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Eden/Eve: Many of you may have heard the buzz surrounding the enormous success of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey books. For those who haven’t, these origianlly self-published novels have taken BDSM erotica mainstream, and taken the publishing and film worlds by storm! No matter your opinion about the books, you can’t deny the impact they’re having on readers, writers and our culture in general!

This phenomenon has had an impact on my career already. Bantam (they’re part of Random House, whose imprint Vintage bought print rights to the 50 Shades books in an unprecedented 7 figure deal) recently did a digital re-release of my 2007 BDSM erotic romance, THE DARK GARDEN, with a new black and white cover a la 50 Shades of Grey.

To celebrate my re-release, and BDSM in general, I’ve invited some of my favorite BDSM author friends here. I’ve asked them all some questions, and we’ll have a giveaway at the end, so read on!

Eden Bradley aka Eve Berlin (That’s me-I’ll go first!)

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I feel some responsibility to portray BDSM in my contemporary BDSM books in a manner which coincides with the Safe, Sane and Consensual credo, except during those moments when one of my characters is fallible, as all humans are. But I always make sure the issue is addressed. Having read so much BDSM fiction that clearly portrays BDSM practice in an unsafe manner, I like to do what I can to perpetuate a more realistic, safer and ultimately more positive picture.

When I’m writing my kinky vampires, though, all bets are off. They can be pretty violent-but they’re not human, so they can endure things no human possibly could. I’ll admit having that sort of freedom with them is a lot of fun!

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I’m already seeing a positive impact on erotic fiction in that the mainstream reader is suddenly open to our material, in a way they largely haven’t been before. Let’s hope that translates into better book sales so we can all keep doing this! The end result may be a more homogenized product in some cases, but writers need to eat, too-I understand that.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden and the Sleeping Beauty Books. Molly Weatherfield’s Carrie’s Story-as much an epiphany for me as Story of O was years earlier. Portia Da Costa’s Entertaining Mr. Stone is a brilliant portrayal of power play. There are too many others to mention! But I’m a fan of each author I’ve invited here today.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

He has to be strict, but with a sense of humor, even during a ‘scene’. A big wicked streak, great at a sophisticated level of mind-fuck. He’ll have an excellent swing with a flogger, know how to use a single-tail, be a stamina player. He also has to be a great caretaker. And if he wears big, black boots I’m a happy girl!

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Yes-always! I’ll be re-releasing two of my earliest Eden Bradley BDSM titles. SANCTUARY will be out in the next few weeks, and as I’m revising it I’ve been coming up with a sequel to be out later this year. BREAKING SKYE, which I’m doing a massive rewrite on, should be out about 4 weeks later, with tons of new material added. Later in the year I have a new BDSM series coming out, but it’s too soon to say more! (read I haven’t come up with a title yet-lol!).

My next Eve Berlin book, TEMPTATION’S EDGE, will be out August 6th, and I think it’s my favorite of the ‘Edge’ series. Hot, bossy tattooed Irishman! And of course a deep and compelling psychological journey. It’s that combination that intrigues me, in fiction and in real life.

* * *

Molly Weatherfield (Pam Rosenthal)

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?
I never presumed to think I was writing about anything but my own particular take on a much bigger subject, so I never thought my responsibility went beyond being honest about my own imagination and desires. That said, since I’m wonky and cerebral by nature — as is my intrepid heroine Carrie — the books do provide opportunities for playful, even humorous, speculation about the mysteries of bent eroticism. Because isn’t art supposed to be about both delighting and teaching?

What’s been most wonderful for me, though, is not only the fun I had writing the books, but hearing from readers who share my sensibility. How precious is it to have had seventeen years of reader emails saying things like, “I learned so much about what I’ve been feeling and desiring, that I (or even better, I and my partner) had to read it twice.” Which, of course, only really works if they’ve also find the books hot. Which, I’m happy to say, they do as well.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?
Positive by opening out the audience. I’m not afraid of things being too mainstream — my fantasies might be on the brainy side, but they’re self-indulgent by definition and often speak in a kind of pop adolescent voice. Anybody who recognizes that voice is welcome to play, imo.

I do, however, think I think there’ll be a certain amount of incompatibility for a while until readers and writers find each other. But it’s a good thing in the long run.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?
Story of O changed my life when I was 21.

-I’ve never forgiven Charlotte Bronte for not setting the of Jane Eyre in that fabulously sadistic venue, Lowood School. I didn’t understand it at the time, but Jane’s friend poor suffering friend Helen Burns was my first SM heroine.

-The Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Bedroom taught me oodles about the genre’s wonkiness.

-I was awfully influenced by Anne Rice’s BDSM when I first started writing. Mostly because she does so well with setting the scene within a  highly elaborated secret society (an element that’s critical to me).

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?
Wit — a sense of humor and irony about his or her desires.

Clarity. Control, duh. I like them to be good with hardware, carpentry, whatever.

Devastating attractiveness doesn’t hurt.

