Cover Reveal~Eden’s MASTER!
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I’m so excited to reveal the cover to the latest installment of The Training House Series, MASTER! I adore this one so much-hope you do, too! This series has truly been a labor of love for me-I’m finally writing exactly what I want to write, holding nothing back, and what a journey it’s been. MASTER concludes the story of Aimee, Christopher and Damon, and even I had no idea how it would end until I’d written the first few chapters of this book. But I’ll let you in on a li’l secret…while the series concludes with MASTER, there will probably be a few spin-off stories. I’d love to hear who you want to read more about…although I have a few ideas…;)

Meanwhile, let’s take an early peek at Damon’s story, MASTER, and a peek at my hot new cover, of course! Let me know what you think!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Eden Bradley, the stunning conclusion of The Training House Series!


It’s the ultimate surrender…but can the Master truly become the slave?

I am no longer the Master, but simply Damon. I am reeling with shock. Love. The urgent desire to please the only man who could ever Master me—the wickedly beautiful Christopher. I know this because he once belonged to me. How do I cope with this unexpected, yet inevitable turn of events? How can I give myself over in the way a slave must? Perhaps because I must in order to have him. And it is the only way to be with our sweet Aimée.

She is our love, and her heart belongs to us both. My new Master claims to love me, but I doubt him. Even more, I doubt myself. I must find a way, and the path leads me there only through complete and utter submission, subjugation, handing over my soul. If I fail, I lose them both. A more cruel torture has never been devised. My heart breaks already, and it’s only just begun.


THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.

WARNING:: These books contains material that may be difficult to read about and/or cause triggers for some readers, including consensual non-consent and other scenes that could be disturbing. Do NOT try this at home!


Early Sneak Peek EXCERPT! (this book has not yet been edited, so there’s no telling if this scene will be changed once the book is published!):

It’s been two days. I’ve made calls to see to it that my House is in order, the slaves worked, then I finally gave in and called the Ranch and asked Victor to take over the House for a while. If they do come, my two loves, and perhaps even more if they don’t, I’ll need to take a leave of absence. It could be a long one. The House, which has been my life all these years, is too much to think about in my current state.

I’ve lingered in the Jacuzzi all day yesterday and again today, napped in the wan sun, sat up all night with an untouched whiskey in a crystal glass, trying not to think, which has been a spectacular failure. I can think of nothing but the two of them. Together, which is a comfort and a torture all at the same time. But not with me. Not. With. Me. And the more time that passes, the more I feel in my gut they will never come back to me, that I will have to go on without them, which is more of a mind-fuck than I’d ever expected.

And so it is with great surprise that I answer my door not to a maid delivering towels, but Christopher and Aimée. I’m nearly as shocked simply seeing them fully dressed—particularly her, who I have only ever seen naked other than collar and chains. He’s in black leather pants that fit his muscular legs like a rock star, and a loose-fitting t-shirt with a Misfits band logo on it. And Aimée…she is wearing a dark skirt that hugs her body and flares just above the knee, and a beautifully-tailored blouse in a shade of dusky pink that sets off the blush on her lovely cheeks, the pale red satin of her long hair. So sophisticated, except her fine stilettos are high enough that only a woman who has practice walking in “stripper heels” could manage them. I almost want to smile.

Instead I say, like some inarticulate fool, “You’ve come.”

Christopher nods and walks past me into the room, Aimée trailing, her delicate hand in his. Closing the door, I draw a breath before turning around.

“Sit,” he orders her.

She settles on the edge of the sofa, spine straight, chin lifted, palms resting on her thighs. Her gaze is on him, as if she is awaiting another order. She probably is. But in a moment I see the brief flick of her green gaze on me.

“Aimée”. His voice is only the slightest bit stern.

He is so much the Master at this moment. I must admit, I always love to see him like this. When he escapes his slave contracts—which he does all the time—and reappears in our kinky sphere as a Master, he is so damn powerful, everyone feels it, slave or submissive, Master or Mistress or handler. He is stern and harsh, and there is as much rawness in him as there is when he is the slave. Power used to the ultimate zenith possible, yet done correctly in every way. And in some way, despite his great care in acting responsibly in that role, he is still a rebel, and always will be. It is an intrinsic part of who he is. And always utterly in control. God, I’ve never told him how it makes me shiver with some unmet longing I feel I cannot succumb to. Not anymore. Now I am the Master of the House, and I am not afforded such luxuries—such luxuries as being who I truly am. Who I once was, at any rate. No, sacrifices have had to be made. It is only Christopher who makes me question what I’ve done.

I force myself to be present in the moment. They’ve come to see me, after all, and here I am daydreaming!

“May I offer you something to drink? I can call my personal valet here at the hotel—”

“No,” Christopher cuts me. “Thank you,” he adds.

I understand in this moment that he is perhaps uncomfortable at the current turn of events. Not to the degree that I am. I’m unused to having my power taken away, while Christopher…

He motions to Aimée—a small nod of his sculpted chin—and she goes to the sideboard, picks up the shining ice tongs, adds a few cubes to three glasses, then opens a bottle of sparkling water and fills the glasses. Every motion is full of the exquisite grace with which she does everything. I’ve seen this in her even while she is being punished. Will I ever see that again?

There’s a small, lancing pain in my chest as she turns to hand me a glass, our fingers brushing, my body lighting up with need.

“So,” Christopher begins once Aimée has handed a glass to him, “we need to talk.”


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March Madness Contest!!
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It’s MARCH!!! One month from now the Smutketeers will be on their way to the RT Convention in Las Vegas and throwing the Greatest Party on Earth–Cirque du Punk!! We’re swamped but excited and can’t wait to see everyone who is coming. Even if you’re not coming, you should join Cirque Facebook Group so you know how to join the At Home Participation Party. We’ll have live video and a twitter wall and the people at home will judge the costume contest and win prizes! So join us for the madness!12091373_10207544481241285_1590712581700147843_o


Speaking of March Madness… And St. Patrick’s Day… And Finns


We were talking about St. Patrick’s Day, right? It’s 2 weeks from today, so I’m having a 2 week contest with a winner every week and a Grand Prize Winner at the end!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curious came out in February of last year and caused a bit of a Finnsation. *G* Since then we’ve had Scandalous, Dangerous and Ravenous–each new member of the Finn family bringing readers who love romance in every combination together. Specifically at the Finn Club on FB, where they started a group I now love hanging out in. You’ve never met a friendlier bunch of people. I shouldn’t be surprised. The prerequisite is an open heart and a dirty mind. *wink*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


NEWS! There will be a very special Finn release on St.Patrick’s Day!! The perfect day for it in my opinion, so in honor of that I’m making sure you’ve had a chance to catch up on the series so far! The Finn family is a big one. They are all fierce and loyal, passionate and complicated. With m/m, m/f, and m/m/f so far, there’s a little something for everyone. You could pick and choose but really, why would you want to? Meet the whole family!



The Finn books aren’t the only ones you should read. I’d love for you to have enough material to hold you until the new release, so for this two weeks of March Madness, my books Big Bad John, Mr. Big Stuff, The CEO’s Fantasy, The Cowboy’s Kink and The Playboy’s Menage will all be available for only 99 cents!! Yes, that is how seriously I’m taking the whole madness thing. lol

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The prizes. Next Thursday 3/10/16 one lucky winner will win a $50 gift card to Amazon or B&N. The following Tuesday 3/15/16 another winner will get the same.
On Thursday 3/17/16 the Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad mini!!!


All you have to do is leave a comment here sharing something about any of these topics:

*Love of series in general or the Finn Factor in particular

*Your favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory

*An Irish song you love

*Your favorite Irish saying

*Your favorite movie based in Ireland


AND most importantly, share this contest everywhere and let me know about it here!

The Finns have a saying. “We go all in or not at all”

For March Madness? We’re definitely going all in.

Gift Card WINNER #1

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New Release:                             Never  Say  Love!
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All right, smut lovers—get out your ice water and fans because today we’ve got a hot new release from Carly Phillips & Lauren Hawkeye! NEVER SAY LOVE is finally available everywhere, and to celebrate, Lauren is giving away a $25 gift card. Keep reading to find out how to win!


Bound by a vow with his friends, hotel tycoon Nathan Archer refuses to settle down and tie the knot. His only commitment is to bachelorhood. Granted, that contract was made when he was 15 years old… and in a treehouse. Still, a promise is a promise. And Nate takes his promises seriously.

But when cute little Eleanor Marshall walks back into his life, this blast from the past is no longer the timid little girl he used to know. When Ellie propositions him for a night of sizzling, unattached sex, Nate can’t refuse. Besides, it’s only one night. And Nate is never going to settle down.

Never say never…

Audio Excerpt!


About the Authors:

Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels featuring hot men, strong women and the emotionally compelling stories her readers have come to expect and love. Carly is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs (two wheaten terriers and one mutant Havanese) who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

Lauren Hawkeye never imagined that she’d wind up telling stories for a living… though when she looks back, it’s easy to see that she’s the only one who is surprised. Always “the kid who read all the time”, Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she’d finished a book… and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally. No, really. But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled.


Lauren is giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky commenter! Just leave a gushing comment telling her how much you can’t wait to read NEVER SAY LOVE! *wink*

The Smutketeers Do                     Lyla Bellatas!
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Today the Smuteteers are excited to welcome the lovely Lyla Bellatas as she gives us some fascinating insights into her hot new release in the Real Fling series, DEEPER, coming tomorrow! Lyla’s giving away PRIZES, so be sure to check out her contest at the end of the post.

Take it away, Lyla!


On the ski vacation from hell, Adriana Gallo wipes out in a snow storm. Injured, she realizes her party has left her stranded with no way down the mountain.

Valentin Barinov came to Vail to recover from an accident, never expecting to find the woman of his dreams broken in the snow.

Val penetrates Adriana’s defenses, too haunted and tender for Adriana to resist. What starts as a night of mindless fun opens them up to each other in ways they never imagined.

Too much is never enough.

Scenes in Deeper that are based on fact:

Deeper is set in Vail, Colorado, where I’ve been too many times to count. Deeper has highlights from a few of those trips mixed throughout it. I’ve collected a lifetime of stories. Some real and others fantasies. It’s so much fun puzzling them together into my books.

The opening scene in Deeper when Adriana gets left in the back bowl, falls and injures her shoulder happened to me. I was traveling with a group from work and the guys did follow the girl and leave me to fend for myself. The woman was a tyrant. (Jackie is a diluted version of her) We had a winter house with her in Vermont and for some insane reason we all opted to go with her to Vail. When she didn’t get her way she’d throw a total tantrum. Suffice it to say that was the first and last trip we made with her.

In the back bowl after they left me, I fell, hurt my shoulder and had a devil of a time getting down. Two guys came upon me. They were from the east coast, maybe Massachusetts, and they helped me navigate the deep powder. I didn’t lose my ski but I do remember an incident on the same trip when one of the guys we were traveling with lost his goggles and poles in deep powder. We never found the goggles.

I stayed in the Club Med at Copper Mountain, on my own, one trip to Colorado. I had been to Club Meds in the Caribbean but this was the first ski trip one. It wasn’t my scene. The day I arrived the snow began and it didn’t let up until the day before I left. The pass was closed and I was desperate to leave but I was stranded. Skiing in deep powder is vastly different than packed snow or even ice and my legs were shot.

At CM Copper, they tested you to gauge your ski level and put me in the expert level. The first day was fine but the people in my group were hard core skiers who wanted to get every minute out of the slopes. That isn’t me. I like to play, laugh and ski. So I went down a level down. The instructor was French and uptight. He was ordering me around and I wasn’t having it. I skipped out, mid-morning and went to lunch earlier and drank wine.

That night there was a drinking contest before dinner. You had a small cup of beer and whoever drank it the fastest won. I went up against and Australian woman. Unbeknownst to me an Australian couple and their Russian ex-Olympian ski instructor were on the side betting on who would win. The Aussie wife bet on me. The Russian said your betting on NY? She said she saw me drinking at lunch and there was no way I wasn’t winning. Of course she was right and they came over after and introduced themselves to me.

They asked me to join their ski group and we had a blast. My kind of skiing. The Russian had his eye on me and he was cute enough. Val is very loosely based on him. He was stocky and solid and a tremendous skier. He skied in the Olympics representing Russia. He carried a Bota bag and we drank and laughed. We all had lunch at this amazing upscale restaurant on the top of Breckenridge mountain one afternoon. The on-mountain dining scene in Deeper is based on that.

