-size loincloths to make them even smaller. Not to be outdone, I followed suit. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I had to move very carefully in that outfit because I knew that a wardrobe malfunction could end with one of my balls making its debut on national television.I got to meet Geraldo Rivera in the hallway of CBS while I was waiting to go on. He asked what I was doing there in a loincloth. I pointed to the The Joan Rivers Show sign. He laughed and replied, “’Nuff said!”One of the other contestants on that show had an ego almost as big as his thighs, and his thighs were monstrous. The guy put on his loincloth right next to me and I couldn’t help but notice that, despite his massive build, his package was quite petite. There is a God. He blocked me every chance he could by flexing his biceps in front of my face. I wasn’t having that. I don’t care how big you are. Nobody is going to block CJ on national television. So I pushed his arm out of my face. Sensing there might be a problem with the two of us, the producers separated us. The egomaniac was cut out of most of the publicity stills too. We made practically every tabloid and women’s magazine in the country.

After that experience, it seemed natural for me to enter RT Book Reviews’ Mr. Romance contest. I had nothing to lose and plenty to gain. The winner of the pageant would appear on a romance novel cover. I thought it would be a great way to get my face—and chest—out there again. My main goal was to suck up as much media attention as I could. If Lana Turner could get discovered in a drugstore, this contest could do the same for me.

The pageant was to be the entertainment of the convention weekend. I still have a hard time with the fact that I participated in a male beauty contest. My fragile male ego won’t allow it, I guess, but there I was, twenty-five hundred miles away from home, competing for the chance to be on the cover of a romance novel. It was my shot at fame, fortune and hopefully a stepping stone to greater things.



One lucky visitor today will receive a free download of Confessions of a Romance Cover Model and a $20 gift card! Just leave comment love and you’re entered!


Michelle Arroyo!!