And like the author of 50 Shades, I like my tops rich. But unlike her, I like ’em not too rich, and not entirely self-made –privilege being much sexier than today’s baleful, self-serving 1% myth of the self-made billionaire. All of which sounds suspiciously like Jonathan, when he describes himself to Carrie, in CARRIE’S STORY:

“But I do know what you want,” he continued, “in essence if not yet in all the particulars. I can recognize it in your eyes and in your open mouth. You… like to be looked at: admired or belittled, adored or punished–you want to be done to, by a desire that’s more selfish and specific than your own. You want that blank, floating moment of release, of submission, of knowing that it’s useless to resist. Free fall, happening faster than even a motormouth like you can describe it.

“And you’ll put up with the trite details, the silly redundancy of what we’ll do, because I’ll be showing you ways to capture that moment, again and again and again. I’ll give it narrative shape, I’ll keep it going, and I’ll figure out the particulars as we go along.

“And I’ll stay ahead of you. You won’t have to worry about that.”

Oh, and one more thing: he’s secretly, helplessly besotted with Carrie. Which I know because I wrote him, and my readers know if I’ve done my job right, but Carrie doesn’t know for quite a while, which makes it even better. Like I said, it’s a very self-indulgent fantasy.

* * *

Melissa Schroeder

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I do feel a responsibility. It is a fantasy, that much we can agree on. I write romance so there is always a little stretch of believability there. That being said, I don’t life in the life. The first book I wrote with BDSM elements in it was A Little Harmless Pleasure. I wanted to make sure that I understood the rules of play. I did not want to misrepresent anything in my books. I might not always get it spot on, but I try my best to keep myself educated.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

Mainstream always dilutes. It is the nature of being mainstream. But, I do believe they will not have as much control over what is out there. With the advent of epublishing and now the surge of self-publishing, the mainstream isn’t quite as powerful as it used to be. And, it will take mainstream lines several months to release a book whereas digital and self-pubs will be releasing and have a bigger part of the market. And, pssst, for all you mainstreamers…BDSM has been around quite awhile in romance. Do the names Joey Hill or Lora Leigh mean anything to you? Or hey, Jaid Black? While I am happy to see a surge in sales, I do understand this is not a new path and many authors paved it through romance before now.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

Any BDSM by Joey Hill but I particularly like Rough Canvas and the Ice Queen/Mirror of my Soul books.

Submission/Seduction by Lora Leigh

Surrender by Lora Leigh

Masters at Arms-Kallypso Masters

Overheard by Maya Banks

And I have to stop there because the truth is, a huge portion of my reading library is BDSM. I would probably need a month to chat about just a small portion of them.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

Hmm, well, I always like those strong, silent types. The tortured soul who is maybe in love with a woman he thinks would never accept him for who he is. Watching someone like that get his fantasy woman is always an amazing experience. A hard on the outside, but a gooey center is always one of my favorite kind of Dom heroes to write.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Wow, where do I start. A lot of my Harmless books have BDSM elements. Just released is A Little Harmless Fascination. Conner Dillon is ordered on vacation. He’s a real by the book kind of guy, but Jillian Sawyer has never done anything by the book. She’s an erotic romance writer who has always gone her own way, and they way has led her to Hawaii. When Conner rents the apartment above her, sparks fly. It was fun to write an author, especially one in my genre. She has never experienced BDSM so it was fun to have someone who wrote about it, but never played, actually get her Dom.

While my next military release, Possession, does have some elements of BDSM, is very light because of a certain thing in the plot I cannot reveal;)

Surrender coming in late June has a Dom named Malachai Dupree who has been in love with a woman from afar. The problem is the Navy Seal knows that Amanda Forrester doesn’t want anything to do with him or another military man. The young widow has been through enough, but things fall into place when she shows up at a club where Mal is a member.

And then, finally, late summer will be A Little Harmless Fantasy, a ménage MMF, which is going to be really interesting because of the dynamic. Rory and Zeke have been lovers before. Maura and Zeke have been lovers before. When the three of them get together, it is sort of off the charts.

And there will be more Harmless in the fall in winter. :)

* * *

Cassandra Carr

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I do, because BDSM can be so dangerous if someone isn’t paying proper attention or doesn’t know/care what they’re doing. I know a lot of authors disagree with me and think their only objective should be entertainment, but if you’re talking about many standard BDSM practices – bondage, spanking, etc – you can really injure someone if you don’t take the proper precautions, and I would hate to have someone read something in one of my books, try it, and then injure another person.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I don’t think Fifty Shades will dilute or homogenize erotic romance. However, I don’t think the books are very well-written (I’ve read all three) and that’s disappointing to me as an author. I know there are some truly great BDSM/erotic romances out there that people aren’t reading because they ARE reading Fifty Shades.