Alas, there was no sex in the snow. It’s still on my list of fun things to do.

Interview Questions!

Do you do anything to celebrate or reward yourself for finishing a book? I came home yesterday and told my husband not to worry I got my book release present (an amethyst necklace and drop earrings) its wrapped and ready for him to give to me on February 1st. He laughed and said Oh good I was worried. LOL (Not, he had no clue.) I did the same thing just before I gave birth to our daughter. I called him up and asked what present he had in mind and went silent so I said No worries I got you covered.

If you could travel to any one place, where would it be? I would love to see the Northern Lights so Iceland or Scandinavia and Alaska. A cruise to Alaska is most definitely on my list but those are usually done in the summer so I’d still need to hit Iceland to definitely see the Northern Lights. Can’t wait!

How do you recharge your batteries? I love to drive. Tunes blaring and the engine purring. If I can ‘ t get into my race car at the track I take my daily drive and go as far as I can. If I can’t do that I read or do yoga.

What’s your idea of a romantic evening? Anything or any place with my husband. We love to go out to eat or walk around someplace. Alone time is at a premium so whenever we can secret away its romantic.

What inspired this story? This entire series is inspired by trips I’ve been on. I always meet people when I’m away. I’ve been to every one of the places in this series. The scenes are a combination of imagination and reality. The next book in this series is Hotter which is set in NOLA.


To celebrate the release of DEEPER, I’m giving away a free tarot reading via email and a $10 gift certificate to Amazon. Just leave a comment and answer these questions: What is (or would be) your favorite vacation fling destination and what’s the hottest craziest setting you’ve ever had (or dreamed of having) sex at?

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Find Lyla!

by edenbradley on Jan 26th, 2016 44 Comments »


BOY, Book Two in my HUGELY popular hard-core kink series is out today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Writing GIRL, and then BOY, has been a transcendent experience for me in so many ways. I literally sit at my desk just swooning and squeeing-lol! Sometimes even I can’t believe how dirty a scene is, which is saying a lot! I also have to tell you…Christopher is real. He was my first submissive when I was 25 years old, and the way he looks and talks, as well as many details about him are taken from that beautiful, bad-ass man, probably the most beautiful man ever born. *sigh*

But much of this book is taken straight from my imagination, with a lot of research thrown in. I’ve seen pony play, but I’ve only experienced it (as a Top) once, and never as a bottom. So I did a lot of reading, talked to a few people… I really intended for the Ranch to be more primal play than pony, although I knew I had to have some in there-and if you read the dedication, you’ll know why-but sometimes the characters demand to have their story written a certain way, and BOY is definitely the result of that. For all his submissive-ness, Christopher is a helleva bossy guy! And if you read the book, you’ll find out about that, too. And I won’t lie-this is some hard-core, possibly difficult to read material, so do heed the warning!

Jenna Jacob, author of the amazing The Doms of Genesis series, said about BOY:

“Eden Bradley’s “The Training House” series rips me open on a guttural level. BOY is a raw, erotic journey of self-discovery. A poignant and beautifully savage unveiling of the fragile vulnerabilities inside us all.”

This review really makes me blush, coming from such a wonderfully talented author-and if you haven’t ‘Liked’ Jenna on FB, you really should! You can find her HERE.

Let’s take a look at BOY…

Being broken has never been such beautiful torture…

I am Christopher. I am most specifically not called Boy in this exclusive slave training arena where every submissive male is known as ‘Boy’. They don’t let me retain my identity—they make me. They keep me in my head, in my body, no matter what they’re doing to me, because they know I require it. They call me brat. They call me rebel. These terms are far too bland to describe what I really am. I am anger in chains. I am seething sexual animal. I am the worst kind of f*ck-up.

The Master loves me. Maybe only because the level of my misbehavior challenges him to come up with new and terrible punishments. Do I sound proud? I am. I also love him, in my way. It’s a strange dynamic, one that has never been disrupted by anyone. Until I saw the new Girl.

Fresh-faced and indescribably lovely. Burning alchemical reaction that threatened to consume me the moment I saw her. I will call her Aimee. I refuse to play the Master’s games. Because for reasons I don’t understand, she is instantly more to me than any of the other Girls. What will she think of me? The ultimate anarchist. The keeper of secrets. The unbreakable one. Why do I even care? All I know is that I do. And that this Girl could ultimately be the one who finally breaks me.

THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.

WARNING:: These books contains material that may be difficult to read about and/or cause triggers for some readers, including consensual non-consent and other scenes that could be disturbing. Do NOT try this at home!


Here’s an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, seen only here on the Smutketeers blog!

Rough hands pull me from the van, but I’m too tuned in to her, to her quickening breath, to fight it much, and I know damn well she’s as turned on by the manhandling as I am. I bet her juices are running down her sleek little thighs, making me want to lick them clean.


When I finally do get to have her, I’m gonna come in three seconds flat, like some eight-year-old with his dick in his hand for the first time. Or maybe that was just me?

“We heard you were being sent back to us, Christopher.”

I recognize the voice—it’s Jonathon, one of the handlers here, and not one I like. But liking them is not the point. No one gives a shit if I like the handlers. Not even me.

Another hand wraps around the back of my neck, and I’m forced to my knees. I know right away from the way he’s handling me that it’s Victor. Oh, I like Victor. Huge guy. Huge dick. And he knows what to do with it, knows how to fuck like a demon, knows how to handle the slaves. Knows how to put me in my place, which I will tell you is no easy thing.

There is something really beautiful in being a slave, and being handed over to someone who knows exactly what to do with you. It’s fucking exhilarating, and in my case, it also pisses me off a little. I mean, I can’t get away with too much shit with Victor. Even less than I can with the Master, because while Master Damon loves me, Victor is maybe no more than amused—and it’s all at my expense. He is a true sadist. Jolly as hell about it, no regrets, never gets attached, and so his treatment of the slaves is completely remorseless. Which makes him a very dangerous animal—and I do mean animal. This is the Primal Ranch, and all the handlers identify as primals, the same as I do. They all have that animalistic attitude, the desire to bite, to scratch, to wrestle you to the ground, and Victor is the one man who can take me down every time.

I fucking love it.

There’s a hard slap on my dick, and shit, it hurts! Victor’s hand, no doubt. He does it again, laughing at me.

“Are you blushing under there, Christopher?” he asks. Demands.

I growl in reply.

“Playing hard to get, are we? The only problem—for you, anyway—is that I can get you any time I want.” He gives my aching cock another hard slap, and I feel the reverberation of pain all the way into my balls. In my belly. “Don’t you forget it. I don’t plan to let you, you know.”
He shoves me to the ground and presses on the back of my neck with one booted foot, yanking the hood from my head, leaving me blinking hard in the misty morning light. He angles the foot to press my face against the hard ground, into the gravel, which bites into my cheek. And I love it and hate it—and him—at the same time. My life is full of these contradictions. But my cock is never confused.

Victor leans down and murmurs, “What if I jack you off right here? Make you come into the dirt? That’s where your come belongs—in the dirt, Christopher. Because you are one dirty, dirty boy. And you will be my boy if I want you to be, won’t you?”

I only growl again, a small rage burning in my throat, clawing to get out.

He grinds his booted foot against my cheek. I clench my jaw and refuse to howl.

Won’t. You?” he repeats.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you want, Victor, as long as you’ll fuck me good and hard after.”

His hand dives into my short Mohawk and he drags me to my feet so fast I lose my footing, and between my hair and my wrists chained behind my back, he’s yanking me around, laughing, and I catch a small glimpse of his dark, polished skin, his beautifully sharp white teeth. I fucking love it—I love it all. This little show of his superiority. The humiliation which isn’t really humiliation, since I enjoy the hell out of it. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later. I hope I will.

“Little bastard,” he says. “I’ll fuck you with a broom handle if I want.”
“Promises, promises” I mutter.

He slaps me hard across the face, leaving his big handprint burning on my cheek. I grin.

“Do it again for me, baby?” I taunt him.

Maybe I’m showing off a bit for Aimée, but I can’t resist. And being punished doesn’t bother me. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I signed up to be a slave, and the longer I live this life, the more I understand on some deep, almost cellular level how much I crave this shit. I want someone to make me…do something. Anything. Everything. I don’t fucking care. Except that I do. I need it. I need it more than air sometimes. And I don’t give a shit what I have to do to get that need met. So I fuck with Victor, and he fucks with me, then he fucks me until I’m so damn sore I can barely walk, and we all leave happy. Well, as happy as I ever get.

There’s a small gasp, which I realize is Aimée, and I make the mistake of turning toward her.

“Really, Christopher? Falling for the Master’s property? You know better.”

“I don’t fucking fall for anyone,” I protest, but the lie sits like acid on my tongue.

“We’ll see about that.”

Victor shoves me down on the ground again, standing on my chains so I’ll stay down while he pulls Aimée’s hood off.

“A real beauty, this Girl. I can see why you’re into her. You know what they say about redheads. Full of fire, a little crazy. Right, Jonathon?”

Fucking Jonathon answers, “Yeah. I’d sure like to get a piece of her myself. I could fuck this bitch into tomorrow.”

I lunge at Jonathon so fast, it takes Victor by surprise, and his weight shifts off my chains. Managing to grab the weasel Jonathon by the leg, I flip him onto the ground. Then I’m on him, roaring like the beast I am, ready to tear him apart. But Victor pulls me off him, shoving me face down in the gravel again, his booted foot in the middle of my back.

“That’s enough. Christopher. Enough!”

Aimée lets out a sob, and I glance at her from the corner of my eye and see she’s really crying. goddamn it.

“You’re spending the day cleaning the stables in chains, and tonight in solitary,” Victor says calmly. “Alone. Which, as we all know, is your favorite thing.”

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is the first series I’ve written with each novella ending on a cliffhanger, so you’ll need to read GIRL before you start BOY. And…BOY, ends on a cliffhanger. Book Three, MASTER, will be out by this spring. I know, I know! But they tell me what to do, and I just do it. I’m a good girl like that. ;)


In those breathless moments between pleasure and pain lie the most poignant truths…

I have signed myself over to The Training House: my devotion, my obedience, my body. It is what I have always yearned for—to lose myself in powerlessness. To be made to. But this place is more than anyone could possibly prepare for, especially the Master of the House. He is too stunning, too commanding, bringing out a yearning for submission in ways I have never imagined, and I am lost in nearly unbearable desire.  He uses my body until he brings me to tears, then tenderly wipes them away, enslaving me to him instantly, body and soul. I cannot imagine existing without him, without his wicked touch, his strict and sensual command…

Until I meet another slave, and he changes the game of kink for me forever. How can I decide what my heart wants most, without risking losing it all?

WINNER! GTRCA Favorite Kinky Book & Golden Flogger Award Nominee~Best BDSM Book of the Year!GTRCA15-FavoriteKinky Golden Flogger Award -- Nominee

Here’s what reviewers have said about GIRL:

Holy f**ks!!! I love it! I’m just going to say this…freaking phenomenal!

“Holy fluffy bunnies Batman! The writing is exquisite, encapsulating the reader in the experience of ultimate submission… the underlying depth of beauty and truth throughout the story is phenomenal.”

“OMFG what an amazing book!!! I loved this story…”

You can find GIRL on my website!

GIVEAWAY!!! Since this style of snaffle bit appears in BOY, I thought I’d give away one of these pretty horse bit bracelets (in winners choice of color), *PLUS* a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card! Just post about the release of BOY on Twitter or FB (You can grab from one of my promo posts or write your own with the cover image found above, or one of the quote cards or animated banners at the end of this post with a link to my website page: )…or just post a link to Amazon or other retailer!), then give me the link in your comment below. I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday the 27th, so be sure to check back!

snaffle bracelet-Etsy



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Young beautiful couple in each other's arms on a dark background

Sparrow Beckett’s To Have and To Master!
by edenbradley on Jan 19th, 2016 4 Comments »


Following Playing Hard to Master and Finding Master Right, Sparrow Beckett delivers a seductive tale of surrendered innocence with this third novel in the Masters Unleashed series. 

Konstantin, a powerful Dominant, is used to fast living and wanton submissives. But after years of his grandmother haranguing him to marry, he agrees to meet a girl from her rural Russian village. Naturally submissive, Varushka turns out to be everything Konstantin wants in a woman.

At first her innocence is disturbing, but her enthusiasm for life captivates him. When their relationship becomes a mutual seduction, Konstantin introduces Varushka to wicked pleasures she never imagined. His attentive care wins her absolute devotion. However, when Varushka’s father finds out about Konstantin’s past, he whisks her back home to Russia.

Will Konstantin fight to reclaim her, or will his guilt convince him to relinquish the only woman he’s ever loved?


Praise: TOP PICK RT Book Reviews! “Beckett’s third entry in her Masters Unleashed series is a sparkler…. The delightful pairing of Varushka and Konstantin is perfect.” (4.5 stars)

“Sparrow Beckett gives BDSM a fun, fresh, and flirty edge with TO HAVE AND TO MASTER, a refreshingly delightful take on arranged marriages in a modern twist. The humor and the banter really makes the reader feel like these are real people, and I adored every page. I could not read fast enough!” – NYT Bestselling author Jessica Clare

“I fell in love with Konstantin and Varushka. Their story was deliciously sexy and sweet.” – USA Today Bestselling author Annabel Joseph


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We picked this excerpt because we wanted to bring awareness to a worthy cause we, personally, are donating to on release day. Even a small amount of money can help send much needed supplies to third world countries, including farm animals (goats and chickens), that can make the difference between life and death to a village or family who needs it. If you read the excerpt, you’ll see how it inspired us to donate a goat and two chickens via World Vision.

Here’s what happens when Konstantin goes away on a short business trip and leaves his rural girl home alone with his credit card.

He wandered into the backyard, on the off chance that she was out enjoying the mild weather. A mug of tea sat next to one of the lounges on the deck. He felt like he was tracking her. What did he get to do to her when he captured her?

When he stood still on the steps leading down to the lawn, he heard a noise that seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Curious, he followed the sounds behind the stand of high, decorative hedges.

For a moment, all he could do was stand there and stare. Was The Twilight Zone airing an episode on the grounds of his estate?

Varushka, wearing one of her old dresses, her hair tied back in a kerchief, was on her hands and knees in the middle of a huge garden which had miraculously appeared in his absence. Not a decorative flower garden either. It looked like she was planning to supply vegetables to several of Everly’s homeless shelters single-handedly.

Behind her stood a wooden structure that hadn’t been there the last time he was on the grounds, and through the chicken wire, he could see . . . chickens. Actual fucking chickens in his motherfucking backyard. There was even a fenced off area where they could wander without danger from predators.

Anger tried to rear its head, since she’d basically destroyed the place without so much as a text asking for permission, or even a small hint that she was turning his yard into a fucking farm. But between the fact that he wanted her to feel like this was her home, and the fact that the situation was so absurd, he couldn’t be angry. He was too stunned.

She looked ridiculous and adorable and the only urge he had was to whisk her into his arms and swing her around.

“Varushka . . .” He made his way to her where she stood in the garden. “You’ve been busy.”

The girl whirled, eyes wide. She looked so sweet and girlish in the too-big dress, with wisps of red hair straggling out of her kerchief. Before he’d left, she’d begun to seem more worldly in the things he’d bought her, but he had to remember that she was still an innocent village girl. It wasn’t an illusion or a role-play.

“Konstantin, I thought you weren’t coming until tomorrow.” She rose, putting a self-conscious hand to her covered hair. She looked down at her dress and slapped some of the dirt off, but no amount of brushing was going to help. She needed a bath. And he wouldn’t mind giving her one.

The wall he’d decided to keep between them until he could be sure of her feelings melted on the spot. He stepped closer to her and brushed some dirt off her cheek, but more was smudged underneath. They stared at each other and attraction sizzled between them in the twilight.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught movement. One of her silly chickens was sneaking across the lawn like a feathered ninja.

“Is that one supposed to be loose?” He pointed at the thing.

She said something that sounded suspiciously like a Russian curse word, and snuck quietly toward the wayward bird. Her quarry, however, wasn’t stupid. It kept out of her way, and every time he thought she was going to outsmart it, the silly thing dodged. He moved in, and tried to shoo it toward her. It veered off, and he followed. This was harder than it looked.

Giving up on subterfuge, he lunged at it, and it flapped and went left. Varushka was there, but it scooted between her legs. She laughed, and gave chase, with Konstantin hard on her heels. It backtracked, and Varushka tripped over Kon’s foot then sprawled into some wet muck. He helped her up, and got splattered when she slipped. It was so completely ridiculous, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud.

As though it was mocking them, the hen scooted past. With a final burst of speed, Konstantin caught up with it. He grabbed it up and hauled it, flapping, to the coop, then released it into the fenced yard. Together, they looked over the structure but couldn’t figure out how the Houdini chicken had escaped.

Konstantin collapsed onto the ground, and laid with his arm over his eyes, laughing and trying to catch his breath. “Where did you get those crazy things?”

“A farmer called Malachi sold them to me. He’s a friend of Everly’s. They’re good laying hens.” She sounded defensive, so he grinned at her to let her know he was teasing. “They might be a little too smart.”

“At least it’s not goats.”

The girl settled next to him on the lawn, and leaned on him with a familiarity that warmed him. “No, not for two weeks. I have to build the pen first.”

He chuckled, then looked up at her when she didn’t laugh too.

Oh shit, she wasn’t joking.

“Goats, Varushka? There are laws here about keeping livestock. You can’t just have chickens and goats in our yard without making sure it’s allowed by the government.”

She nodded. “Yes, that’s what Everly told me. So she helped me call City Hall, and the nice man there told me that because we live so far away from the city, we are zoned for almost any kind of livestock. I will use the money you gave me for shopping for supplies, so you needn’t worry about me asking for more. And when the vegetables come, their harvest and sales will help pay for animal feed as well as feed us.” She smiled proudly.

That face. How could he ever say no to that face?


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Celebrating the Incept Date of Roy Batty & RG’s Birthday!
by edenbradley on Jan 8th, 2016 17 Comments »

…Otherwise known as a combination of Eden’s Blade Runner geekery and RG’s birthday-but you know we’ll use any excuse for our shenanigans-lol!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blade Runner-or for those who are and want to geek out with Eden!-here’s your basic rundown of what today is about:


In honor of Roy Batty’s incept date, we’re talking about our sci-fi/futuristic books-and what better way to start than with Robin’s infamous Aliens! This best-selling series shocked fans with its raw intensity, and we say “Yay for hot alien smut!” Let’s take a look at AMOROUS OVERNIGHT:

What’s better than one hot alien at your service? Two hot aliens in your bed!

After four months of orbiting Earth in a spaceship bursting with sex-starved aliens, nurse Shelley Bonham will do just about anything to get off. The ship, that is.

Not that the aliens aren’t hot enough to put her hormones on red alert. In fact, the more time she spends with the Garathani leader and his personal guard Hastion, the more she wants them. Knowing what Cecine and Hastion are doing to each other when nobody’s looking only makes it harder to keep her hands to herself.

But she’s already been betrayed by one alien—her dead douchebag of a husband. Can she trust her future—and her children—to another?

Warning: Contains the usual Robin L. Rotham smorgasbord of m/m/f menage and D/s elements, plus a shipload of alien alphas in outer space.


He smiled as he dropped the bones and sucked the juice off his fingertips. “Have you tried it?”

“I don’t like eating with my fingers,” she said in a discouraging tone.
“I could hold it for you.”

Her breath caught at his roguish grin but she managed a cool look. “Maybe another time.”

“Surely you’re not afraid of a bit of meat.” He glanced at Hastion and then picked up another, holding it high over her plate. “Ms. Gale ate hers without complaint.”

A hot flush stole up her neck as she waged war on the raging hormonal slut inside her, who wanted to eat just about anything from his fingers.

She tore her gaze from his face to look at Tara’s plate, and sure enough, there were three little skeletons in a pile. “Really? You like them?”

“I’ve eaten worse,” Tara said flatly.

Shelley barely restrained a sigh. Maybe she’d ask Monica to find Tara some Midol.

“Just try it, Shelley,” Hastion said. His expression was hard to read, but she was pretty sure that was a spark of unholy amusement in his eye. Why in the hell was he egging the minister on?

“Come now, Ms. Bonham,” the minister prodded. “Your children aren’t afraid to try new things, nor should you be.”

“They may try new things, but sometimes they spit them right back out.”

“You’re welcome to do the same.”

She sighed. “Fine.” Leaning forward, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth, trying not to cringe as he lowered the creature into her mouth. When she closed her lips, they caught the tips of his long fingers and the contact sent a rush of heat through her, tightening her nipples and dampening her panties.

“Use the tip of your tongue to coax the flesh from the bones,” he advised as he tugged upward. “And don’t chew it. Just swallow.”

Easier said than done when you were breathless with arousal, but she got the job done.

“How was it, Shelley?” Hastion asked with a slow grin that only exacerbated the growing ache between her thighs.

“Not too bad,” she admitted, licking her lips. Maybe that was the secret to surviving Garathani food—swallowing it without tasting it.

Or eating it directly from the fingertips of a hot Garathani.

“Would you like another?” the minister offered.

“Thanks, I’m good.” Another taste of his fingers and she might try to blow both of them under the table. Pushing her chair back, she said, “I think it’s time for sleepy babies to go to bed.” And horny mommies to get themselves off…


And of course, there’s Eden’s favorite, JULIAN’S SINS (formerly Frankendom).

A brilliant woman, a couple of mad scientists, and an erotic experiment with shocking results…

Vascular surgeon Dr. Rachel McBride knows she’d be insane to pass up the chance to work on Julian Kilmartin’s cutting-edge research project. The reclusive neurologist has been the object of her submissive daydreams since residency, and time and distance have only strengthened the dark compulsion.

To complicate matters, a former lover who was all too aware of her attraction to Julian is also on the team. Charmingly obnoxious Dr. Colin Carter was Julian’s protégé back in the day, and nothing appears to have changed…or has it? There’s an earnestness to Colin now, an urgency she’s never before seen in him.

When she accepts the offer and travels to Eastern Europe, Rachel discovers that research is only part of her job description—and her total submission is only the beginning of the sexual excesses Julian and Colin will demand from her.

Warning: You should assume any Robin L. Rotham book contains BDSM elements, anal play, and every possible ménage à trois permutation. Additionally, Julian’s Sins contains mad scientists, real dungeons, whips, chains, spanking, a variety of taboo fantasies, mild puppy play, electrical devices in uncomfortable places, humor, and an intimidating ratio of sadists to masochists.


Bad, bad boy, Colin Carter was.

As if to prove it, he pushed his sweats down and kicked them off without breaking lip contact. He pulled me over him with a sigh and I spread my thighs around his hips, rocking eagerly as the kiss heated up.

Breaking away, he breathed, “Ride me, Rachel.”

I sat up. “Really?”

“Why do you keep asking that?” he asked. “Of course, really.”

“Well you never let me be on top when we were together before.”

“I was always too impatient,” he said with a sleepy-eyed smile, molding my breasts with his hands. “That’s why Julian turned my gonads inside out earlier, so I could take my time and do more then bend you over the bed and fuck you brainless.”

Hot lust erupted in my belly. “I never minded.”

“And I loved that about you, trust me,” he murmured. “Now back up and get on my cock, slave. I feel like letting you do all the work for a change.”

I complied without hesitation and nearly cried with happiness as my swollen, tender opening spread to accept his lovely cock. “Oh God!”

His stomach jumped with a low laugh. “No, it’s just me. Are you all right?” he asked, searching my face avidly. “Is this too much tonight?”

“Mmm, no, I’m good. It feels…really good.” But I appreciated his asking. There was a time he wouldn’t have.

He stroked my nipples with his thumbs. “You missed me too, didn’t you, Rachel?”

Looking down at him through my lashes, I said, “Maybe.”

“Admit it or I’ll get on top and make you.”

“Okay, I missed you.” I let my hands slide up his furry chest. “A lot.”

Tears spurted down my cheeks before I even knew they were coming. Horrified, I tried to turn away, but his hold on my breasts tightened and I gasped as the tears ran faster. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m crying.”

Colin slid a hand up behind my neck and pulled me down, hugging me. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s normal to experience sub drop after an intense scene, and it was your first time. I’d be surprised if you didn’t drop at least a little. Just relax and let me hold you.”

“Okay,” I choked.

I lay there, breathing deeply and dripping tears on his shoulder for a long while, comforted by his hand sweeping slowly over my back. Why wasn’t he this nice five years ago? On second thought, it was probably a good thing he wasn’t, otherwise I’d have been completely in love with him, instead of just a little bit in love with and a lot wary of him. That would have made his vanishing act hurt a lot more.

Of course, if he’d been nicer, he might not have pulled the vanishing act in the first place.

I sighed, licking a tear off his skin. Then I noticed that his erection, still firmly buried inside me, hadn’t flagged in the least and giggled.

“What?” he demanded suspiciously.

I giggled again. “You’re—” yet another giggle erupted, “—you’re still hard!”

He chuckled. “Well yeah. I’m not done yet.”


Next up is a different brand of sci-fi in R.G.’s sexy-as-fu*k steampunk book, GEARED FOR PLEASURE! You *know* the Smutketeers love steampunk, and in fact, this book is based on the conversations that started the Smutketeers!

The world of Theorrey runs like a well-oiled machine. The elements are in balance, passion is tamed and the young queen is the heartbeat of it all. But in these two all-new stories of elemental steam, nothing is ever as it seems…

“Find the Deviant. Trust no one but its captain with your identity and your secret. Everything depends on you.”

Earthly Desires Demeter “Dare” Senedal is the Queen’s Chalice-her protector and closest companion. So when the queen goes missing, Dare rushes to locate her, even though the search leads her straight into trouble. A gentleman who trades in secrets and sin, Bodhan revels in carnal delights, but when a naked and bound woman appears on his shore, he finds his hunger to possess at odds with his need to protect. As Bodhan shares his knowledge of pleasure, Dare must decide if she can trust him, both with her mission and her heart.

Fiery Temptations Seraphina always lands on her feet. After all, she is a Felidae-at times more feline than human-and an excellent thief. There has never been a job Phina wouldn’t take or a man who could tame her…until she meets Cyrus Arendal.As the Queen’s Sword, Cyrus should have known better than to fall victim to a beautiful bandit. Now, to find and retrieve the moonfire dagger, he’ll need to convince Phina not to judge a man by his station, but rather by how completely he can satisfy her desires.


“Bodhan,” he said quietly.
“Say, ‘Please, Bodhan.’ You aren’t in my employ, so I cannot threaten you with financial loss. You are no prisoner, despite what you believe, so I cannot coerce you. If, as my guest, you won’t answer my questions, then I would at least have the pleasure of hearing my name on your lips when you beg.”
Dare would have told him she didn’t beg, that she never had, but his mouth covered hers, stealing her breath for a third time. Her eyes closed and her mouth parted instinctively at the gentle pressure.
Curiosity and something else shimmered to awareness inside her. This was no sloppy, invasive touch, yet it was no cold, lifeless peck, either. Nothing like the kisses she’d witnessed in the past. This was different. A sensual question. A carnal greeting.
If it had been an action of force she would have fought him, bitten his lips, his tongue. Instead, Dare found herself straining to get closer, following his mouth, mimicking the movements of his tongue with her own. It was as if something else had taken over her body. Someone else.
One of his hands came up to touch her cheek, angling her head to deepen the kiss. He moaned against her lips, and she felt a rush of excitement that he was as affected as she.
Was this how it always was? This floating sensation? This fire? Her lips felt swollen from his thorough ministrations, her skin tingling everywhere he touched her.
Dare tangled her tongue with his, savoring the taste, the texture of his mouth. It was addictive. Dangerously so.
She felt the air caress one of her nipples and pulled back with a gasp to see he had tugged down the too-bright sarong to cup her curving breast. She’d usually kept herself bound beneath her gold and white Chalice uniform, feeling her breasts more of a hindrance than anything else. It had never occurred to her that she could derive pleasure from being touched in this way.
She glanced up to watch his eyes as the ice melted, the blue darkening at the sight of her flesh. Looking down again, she bit her lip, seeing the untouched skin, the tightening nipple through his eyes. She could feel the fine tremor in his fingers as he circled the hardening bud, and its color changed to that of a newly blooming rose.
He growled, lowering his head toward her chest, his breath hot and shallow against her skin. “Perfect.”
She arched against him, a cry of surprised pleasure escaping her at the sharp sensation. He closed his teeth around her, tugging lightly before sucking her deeper into his mouth. Fire flared from her breast to her womb, her sex heating as his hips ground into hers. She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.
The palm that had lifted her breast to his mouth slid down her side, calluses scraping sensually over her hip. He shifted, his fingers slipping between her legs to trace a line along her inner thigh.
She lifted her arms to pull him closer, then stilled. She did not know this man. Only moments before he’d had her tied to a chair. What was she doing?
He must have felt her tense against him. After one last lingering lick, he lifted his head. His narrowed gaze studied the stubborn set of her jaw, the cheeks she knew were flushed with newly awakened passion.
He stepped back and she squirmed, covering her damp breast with the sarong, wishing he would look away. Wishing he hadn’t stopped. She wanted to be angry, to ask if this was how he sampled all his merchandise. But she could not be a hypocrite. She had wanted him to kiss her. She had wanted more.
She wished heartily she could appear coolly unaffected as the handsome brothel owner. Instead her voice trembled like the novice she was. “Please, Bodhan.”
His nostrils flared and she looked down, her eyes widening when she noticed the fit of his pants. He was not unaffected. In fact she’d never seen a man so aroused. She swallowed hard past the tightness in her throat.
“You are a sensual creature, Dare, in spite of your obvious inexperience. You could do well here.” He watched her carefully and shrugged when she raised her chin to glare back in stony silence for reminding her where they were and who he was. “To business then. We will not surface until we reach Two Moon Bay. That is a four-day journey. If, at that time, you still wish to leave, you are free to go.”
Four days until they surfaced? She blinked rapidly, taking deep, slow breaths. She would not faint in front of him again. “I will.”
He nodded. “So I’ve gathered from your recent escape attempts. I must insist on your obedience until then, and your silence as to what you see while you are here. Our clientele pay me handsomely for their privacy.”
“I swear by Queen Idony, I will keep your secret.”
He smiled. “I notice you do not swear to obey me. You are a puzzle, Dare. I would solve you before this is done.” He brushed her breast with the back of his fingers, making her shudder. “Yes,” he murmured as he noticed her reaction. “A beautiful puzzle.”
He turned to walk away from her, stopping before he opened the door. “You are far beneath the ocean, with armed guards stationed outside. Do not attempt to use your wiles on my men, or our deal will be null.”
“I have no wiles and no wish to use them. You will hardly know I am here.”
His low laugh wrapped around her like an embrace. “Dare, you must trust me, if only in this. Every moment you are here, each breath that you take aboard the Siren . . . I will know.”


Eden is a HUGE sci-fi fan, but her “sci-fi” books are more futuristic stories. Her Midnight Playground series is set in 2069 dystopian London (with ROGUE being set in Madrid), and it’s a future world gone mad-mad enough that vampires are out in the open and sort of running the show, with humans worshiping them almost as gods. Here’s a peek at Book One, THE SEEKING KISS:

Two vampires, one woman, an eternity of love and desire…if only she’s strong enough…

Midnight Playground, Book 1

London 2069
For as long as Nissa has known about Midnight Playground, the most exclusive of a world-wide network of vampire sex clubs, she has yearned to gain entrance—and to become one of them. Orphaned and alone from a young age, she has nothing to lose and nothing to stop her from indulging in her darkest fantasies.

Hex and his maker, Aleron, have enjoyed many play partners at the club and have often shared in the euphoria of the Seeking Kiss, that sensual blood exchange between vampires and their lovers. But Nissa’s beauty, intelligence and strength is a siren call he can’t resist.. His desire for her and her willingness to let herself be drawn by their mental pull compels Hex to consider offering to her something he’s never given another mortal– the treasured Turning Kiss.

The beautiful vampire pair entice Nissa into an intimate sexual realm beyond her wildest dreams—and she revels in it. But when she finds herself falling for one of the powerful duo, it could mean the end of her deepest fantasies. Or a new beginning she never dared to imagine…


Hex watched her, waiting for her to wake up. She’d been out nearly three hours.

He hadn’t meant to show her Aleron’s private sorrow. He hadn’t meant to see it himself. He’d known for years, since the first time Aleron had shown him, and there had been no need for words between them. He’d understood how Aleron had loved, and what he’d lost. He’d understood that he would never be to Aleron what she had been, and that was fine for him. He didn’t need that. Not from Aleron.

But Nissa…

Everything was different with Nissa already. It didn’t matter that he’d known her for only a handful of days. Time was different than it had been during his human years. But even then, he would know.

He loved her.

Aleron adored her, even loved her. But not in the same all-consuming way. Not as though he would die for her, if he could.

He reached out and touched the tips of her long, black lashes. They were silky against his fingertips, making him smile. He loved the fiery green of her eyes, so sharp and full of intelligence and life. She wanted so acutely. There was a passion in her unlike any he’d ever come across before. And it made him feel his own more profoundly.

From somewhere in the distance, sirens wailed, as they did so often in London. He half hoped the sound would wake her. He wanted to see her, talk with her, touch her, fuck her again. And again and again. But she was too purely pretty like this. Sleeping. Innocent.

He moved his hand lower, brushed her full, pink bottom lip, then the delicate line of her jaw. Yes, so beautiful.

He sensed Aleron coming into the room, and turned to find him in the doorway. Naked. As beautiful as Nissa, yet in such a different way.

“Hex.” Aleron’s voice was soft. “She sleeps still?”

“Yes, and she’s deep into it. She won’t wake for some time, I think.”

“Good. I need you for a while.”

Hex raised a brow in question, but saw how hard Aleron’s cock grew between his lean thighs. His own filled with need. He rose from the bed, as naked as Aleron was.

They came together in the middle of the room, and Aleron pushed him back with strong hands, until he was against the wall. Aleron slid down, kneeling on the floor in front of him, and took his cock into his mouth.

Hex moaned, pleasure rising, his cock hardening. And Aleron’s sleek mouth was moving up and down on him, sucking, his tongue drawing over the head. So damn good, that powerful mouth. His balls tightened, drew closer to his body, and his hands went to Aleron’s shoulders, hard as stone, yet the skin as soft and smooth as polished wood.

Aleron sucked him deeper, and he pumped his hips, driving his cock down Aleron’s throat. He heard Aleron’s groan, glanced down and saw that he had his hand on his own cock, the rigid flesh driving into his pale fist. Desire kicked hard into his gut. He wanted to take that beautiful cock himself, into his mouth, into his body.

“Aleron, let me take you. Let me fuck you.”

Aleron pulled his mouth away long enough to murmur, “Not today. Today you are mine.”

He sank his teeth into the head of Hex’s cock, and it was pleasure and pain, searing, hot, indescribable. His body shook, and he came, hard, as Aleron sucked on him. And he could feel it through Aleron’s eyes, through his mind, his body—the sweet taste of come and blood on the tongue, the musky scent of arousal, of Aleron’s ancient flesh, and in the distance, the scent of Nissa as she slept in the big bed.


Next up from Eden is ROGUE. It’s the fifth (well, 5.5) book in the Midnight Playground series, but being her first and so far, only, purely M/M, and one of her favorite stories to write ever, it definitely bears mentioning here!

The penalty for his crimes is pain…and pleasure.

Midnight Playground, Book 5

Madrid, 2069

He is Rogue.

He has known no other life, no other name. Turned at the tender age of nineteen on the dark streets of London, he wanders Europe, angry and rebellious, haunted by the crime that has followed him for over a century. Always alone.

He is Ramsey.

Member of the Vampire Council, all he has are his memories of dazzling grief and unrelenting pain—his only respite is blood and sex. Until a young rogue vampire poaches in his territory…

Inexorably drawn to each other, the head of Madrid’s Midnight Playground and the rebel from nowhere will find passion in each other’s arms—and discover a dangerous secret that could irrevocably change both their worlds.


Rogue looked up at him, the blood lust on his lovely face—a face that would have been almost effeminate if he hadn’t been so full of rage, he was that beautiful. No more than nineteen or twenty when Turned.

Barely a man.

Ramsey stroked a hand over Rogue’s jaw, and the young vampire turned his face into his palm and bit him.

A small, searing pain—enough to make his cock jump, to remind him that despite this fledgling’s pain he had lived a hundred years. He was a man. A vampire. And they both wanted.

But he would not let him drink. “No!”

With a roar Ramsey threw him to the hard marble floor and in moments Rogue’s clothes were in shreds. Mon Dieu, but his body was beautiful to behold—all long limbs and gorgeously polished pale skin, his cock a shaft of pure, hard ivory. He reached out to touch the tip, to stroke with his fingertips, and felt Rogue’s silent shudder. He pressed his fingers to one dark pink nipple, plump and luscious against the fair, fair skin. He pinched, hard. Rogue moaned, began to struggle but Ramsey held him down with one hand flat against the center of his smooth chest.

“You like the pain, do you Rogue?”

“I do,” he answered, a little fire in his tone. A small challenge.

“Then you should like this.”

He tore the front of his slacks to get to his own stiff cock, shoved Rogue’s thighs apart and plunged into his ass.

He felt the skin tear, heard Rogue’s howl of pain, of pleasure. Felt those desperate hands scratching at his hips, his thighs. None of that mattered—only fucking him hard and fast and merciless, as cruelly as this luscious young Rogue clearly needed it.

He was filling up with pleasure, driving hard into the younger vampire, knowing had he fucked a human in this way they would have been dead almost instantly. That made it even better for him—to know that he pushed those boundaries even with vampire flesh.

When Rogue reached for his shoulders Ramsey grabbed his wrists in one hand, held them over his head. Fucked him harder, his hips slamming into him. And oh, the exquisite feel of Rogue’s young ass, like a velvet sheath around his pounding cock.

The young vampire kicked at him, his feet finding his ribcage, pounding on the back of his thighs. Ramsey didn’t know if it were any kind of true struggle or simply the primal need to fight, the more primal need to open his ass to him even more, or the lost animal struggle of sex and power, the blood and the driving, screeching lust.

“You’re fucking tearing me apart,” Rogue gasped, bucking and kicking, but whether to try to throw him off him or draw him deeper into his youthful body, Ramsey wouldn’t have known had Rogue’s cock not been pulsing so hard.

He grasped the heavy shaft in his hand, squeezed the head with his fingertips.

“Yes, mon cher. And you love it.”

In answer Rogue only closed his eyes, muttered, “Fuck you.”

Ramsey felt the gleeful grin on his face as his climax approached. He held it back as he continued to pump, hovering at that edge, his body undulating with the first waves of orgasm, his vision blurring, hazed with the blood lust. His grin turned into a teeth-baring howl—pleasure and pain and a touch of fury rushing through him like some intoxication liqueur. He plunged to sink his fangs in to Rogue’s sweet young neck.


Let’s finish with the post-apocalyptic Wasteland series. This is a continuity series written by the original Smutketeers-R.G. and Eden, plus Lilli Feisty and Crystal Jordan. These stories are all set in the same world we created together, with R.G. and Eden working very closely on the religion, since both of their stories are set in the temple, and their stories are the most closely linked. This series was SO exciting to work on! Let’s take a look::

In 2012, the world came to a grinding halt as radiation hit from a massive solar storm. Crops died, animals perished, cities fell and humans became little more than beasts themselves. Under the threat of starvation, civility was reduced to mere memory. Only the strongest men survived, and physically weaker women and children wasted to nothingness.

More than a century later, humanity struggles in the desert Wasteland. The solar radiation rendered most women infertile, and the population dwindles more with each year that passes. Scattered up and down coasts, isolated cities eke out an existence from fishing, foraging and hunting for what little game is left. Outside the city walls, men face the threat of pirates and raiders.

Few women remain, divided into four classes—Whores, Breeders, Priestesses and Wanderers. They are as reviled as they are worshipped, a commodity any man must pay to touch. To touch a Whore, a man must sacrifice his riches. To touch a Breeder, a man must sacrifice his freedom. To touch a Priestess, a man must be chosen by the gods. And to touch a Wanderer may end up costing him his life.

There is only one rule in the Wasteland—survive.

These books can be read as stand alones, but if you’re going to read Eden’s and R.G.’s, read Eden’s THE BREEDER first, since R.G.’s THE PRIESTESS ties up the series.

Wasteland Breeder300Destined to serve the desires of an entire city, all she wants is one man. Or maybe two…

Born to the Temple, Nitara knows the Great Goddess’s plan for her: to bring life into what is left of an arid and wasted Earth. Since puberty she has been trained to arouse and titillate, to ensure the continuation of the human race.

As is the custom, the man captured for her is strong of blood, though considered little more than a wild animal. Yet when she looks into his eyes, she sees no primitive creature, but the man whose face and hands haunt her sensual dreams.

For Akaash, a hunter and warrior, it’s his shame that he will be sacrificed to a goddess he doesn’t believe in, for a people who are not his own, leaving behind his Wanderer clan—and his bonded lover, Dhatri. Locked in the bowels of the Temple, he has a month to ponder his fate, all while falling helplessly under the spell of the virgin temptress who will soon take his life.

With each tortuously erotic encounter, however, Akaash realizes that Nitara is as much a prisoner as he. If he can just get a message out to Dhatri, there may be a slim chance both of them can escape…


“Do something for me now, Nitara.”

“I will do whatever you ask.”

“Give me your pleasure.”

She smiled, light filling her heart. He wanted from her the one thing she was able to give.

She stripped her robe off and stood close to the iron bars. His gaze was hungry as she stroked her palms over her belly, her thighs, her breasts.

“Yes, draw out your nipples as I would with my tongue, could I reach you. Ah, beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful, Nitara.”

She shivered, holding the hardening flesh of her nipples between her fingers, stroking, pulling on them. Pleasure suffused her. Her clitoris grew hard, needy. The anticipation of awaiting his instruction was strange and thrilling.

“Tell me what you want, Akaash.”

“Part your thighs for me so that I can see your lovely cunt. So pink…I can see how wet you are. I need to taste you again, Nitara.”

She slipped her fingers into her slick juices. She was shaking with need as she held a trembling hand between the bars that separated them, held her damp fingers to his lips, as she had done before. He leaned forward, took her fingers between his lush lips, and sucked.

“Ah, Akaash…”

Pleasure was like the sun, burning into her skin, arcing through her body.

He let her fingers go, but she couldn’t pull away. Instead, she explored the contours of his face, tracing over his mouth, his beard-stubbled chin, finding a long scar on his cheek. It only made him more beautiful, somehow, that he had survived hardship.

He turned his face and kissed her fingers as he had done before, lingering kisses, his lips soft on her skin. She turned her hand over, and he pressed his mouth to her palm. Her heart fluttered in her chest.

She felt stunned by his touch. Immobilized.

“Nitara,” he whispered, his breath warm on her palm. “Come for me.”


Priestess-300x448Damn the rules, damn the gods…even if he has to share her, she belongs to him.

High Priestess Xian has followed the Path of the Peaceful Sun since she was chosen at birth. Yet the joy she receives from helping others is overshadowed by her growing belief that the world they live in is…wrong.

At a crossroads, unsure of her ability to do her job–unsure of anything–she journeys to the ruins of the old city, hoping to uncover secrets that will give her clarity. Instead she finds the path to her goal clouded by an unexpected desire for her handsome guard, Hel, and for the battered stranger they find along the way.

Hel can’t prevent Xian from reaching out to the mysterious Siraj, but there is danger in allowing him to stay. Siraj belongs to no caste, follows no rules but his own. And Xian’s fascination with him makes Hel’s blood boil. No one can know that Hel has always loved her, or the secret he’s kept hidden for years. But Siraj’s advances and Xian’s curiosity force Hel to cross lines he never before dared…


“Shall I kill them for you?”

Xian turned from the small altar on her private balcony and smiled softly. “You’ve asked each time I come back from a meeting with the council. What would you do should I ever say yes?”

Her Sun Guard quirked his lips. “Obey with haste and enthusiasm, High Priestess, as I always do.”

She shook her head. “Much as I am tempted today, I’m still not sure the Goddess would approve.”

But then, she wasn’t sure She wouldn’t. Not after hearing the men of the council spitting bile and demanding blood for the loss of the recent Sacrifice. That, combined with the previous disappearance of several Roses, prostitutes from the brothel, had them shouting recriminations and fear for the return of The Burning Time.

Chamberlain Vey kindly pointed out that though there had been incidents in the past, they had been rare until now. Until Xian. No Sacrifice, no Wanderer taken for seed and returned to the Goddess, had ever turned the tides and escaped, taking a Breeder with them.

During the meeting, he actually demanded that the Temple increase the Sacrifice rituals. To kill two—even three Wanderers at a time to make up for what was lost. They cried faith, but it was greed and thwarted lust she saw in their eyes. They did not fear the reprisal of an angry god, nor did they respect the Goddess. They were children throwing tantrums at having their toys taken away.


Xian knew the Breeder was safe. Knew now that Nitara had willingly chosen to save the Wanderer, the desert warrior, and run with him. She’d spoken privately with Nikkan and Leilin, Nitara’s siblings and accomplices. She’d loved the young woman like her own flesh and blood. What hurt most was that Nitara hadn’t trusted Xian enough to tell her that she’d had more than first-time nerves. To tell her that she’d spent her Taming Moon with a Wanderer whom their soothing draughts had not affected, and formed an attachment to him.

A bitter chuckle escaped her lips. Why would she? It was Xian who had placed her on her path. Even when, after years of study under the former High Priestess, Xian still didn’t understand why the ritual was necessary herself. Oh, she knew what she’d been taught. In order to soothe the Sun’s anger, in order to aid the Goddess, it must be a life for a life—sacrificial blood for a virgin’s blood. But it felt wrong.

That feeling didn’t stop her from forcing the murderous burden onto her charges…too many times to count. If her predecessor had not seen Xian’s birth veil or markings as a sign that she would be a Temple leader, she too could have been a Breeder, could have been called upon to kill the father of her child moments after conception. As it was, she was born with blood on her hands, since her true mother had not survived the birthing process. That too, was considered a sign.

“My Priestess, if you do not stop looking so sad, I will have no choice but to believe they have offended you beyond repair and slay them all. What troubles you? Do they continue to blame you for the young Breeder’s escape?”

Hel, her Sun Guard, was the only one involved that she hadn’t spoken to yet. She didn’t want to admit, even to herself, that he had kept it from her. He was her confidant, her protector. For six rotations of the starlit sky, since her predecessor had passed and she’d been given the mantle of High Priestess, he had never wavered in his commitment to her. Even during Akaash and Nitara’s flight, he had wrapped Xian in his arms, protecting her from the fire and the angry mob with his own body.

But he hadn’t told her why he’d been instrumental in helping them escape.

She turned to study him more fully. The sun through the sheer blue curtains that separated her from the harsh daylight cast his skin in shades of dark bronze. A testament to his tolerance for and life beneath the hot sun.

All Sun Guards were impressive compared to the ordinary citizens of Kroy Wen and the eunuchs. They spent their entire lives training, after all. But Hel was…more. Strong and broad-shouldered, he was taller than most of the others. Blue-black hair curled against his neck with the heat of the day, and eyes the color of the healing malachite stone glowed from his darkly tanned face.

He’d made many a Priestess flush with his mere presence. The eunuchs would often share the Temple gossip with Xian. They told her how the others wished Hel would enter the lottery just once, that one of the reasons they imagined he didn’t, had to do with speculation about his relationship with their High Priestess.

There was none. No male touched the High Priestess. But Xian would be lying to herself if she denied her fantasies. How often had she completed a fertility ritual by the light of the moon, or taught a newly blooming Breeder the ways of self-pleasure, and found an image of Hel in her mind? Too often.

Her role in the Temple forbade such selfish urges. Her passion and energy was for Kroy Wen and all her charges, not for herself. As she was trained. As it was meant to be. She was chosen by the High Priestess Ani and the Goddess to be mother to all, and could never be mother, or lover, to one. Certainly not to a Sun Guard who was duty-bound to follow her every command.

You didn’t command him to help Nikkan save Nitara.

Friendships between eunuchs and outer guards were rare indeed. As they should be. The eunuchs had been created to protect the Breeders in the inner sanctum of the Temple. Some were chosen at birth, some were the result of punishment when her predecessor had been forced to make an example.

The Sun Guards worked outside, also protecting those who dwelled inside these walls, but they did not befriend, or in many cases respect, the inner guards. It wasn’t something Xian necessarily approved of, but she’d been taught that the separation was necessary for the safety of the Breeders. She supposed she’d just had that lesson reaffirmed.

Hel was not merely another Sun Guard, loyal only to her. He had secrets. A life separate from hers. It rattled her, thinking she might not know him as well as she thought.

She crossed her arms, determination steeling her spine. It was time. She couldn’t back down now. “Hel, arm yourself and gather any supplies you believe we’ll need. I must journey to The Vault.” She hesitated. “I would prefer that you not share this information with your fellow Sun Guards.”

His lashes flickered in surprise, but he didn’t question her. Bowing low he backed into the room, toward his own small adjacent one to comply.

She knew what he wanted to say. They had already made the perilous journey once this year. It was only done when those who had been trained to understand the stars and their meaning deemed it safe. When the Crone foresaw a clear path. When other Sun Guards stood at the ready to make the journey with them.

This was not one of those times. Yet Xian felt compelled. She glanced down at the altar with the carved, lush figure placed in the center. Perhaps the Goddess was guiding her steps.



Now for today’s AWESOME bonus~R.G. and Roy Batty share an incept date! That’s right, it’s R.G.’s birthday today, so let’s all wish her a *very* happy birthday and help her celebrate! The best way to celebrate her birthday? By nabbing one of her books or leaving her a review on Amazon or Goodreads, as well as birthday wishes here in your comments!

Abstract Christmas background.Holiday abstract background

Here’s R.G.’s Amazon page, just to help with your book collection. ;)


It wouldn’t be the Smutketeers if we didn’t have a CONTEST!!!!!!!!

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galaxy necklace

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…and now, just for R.G.!

12 Days of X-mas: Day 13! The Winners
by robinrotham on Dec 20th, 2015 36 Comments »

RG the Xmas Elf: We’ve so enjoyed spending the last 12 days with all of you! Thank you to our friends who were so generous with their time. We love helping you find new authors as much as we love meeting new readers! Spend time with us all year long by signing up for the Smutketeers NEWSLETTER and joining us on the naughty FB group, The Brass Chattery! And follow us on Twitter @EdenBradley @robinlrotham @RG_Alexander

This new year will be full of smutty goodness!


Abstract Christmas background.Holiday abstract background

Abstract Christmas background.Holiday abstract background

Abstract Christmas background.Holiday abstract background

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Remember to always spend your holidays with the Smutketeers… And ALL FOR SMUT AND SMUT FOR ALL!!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for…


Day One Prize Package includes ~ Eden Bradley:an e-book package including BREAKING SKYE,TEMPT ME TWICE & BLOODSONG *PLUS* tanzanite earrings!/ R.G. Alexander: a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card/ Robin L Rotham: $25 ebook gift card PLUS an electric mug warmer, a Smutketeers mug and a selection of my favorite teas/ Larissa Ione: USB flash drive loaded with a digital copy of Azagoth / Damon Suede: *an ebook copy of PENT UP * an audiobook copy of HOT HEAD * a lapdance * an invisible dirigible / Kennedy Layne: $50 Amazon Gift Card / Mari Carr: a signed copy of Now & Forever!/ Khloe Wren: ebook of Bad Alpha Anthology and Bad Alpha keyring / Ann Mayburn: Signed paperback copy of either a book from Submissive’s Wish Series or Casey’s Warriors / Desiree Holt $50 Amazon gift card and choice of two books from backlist / Erin Nicholas: signed print set of Getting In the Spirit and Getting In the Mood, and a tube of Twisted Peppermint body lotion from Bath and Body along with some fun swag / Sami Lee: 2 e books to giveaway — winner’s choice of backlist / Seleste DeLaney: $5 Amazon gift card and winner’s choice of one novel (or the first two Agents of TRAIT novellas) from Seleste/Julie’s backlist./ J. Kenner: Signed copies of Release Me, Say My Name, and Wanted / Katana Collins: digital copy of Capturing You / Rachel Van Dyken: $50.00 Amazon gift card / Valerie Tibbs aka V.A. Charles: $10 Amazon gift card / Lexi Blake: The first four Masters and Mercenaries books on audio / Sierra Cartwright: $25 Amazon gift card, plus a signed copy of With This Collar and any three of my e-books / Louisa Bacio: Customized LOVE Oreos, with U.S. shipping / PG Forte: A signed print copy of In the Dark / Jenna Jacob: A signed copy of “Sky Of Dreams” and a special swag pack!


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Day Three Prize Package includes~ Cherise Sinclair: A signed copy of Hour of the Lion/ Mary Hughes: Kindle or Nook ebook short stories BITING HOLIDAY HONEYMOONS (including BITING CHRISTMAS) PLUS Kindle or Nook New Years Eve ebook novella THE BITE OF SILENCE / Jennifer Bernard: A signed copy of my sexy baseball book, ALL OF ME, and a Love Between the Bases gift pack / Sharon Page: $20 Amazon gift card and a copy of One Hot Fall Term and One Hot Winter Break / Roz Lee: $25 Amazon Gift Card / Tamsen Parker $5 Amazon gift card, a signed paperback of your choice from my backlist and a few other treats to make your holiday travel more bearable / A.D. Justice: eBooks of Wicked Games and Wicked Ties / Felice Fox: $5 Amazon Gift Card + a signed, print copy of Bound to the Land

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Laura Hinkle!!

Day Eleven Prize Package includes ~ Christine Ashworth: 7″ 8 GB Kindle Fire / Roxy Mews: $25 Amazon eGift Card, plus 1 digital copy of A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR, 1 digital copy of CORAL-600 and an ARC copy of INTERLOCKING HEARTS / Karen Stivali: ANY ebook on my backlist PLUS two e-books that I’ll choose from my favorite reads of 2015 (three e-books in total) / Roni Loren: Ebook copy of CALL ON ME or OFF THE CLOCK / Nina Lane: An e-book set of the Spiral of Bliss trilogy and a $15 Amazon gift card / Saranna DeWylde: A holiday box of goodies from yours truly including but not limited to a copy of one of my favorite books, homemade cookies (let me know any food allergies or dislikes), my favorite holiday tea, and other little treats including a Coach wristlet/ Sofia Tate: 1 signed copy of BREATHLESS FOR HIM, DEVOTED TO HIM, and FOREVER WITH HIM

Amber A!!

Day Twelve Prize Package includes ~ Shayla Black: winner’s choice of an eBook from my backlist/ Rhian Cahill: Holiday novella pack containing digital copies of –Christmas Wishes New Year’s Kisses Valentine’s Dates Secret Santa A Touch Of Frost A Kiss From Kringle / Zoey Derrick: Signed Paperback of Defining US/ Suzanne Rock: ecopy of AT HIS SERVICE / Sean Michael: a copy of Dom, Sub, and Boy: Beginning / Bianca Sommerland: A Surprise Pack with EXCLUSIVE items inspired by my books, along with readers choice of an ebook from my backlist / Cari Quinn: Signed copy of Rocked, fun swag and a Christmas candle / Eliza Gayle: An Amazon Kindle!

Linda Moffitt!!

And now for the Grand Prize

~ A $300 Amazon or B&N gift card from The Smutketeers Eden Bradley, Robin L Rotham and R.G. Alexander!

Tracy F!!


Congratulations to everyone!!! Happy Holidays!!

**Winners should hear from us in the next day or two. If not, contact us. Thank you!***


12 Days of X-mas: Day 12!
by robinrotham on Dec 19th, 2015 152 Comments »
RG the Xmas Elf: Here we are my friends, you and me on the last day. I’ll miss you and Xmas, but we have some fabulous and gifted authors for you today. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Shayla Black

Wicked for You

The weather outside is frightful (well, kind of…)

But the fire is so delightful (It’s almost like winter in Texas at 60 degrees.)

There’s only one thing we need…

Let us read. Let us read. Let us read!

In all seriousness, this is a great time of year to cozy up with a fire, a blanket, and a good book. At this time of year, we’re often so focused on everyone else in our lives that we forget to take a little time for ourselves and our peace of mind. So make your list, check it twice, then relax for a few moments and enjoy something a little romantic and Wicked.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
Love and romance (and some steamy stuff) are always fun and fulfilling to write but creating stories centered around the holidays bring new facets. Families draw closer, friends are near, hearts are warmer, sentiments are heightened—and romance can be both sweeter and spicier. I had such a great time writing one of my own holiday romances, Wicked All the Way. It’s a second chance at love story, and let’s just say that loved ones popping just after you’ve dropped panties with the hot guy you can’t forget can be awkward (and funny as hell).

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
There are too many great holiday songs to pick just one, and anyone who knows me has no doubts that I don’t have a favorite anything because I do everything by moods. Currently, I’m obsessed with the Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga commercial for B&N. It’s a lovely little slice of Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Add in Santa, Baby for fun, along with I’ll Be Home for Christmas, which always makes me a bit sentimental, and I’ll turn up the volume just a bit more.

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
I don’t know about strange so much but my hubby proposed to me during the holidays. In a few months, we’ll have been married for 25 years, so I’d say my engagement ring and this awesome guy was the best present ever.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Well…if I’m single in this fantasy, I might get a little weak in the knees and be willing to fall flat on my back for Armie Hammer after seeing the man from UNLCE. I also wouldn’t turn down David Gandy or Nyle from Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model.

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
The reindeer need a total upgrade in the hotness department if I’m in charge! I might be able to talk some of my favorite heroes into passing out gifts for all the good children (and maybe some of you naughty ladies too)! So how about we roll out the new crew:

Jack (Wicked Ties – Wicked Lovers 1)
Logan (Belong to Me – Wicked Lovers 5)
Tyler (Mine to Hold – Wicked Lovers 6)
Thorpe (Theirs to Cherish – Wicked Lovers 8)
Axel (Wicked for You – Wicked Lovers 10)
Stone (Falling in Deeper – Wicked Lovers 11)
Ice (Possess Me at Midnight – Doomsday Brethren 3)
Connor (Seduction in Session – Perfect Gentlemen 2)

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Cozying up with my awesome hubby on a cold winter’s night, spending time with the family and friends I don’t often see, and (of course) all the awesome holiday baking! I even take a few days to read a book or two just to unwind…

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
So many milestones next year for me! Besides releasing Falling in Deeper (Wicked Lovers – July 5), Seduction in Session (Perfect Gentlemen 2), Their Virgin Bride (Masters of Ménage – Summer 2016), and The Edge of Dominance (Doms of Her Life – September 13), I’ll be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. Our only daughter will be graduating from high school. My dad will be turning 80. So much major awesome stuff going in in 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new year brings!


Find Shayla Black:

Prize: One reader will receive winner’s choice of an eBook from my backlist!!

Rhian Cahill

A Kiss From Kringle

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
The magic of possibility. Children aren’t the only ones who wish for things this time of year and for some reason I always think whatever I’m hoping for is more possible.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Oh, this is a tough one, there’s so many… I’d say Ian & Charlotte Taggart from Lexi Blake’s Love And Let Die.

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

There isn’t enough alcohol or drugs in the world to make me sing in public. *shudder*

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Family. As my kids get older I see them less so this time of year I’m guaranteed some time with them. Of course by the time we’re done I’m wanting to strangle them. :)


Find Rhian Cahill:

Prize: Holiday novella pack containing digital copies of –
Christmas Wishes
New Year’s Kisses
Valentine’s Dates
Secret Santa
A Touch Of Frost
A Kiss From Kringle!

Zoey Derrick

Defining US –
The Calvin & Eric Story:
69 Bottles #6

I can’t even begin to think about where this year has gone and I have some fabulous readers to thank for that. With the holidays in full swing, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Thank you for making this year AMAZING!!

And now, a few holiday questions:

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Oh this is toooooo much fun. (See fantasy guy dressed in Santa Suit)

McSteamy and McDreamy… Yup… can’t pass that one up and I don’t mean just a little peck… no full on MAKING OUT!! *shivers*

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
SheDAISY’s Version of Deck the Halls called Brand New Year. This has been a favorite of mine for 15 years. It’s what always puts me in the Christmas mood. Living in the desert – Phoenix, AZ – makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you’re from Minnesota and use to cold and snow. But this song always does it.

It would take about a gallon of hot buttered rum for me and the crowd to make me sing it in front of people, no one wants to hear that disaster.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
HELL YES!!! But then again, I’m single and don’t have any qualms about this fantasy at all! For me, my fantasy guy…. jeez, there are toooooo many to choose from. So much hotness out there, but I’m not a one guy kind of girl… so for me, I’d have to go with McSteamy AND McDreamy (Patrick Dempsy & Eric Dane)!!

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Watching my son light up on Christmas morning. He’s 10 this year and I know the magic of Christmas will soon fade away when he realizes who the Jolly Fat Man in a suit really is. This prospect makes me sad, so for now, I will savor his enjoyment as much as I can.

Also, being with my family.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
2016 is going to be an epic year stocked full of new stories, new characters and some AMAZING Trips to Orlando, Vegas and London and I cannot wait. Also, meeting more readers and seeing old friends.


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Suzanne Rock

For His Pleasure

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for having me here today. I’m so excited to be celebrating the holidays with the Smutkateers! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I have small children and love watching their faces light up as they open their presents Christmas morning.

One of our traditions is to drink hot chocolate and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Tell me in the comments section for a chance to win a free ecopy of AT HIS SERVICE, Book #1 in my Playboys of Boston series. Book #2 in this series, FOR HIS PLEASURE, released December 2nd and is available at all major retailers!

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love how holiday stories really capture the mood of the season. They help to keep my focus on the good things about the holiday and to be thankful for what I have.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Since the new Star Wars movie will be coming out soon, I have to say Han and Leia. (Any other Star Wars fans in the house?)

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Santa Baby, and there aren’t enough hot buttered rums in the world. I’m the worst singer on the planet, lol.

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
I got a big plastic “HO” in a holiday gift exchange at work. It was literally a golden “H” and “O” The giver said that she got it at the Christmas Tree Shops, where “They had a whole bag of Ho’s.” I think that it was supposed to be part of a larger message, like “Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas,” but I only got the two letters stuck together. People still laugh over how I got the “Big Plastic Ho” one year at the gift exchange. LOL.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
If I was single? Yes!!! Ahem, I’d say yes. And the “santa” would be Tony Stark. I seem to have a soft spot for inteligent, rich men who are hoplessly self-centered. I may need to see a therapist about that, lol.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Being with my family and seeing my kids open their presents.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
My husband has booked us a family cruise in the eastern caribbean in July. Can hardly wait!


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Sean Michael

Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning

I have the best readers in the world and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading and supporting my work. You all make me very happy.

I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love the holidays, so getting to write a holiday story (or four!) always puts me in a good mood. Also, they are usually due in the middle of summer and being able to write about colder weather is wonderful in the middle of a heat wave.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Steve and Danny from Hawaii Five-O so need to indulge in a lip-lock.

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
I hate picking just one favorite — there’s always so many good ones that get left behind. I can however, pick one in this instance — the Huron Carol.

And it would take many, many hot buttered rums to get me to sing it in front of a crowd!

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Again I have to say, just one? It’s no fair to make me pick in this instance.

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Stud, Dildo, Plug, Whip, Flogger, Handcuffs, Blindfold and Lube! (and no one should be surprised by that)

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
I love it all — the lights, the decorations, giving gifts, the snowy weather. It all wraps up into a wonderful package.

The lights are probably the best though. It gets dark just after 3pm near the solstice and the lights just look so bright and cheerful.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
Discovering what guys are going to invade my brain and demand their stories.

Also, I will be attending my first cons – Coastal Magic and RT in 2016!


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Bianca Sommerland

Evil’s Embrace
(Celestial Pets)

BIG HUGS and sweet kisses to all the amazing readers out there that have stuck by me, and all the new ones ready to become a little corrupted. ;)

Almost FIVE YEARS, dudes! I feel like I’ve grown up with all you wonderful people!
Stop laughing. :P

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
The way characters celebrate can be lots of fun, and so much can be thrown at them. It can either be all happy and cozy and sweet, or Red Wedding level tragedy. I guess I love the same thing in a holiday story that I enjoy in any work of fiction. Anything can, and will, happen.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Just two? *sigh* Okay, Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan, both as vampires with that sly, sexy attitude. They’re both so dangerous and hot, together, they’d probably be pretty scary. I really need to catch up on Vampire Diaries and The Originals so I can picture them together very very clearly. Oh, and then I’d throw in Eliza Dushku because I really do love my menage!

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Feliz Navidad and Baby, it’s cold outside pretty much tie it for first.

I love singing, so I’d probably sing Baby, it’s cold outside with friends completely sober. Feliz Navidad, I’d have to have enough rum to be too buzzed to remember I don’t know most of the words. But I make them up as good as anyone! *g*

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Totally cheating again! lol!

In my fantasy, Jack Sparrow comes in with his usual swagger, dressed as a pirate, with Santa’s hat replacing his tricorn. Tom Hiddleston follows, dressed as Loki, and claims he’s an elf.

And now you’ll excuse me, ladies. I only keep the doors open in my books. ;)

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Mine would be–Cerulli, Draiman, Osbourne, Blythe, Taylor, Cooper, Mercury, and Shadows.

And I will totally have an extra prize for the FIRST person who can figure out why I picked those names and who they belong to! *g*

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Hmm…that’s a good question. Honestly, it’s people. I know we should all be kind and generous as often as possible, but there’s just something about the holidays that inspires the best in us all.

And I only get the coolest rose-colored glasses that I wear during the holidays. Makes everything so much prettier!

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
BOOKS! lol!

Actually, it seriously is the books. Both the ones I’m looking forward to from my favorite authors, and the ones just about ready to go out into the world. I slowed down a bit in 2015, but 2016 is looking to be INSANE!

I’m also teaching myself to play guitar. My eldest plays the drums and she’s getting a set for Yule. Thankfully, she doesn’t read my posts, so it’s still a surprise.

If I get good enough to jam with her, that will be awesome.

And it’s a bit later in the year, but I’m also looking forward to bringing the youngest to a few hockey games. In the playoffs. And maybe for The Cup!

*knock on wood*

I’d say I was looking forward to the Stanley Cup Parade in Montreal, but I don’t want to jinx my boys. ;)


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Cari Quinn

(book 4 in the
Lost in Oblivion
rockstar series)

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be part of the Smutketeers 12 Days of X-Mas 2015! I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday season with lots of fun times with family and friends…and hot books to keep you warm!

And now, a few holiday questions:

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
My favorite holiday song when it comes to hymns is “O Little Town of Bethlehem” since I was a child attending Catholic school. A more current Christmas song I love is “White Christmas” by Michael Buble and Shania Twain. And as for how many hot buttered rums to make me sing it…too many! I used to want to be a singer but that was many years ago. (How many, I won’t say, LOL)

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Umm, heck yeah! I’d say yes so fast his candy cane would spin! ;) My fantasy guy is Ian Somerhalder, the inspiration for Simon, the lead singer of our fictional band Oblivion in the Lost in Oblivion series. If he was holding a microphone, even better!

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
There are so many things I love. But I have to admit, I get a lot of joy just from looking at twinkling holiday lights. I love driving around in the dark and seeing all the decorated houses. They make an otherwise dreary winter night into something special.


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Eliza Gayle


I hope you have a wonderful and super sexy Christmas this year!

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love everything about Christmas and enjoy immersing myself in the holiday. That includes being glued to the Hallmark Channel as well as reading as many holiday books as I can find.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
I think I’m going to go back to my “go-to” favorite characters of Roarke and Eve from the JD Robb In Death series. :)

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and I don’t think I would enjoy hot buttered rums. lol However, I do know it takes about 4 Patron Silver shots to get me to sing karaoke.

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
Probably the weirdest gift I’ve gotten had more to do with the guy than the gift. About five days before Christmas my then boyfriend took me out to a bar to play pool and gifted me with a beautiful handmade pool cue with carrying case. (I love to play pool) The weird part came about two hours later when he dropped me off at home and told me he wanted to break up. That was definitely WEIRD, SURREAL and plain MEAN.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Am I a cougar? Or do I want a guy closer to my age.

If I’m a cougar, I’d like to find Garrett Hedlund all dressed up. Otherwise, and maybe in addition, I’m going with my all time fave of Gerard Butler.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Family and Music and Christmas movies and my Christmas trees. :) Oh and this holiday season in particular means the new Star Wars movies will be bringing me MUCH joy.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
I haven’t made a lot of plans for 2016 yet. I’m going to Hawaii for the first time and that should be interesting…


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RG the Xmas Elf: I think, despite our crazy schedules this year, we managed to have a pretty spectacular Xmas! Don’t you? We’ll post the winners tomorrow, so now is your chance to make sure to go back and comment on all 12 days in order to win one of 13 fantastic prize packages! And don’t forget, The Smutketeers party all year long on FB and in our newsletter. We also write a lot.  Come and join us all year long! Now here is a personal Xmas card from Eden, Robin and I–to all of you. Have yourself a merry little Xmas. xoxox
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12 Days of X-mas: Day 11!
by robinrotham on Dec 18th, 2015 159 Comments »
RG the Xmas Elf: It’s almost over?! Noooooo! It was just Day One a minute ago. *Looks at list of authors today* I can’t believe we have so many talented friends! Enjoy Day Eleven! Oh and make sure you’ve visited and posted on all 12 days to win!

Christine Ashworth

Christmas Star

Hi! I write contemporary and paranormal romance on the sexier side of things, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Smutketeer’s Annual 12 Days of Xmas.

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, my mind is on food and holiday stories. I’d love to hear some of yours, so find me on Facebook and lay them on me!

From my home to yours, may this holiday season find your heart filled with love and your eReader filled with books. Sending love and hugs, my friends.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love everything about the holidays. Reading about love around Christmas time always warms my heart.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Honoria and Devil, from Stephanie Laurens’ DEVIL’S BRIDE. Love her Cynster series!

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Oh Holy Night…no, wait, The Little Drummer Boy. Um, no wait…Carol of the Bells. no…Do You Hear What I Hear. No, um…I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause…well it’s just too hard to pick one.

I love almost all the holiday songs. And I will never sing any of them solo in front of a crowd, no matter how many hot buttered rums I drink…and please don’t take that as a challenge, lol!

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
My brother Greg…one year, he gave me a box, and from the outside it looked like it was a salt-of-the-month type gift – you know, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, French Grey Salt, that kind of thing? It ended up being a joke box, and there was nothing inside. I was crushed, and he felt really bad…but that was the beginning of my addiction to different types and flavors of salt, lol.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
I totally say yes! My fantasy guy is definitely possessive and protective, and has our evening planned out to the last detail…and all of it focuses on me. A luxurious hotel suite, fireplace, luscious foods, champagne, hot tub, massage, big beautiful king-sized bed, a blindfold, well…you can guess the rest.

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Thor, Loki, Boromir, Legolas, Aragorn, Red Knight, Gabriel, and Tim. Ha!

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Cooking. Being with family. “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Christmas music. Planning holiday gifts for my family and close friends.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
The next two StarTide books, STAR CROSSED and RISING STAR, should be coming out in early-2016.

As well, my Caine Brothers series has been picked up by Wolfpack Publishing. A brand new, as-yet-unnamed prequel will come out in January along with DEMON SOUL, the first in the series. DEMON HUNT, the second, will be out in February and the third, DEMON’S RAGE, which is also brand new, will be out in March.


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Roxy Mews

Three’s a Clan (Hart Clan Hybrids)

Thank you to all the readers who are taking time out of this busy season to celebrate the holidays with us. My favorite part of this time of year are the quiet moments I steal away with those I love. And since so many of my author family is online, I adore getting opportunities to play with them. However you celebrate, I hope you find those special moments with people you love too.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
Magic seems to be a favorite theme among holiday stories. And since I am a huge fan of paranormal romance this is a great time of year to suspend belief and let the story take you away. One of my favorite holiday books EVER is “Sweet Inspiration” by Penny Watson. It’s an adorable romantic comedy, and it’s my personal xmas tradition to re-read this every year.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
If you couldn’t tell by my last release, I am partial to a menage. So I am picking a favorite trio. From the book “Three to Ride” by Sophie Oak, I’d adore catching a smootch between Max, Rye, and Rachael Harper. Two mind-melded twins competing for the attention of a strong sexy woman would look good from any angle.

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
I have to admit to being a 90’s gal. I loved most of the holiday albums from the mid to late 90’s and thought I wouldn’t find anything to recreate that magical dancing in front of the giant stereo experience. But my new favorite song found me recently. “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson, is adorable, singable, and definitely makes me want to dance around the living room again. I would sing that sucker without a single buttered rum, but the vocal rendition would probably get louder and more off key the more you pour me. ;)

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story! Probably the most awkward gift was a photo set for my husband. I had a sexy photo shoot done for him and put it in his car for our anniversary. Nothing really strange about that, but let me tell you…when you are transferring data from an old computer, it’s a bit of a shock to see yourself strutting around in a corset and wedding veil when you weren’t expecting it. LOL. I hid the digital files so well we forgot we were there. On the bright side? I looked good!

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!) There’s no contest. Thor. I want Thor. Not just Chris Hemsworth. Nope. I want the long blond hair, the bulging muscles and the big hammer underneath that red suit. Would I say yes? Really? Who would say no to Thor? Or maybe I’d play hard to get and he could break out the lightning. Hmmm.

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Espresso, Latte, Cafe au lait, and Frenchy (after the French press).

I wouldn’t need the full eight. We’d all have caffeine coursing through our veins. Hell…we’d be done in just half the time Santa took.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
I know there are a lot of big parties and celebrations that are going on well into the night for most people this time of year, but my favorite night of all during the holiday season is New Years Eve. Hubby and I actually both manage to get off work for the whole day. We sit at home and watch Comedy Central and drink champagne in our PJs. Just us. It’s my favorite night every year and once the countdown ends, we get to start an entire new year together.

After we sleep in.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
2016 looks like it is going to be a busy year for me. I have some super fun collaboration projects going on, and I can’t wait to promote and join forces with some of the wonderful women and men I’ve met through my career.

I’m also looking forward to spending some time organizing a trip or two. I spent this year with my nose to the grindstone, and I’m hoping I get it to pay off in the next year. And I really can’t wait to use #ROBOSEX as promo material after my Feb. release.


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Prize: $25 Amazon eGift Card, plus 1 digital copy of A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR, 1 digital copy of CORAL-600 and an ARC copy of INTERLOCKING HEARTS (releasing Feb 2016)!

Karen Stivali

Moment Of Silence

Hey everyone!

It’s a pleasure to be here celebrating the holidays with the Smutketeers!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the disowned son of a Brooklyn rabbi were to fall in love with a man who’s about to take his final vows as a Catholic priest? Well, I did! And you can find out the answer if you read my steamy new release MOMENT OF SILENCE. It’s got a Hanukkah scene and a Christmas scene (and even a steamy Valentine’s epilogue!) so it’s definitely a heat-up-your-holidays read! Hope YOUR holidays are filled with love and laughter! xoxo

And now, a few holiday questions:

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
My favorite holiday song is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. I don’t like hot buttered rum but that doesn’t matter because it would take an infinite number of drinks to get me to sing anything in front of a crowd. I will, however, crank the volume and sing along if it comes on the radio when I’m alone in the car. And if you happened to pull up alongside me while I’m stopped at a traffic light you just might hear me!

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
The strangest gift I’ve ever received was a jar of peanut butter, as a wedding present.

I have a tendency to get really bad hiccups (stay with me here, I promise, this all makes sense in the end)— like really loud, annoying hiccups that last a long time. It used to drive my college roommate crazy. Then she heard about the peanut butter cure. When you get hiccups you eat a big heaping spoonful of peanut butter, swallow it down, and don’t drink anything after. She made me try it and lo and behold, it worked. Fast forward several years and that same roommate was the matron of honor at my wedding. When my brand new husband and I got to our hotel room after our reception we found a jar of peanut butter in the middle of the bed with a note attached that said “Just in case…” and was signed with hugs and kisses from her. The next morning at brunch she told me that she and her husband had bribed the bell boy into letting them into our room, saying it was a matter of utmost importance….and that he’d watched as she took the jar of peanut butter out of her purse and said “Wait…what’s the peanut butter for? Never mind, I don’t wanna know.” (For anyone who’s read my romance novel Leave The Lights On, yes, the peanut butter scene in that book is a shoutout to my old roommate. Only that scene is a lot hotter than the hiccup story I just told!)

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Cookies. Seriously. Every Christmas I bake somewhere around 1000 cookies (all different kinds) and give them out to friends. (Well, we keep some too, but I give away a ton of cookies.) I try to rotate the list from year to year of who’s getting cookies so it’s a nice surprise for whoever gets a plate or package of them. If I had the time, I’d make them for everyone. I kinda have a thing about feeding people. It’s genetic. Both of my grandmothers were like that. Anyway, I can’t send all of you cookies, but I’m very willing to share recipes. If you go to my blog there’s an entire page of recipes for all sorts of things and the cookie recipes on there are among my holiday favorites. If you decide to try making any of them, shoot me an email or a Tweet to let me know. I love knowing other people are sharing my cookie love.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
My 2016 is looking pretty hectic work-wise but two things I’m definitely looking forward to are the Liberty States Conference (in NJ in March) and the RT Booklover’s Convention (in Vegas in April). Conferences are the only times I get to spend in-person time with a lot of my friends, plus I love meeting readers. I’m really looking forward to both of these (even though I’m presenting panels for the first time and that scares the hell out of me)! And, as a bonus, I’ve never been to Vegas before and now I have a good excuse to go! If you’re at either conference, be sure to find me and say hello!


Find Karen Stivali:

Prize: Winner’s choice of ANY ebook on my backlist
PLUS two e-books that I’ll choose from my favorite reads of 2015 (three e-books in total)!

Roni Loren

Off the Clock

Happy holidays, everyone! So glad to be back at the Smutketeers!

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I think it adds an extra layer of magic. Romance is all about the magic, of course, but there’s something about snowy nights, crackling fires, and men in flannel that just put an extra spark in the story. Plus, what is there to do in the winter but snuggle? Holidays are built for romance.

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
“Please Come Home for Christmas” because it’s got a melancholy edge to it that gets me every time and it’s romantic. A more fun one and a close runner up is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – This one’s a duet, so someone would have to get tipsy with me. : ) And I’m not sure there’s any amount of alcohol to make me sing in front of a crowd. Maybe in front of my family but I wouldn’t subject any other innocent victims to my singing voice, lol.

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
On our first Christmas together, my husband (who was just my boyfriend then) bought me a fancy Williams-Sonoma can opener. It seems like such a lame gift, but I had this crappy can opener that would ruin cans (without actually opening them!) and was forever making me curse it to hell. And I was in college so a can opener that cost more than three bucks seemed luxurious lol. What’s funny is that back then I hardly knew how to cook anything and now cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m pretty damn good at it. And I’m a junkie for cooking equipment. So maybe hubs saw the future chef in me all those years ago when all I was feeding us was things from cans, lol. It also showed me that hubs “got” me. My former boyfriend had always bought me jewelry–I’m NOT a jewelry person, but it was the “standard” girlfriend gift. Hubs showed me he actually paid attention and thought about what I’d really like and need even though he knew it was an odd gift. He’s still like that, so it was truly a sign of things to come. :)

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Can he wear something other than a Santa suit? The red and white getup just doesn’t do it for me, lol. But as for the guy, right now I’m finishing up a ménage story and my hero inspirations are Godfrey Gao and Chris Pratt. So let’s just invite them over and wrap the up with some Christmas ribbon. ; )

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Bob, Steve, Harry, Fred, Marv, Ethel, Mavis, and Pearl.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Family, food, and the little white lights on the Christmas tree.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
A break! Lol. I’m just wrapping up a really long marathon of writing and am about to get a tiny breather. So that is high on my list. Other than that, I’m excited about starting a brand new book series. I’ve been writing in the same series since 2010 so it’s fun to change it up a bit.


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Nina Lane

Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season, filled with love, hope, laughter, and plenty of awesome (and occasionally smutty!) books.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love everything about the atmosphere of Christmas! I love reading and writing about the glittering trees and decorations, the hot cider and mulled wine, the glowing candles and scents of pine and cinnamon. Christmas is also just an incredible season to explore themes of hope, happiness, joy, family, love, and even sorrow – the story possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
It has to be “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because I know all the lyrics. And really, it would take no rum at all to get me to sing it, though I’d pass the drinks around for those who are forced to listen.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
I don’t say yes. I say, “Hell, yes!” Just get the Santa suit off quickly please. :-) And though my fantasy guy changes depending on my mood (not unlike my coffee choices), I’d have to pick Joe Manganiello — because of course he’d dress up like Santa for me and not Sophia.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
My children and family and gratitude for all our good fortune and blessings.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
Writing a bunch of new books!


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Saranna DeWylde

Hex the Halls

I had a little trouble getting into the spirit this year. My mom was a December baby and I find that I miss her more as the time passes, not less. Christmas was her favorite time of year, until the last years of her life. She said it wasn’t the same without her family. Everyone she loved had passed. Of course, I felt slighted. I was a kid and I didn’t know any better. I love my children, but Christmas definitely isn’t the same after losing so many people that I loved.

But that’s not to say that this is a sad message. Kind of like that damn Inside Out movie (made me sniffle)… we find the joy in sadness. We need both to keep us grounded. So for those of you grieving and missing your loved ones, set an extra place at the table. That’s what I’m doing.
And you know how I found my Christmas spirit? You guys. Getting to share this time of year with so many of my readers who’ve become friends, who share my words and the worlds that live in my head, we’re a club, don’t you know. So from my house to yours, I send you all the love and light you can stand.

Happy Holidays! May all the warmth of the season fill your heart with gladness and your house with joy.

And now, a few holiday questions:

What do you love about writing or reading a holiday story?
I love when Christmas magic makes people fall in love. They see their wounds, their pain, and all those dark places are filled up with joy and the magic of the season.

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Oh, man. This is so hard. I’m such a crazy fangirl in so many ‘ships. But I think my current obsession might be Dean and Sheriff Donna Hanscum. You know, the blond and adorable thickness they had for three episodes? I love how she took to hunting and she and Dean did have some chemistry. I’d love to see another episode where the chubby chick gets Dean. Because I mean… yeah.

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
Anything, as long as it’s sung by a Rat Packer. I love the old crooners.
How many hot buttered rums? There are not enough in the world and for that, you should be thankful.

What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received or given? And we want the full story!
It was when I knew my childhood was over.

I’d been refusing to give up on the idea of Santa. Even when I was 16. My parents always told me, if I still believed, he’d still come. Now, we all know better, but I wasn’t letting my parents out of a second Christmas. See, I was an only child…

I got up that morning and discovered under the tree the gift you only get when you’re an adult who has lost the magic.

A vacuum.

My mother, of course, thought it was hilarious.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Do I have to pick one? I mean, most of my crushes are older, so they could just, you know, tag out. That’s probably way dirtier than I meant to share, but I might have had one of those buttered rums already. We’ll start with Dolph Lundgren…

Santa and his reindeer–Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–are retiring to the Bahamas and YOU’RE taking over as the Jolly Old Elf. What will you name all YOUR reindeer? (Rudolph stays, because glowing nose!)
Hmm. I’d go with:
Damn It
Stop That
Not Inside
Don’t Eat My Cookies
That’s Not Your Milk
Mr. Snuggles
Whitetail Fluffmaster G
and… Bob.

What brings the most joy to your holiday season?
Seeing people of every background, every belief system coming together and going good for their fellow man.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
The road trip I’m taking my kids on in the summer. We’re going on a tour of haunted destinations and staying in some delightfully scary places.


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Sofia Tate


Happy Holidays! Wishing you all things sexy for the holidays and the coming year!

And now, a few holiday questions:

If you could see any two of your favorite book, movie or TV characters in a red-hot liplock under the mistletoe, who would they be?
Laurel and Frank from HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

What’s your favorite holiday song, and how many hot buttered rums will it take to make you sing it in front of a crowd?
“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

A lot.

Your fantasy guy is dressed up like Santa and offering you an evening of bedroom fun. Do you say yes? Total winter fantasy scenario, so let’s pretend you’re single–and tell us who your fantasy guy is! (Yes, Eden, RG and Robin will have to do this too!)
Toss-up between Henry Cavill, David Gandy, and Michael Fassbender–or why not all 3? This is a fantasy after all….

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
More writing, more fun, more sexy times


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RG the Xmas Elf: I love Xmas. You could probably tell with all the Xmas music I’ve been posting lol I’ll be sad when we have to wait another year to do it again. Speaking of missing everyone terribly, is anyone coming to RT 2016 in Las Vegas? We had a pretty good time last year. We even had a birthday party for blogger Kitty Kelly that turned into a 2 bus/entire theater movie outing. In Vegas? Who knows what we’ll be up to…other than that giant party we told you about on Day One *G*