On the flip side, more attention to the genre I write doesn’t seem like a bad thing…

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

The Maya Banks Sweet Series, the Shadowlands series from Cherise Sinclair, and LA Witt’s stuff are all very good. Sara Brookes also does a great job. I’m sure there are tons of others I’m missing but that’s all that’s popping up.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

Heh. In a lot of ways I wrote my fantasy Dom – Jack from Caught. That might shock some people since Caught is pretty edgy, intense BDSM, and of course since I don’t actually have a Dom he might sound way better in fantasy than reality, but he’s my fantasy Dom. Jack is forceful and a little dark, but he very much cares about his submissives and their well-being.

 Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

I don’t have any coming soon or in the planning stages, though I’m considering making an off-shoot series of my Buckin’ Bull Riders series featuring Jessica’s (heroine in Impact) brothers.

I currently have two BDSM books. Caught was named Best BDSM Book 2011 by LoveRomancesCafe, and as I said, it’s edgy and intense. I also have Impact, which I would classify as closer to BDSM lite. Conner is not nearly as intense as Jack is, and is still figuring some things out about himself.

* * *

Sasha White

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I definitely write to entertain, but I’d have to say, no, I don’t feel the need to educate as much as I feel the need to get it right. Right for my characters, and for my readers.

That said, one of the most important things I know about BDSM is that what’s right for me not be right for you, and so on. There are untold levels of commitment as well as varieties of kink. What I mean by get it right is that I need what I write to be believable on some level, and consistent with the characters on every level.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I hope it will have a positive impact and bring more readers to the genre, but part of me thinks it won’t because it’s already brought about the whole “mommy porn” label, and comments in the media about how it can be read it in public because the cover is so plain.  To me this implies I should be ashamed of what I write, and that readers should hide it when they read erotic fiction, and I really hate that idea. Sex is a basic human need, and I just do not get why people should be more ashamed of reading an erotic novel than they are of reading a psychological thriller about a cannabalistic serial killer.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

The Dark Garden and The Darker Side of Pleasure by Eden Bradley (uhmm you) are a couple of my Favorites. Natural Law by Joey Hill is another go-to read for me. (I love all of her Nature of Desire books, but Natural Law was the first I read, and Mac holds a special place in my heart)  Lean On Me by Cherise Sinclair. ( I enjoy all of her Shadowlands books, but I need to be in the right mood to read them as they are more romance fantasy than I sometimes want) The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton really touched me, even though there were some things in the story that made my inner editor scream. Lilli Feisty’s Bound To Please is another hot BDSM story that will forever be on my Keeper Shelf.

I also love erotica short stories. BDSM favourites of mine tend to be any written by Alison Tyler and Portia DaCosta,

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

A strong will and a gentle heart. A need to protect, but also a respect for those who stand on their own, and have the courage to follow their dreams and desires. My fantasy dominant demands communication, and gets off giving the sub what they need. He also likes to cuddle. :)

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Yes! It’s taken me a while but I’m working on continuing my Dungeon series. I’ve got some new characters in the old club so those who loved Bound and Wicked will see some familiar faces. Look for them soon!

* * *

Lolita Lopez

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

A little of both. I usually try to include conversations between characters that highlight, say, the negotiation phase of a scene to show that everything is safe, sane and consensual or the pillow talk afterward when couples discuss the boundaries they’ve pushed and explored. I think it’s useful to show how it works in real life, just in case a reader gets froggy and wants to jump!

Sometimes in darker erotica or even erotic horror, I like to explore some of the more taboo aspects of BDSM. In those instances, entertainment comes first and education second. There are places a writer can go in fantasy that people IRL wouldn’t.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I wasn’t a fan of the 50 Shades trilogy (reader preferences) but I think it will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance. First and foremost, it’s proven that there is a huge and voracious market out there of readers who want some rough lovin’ in their romance. Secondly, from the discussions I hear at kiddo’s playgroup, it’s clear that 50 Shades of Grey and the sequels are introducing new readers to a genre they never would have picked up before (for a variety of reasons.) Attracting new readers who crave a little spice and kink is definitely a win in my book!

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

I’m a massive Cherise Sinclair fangirl. Master of the Mountain, Master of the Abyss and the entire Shadowlands series are hands-down my favey-faves when it comes to BDSM. Those are my go-to rereads on a rainy day when I want some comfort reading. Anne Roquelaure’s Sleeping Beauty series was my first introduction to bondage and S&M fiction so it has a special place on my shelves. Annabel Joseph’s Mercy is another amazing BDSM story that made a huge impact on me. It touches themes and issues that very few BDSM authors tackle and in a strangely beautiful way.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities? 

My fantasy dominant is smart, strong (emotionally and physically) and intuitive. He’s not afraid to push boundaries and is good with his hands (ahem.) My fantasy female dominant shares all the same qualities but has a love for leather and latex. Also she wields a mean riding crop!

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them. 

I’m currently working on a naughty little bit of vampire ménage with some heavy BDSM overtones. And then there’s the erotic horror pieces starring a cursed bed and the monster whole lives under it and a haunted house playing host to a demon trapped within a mirror and the young witch who unwittingly stumbled inside. All three are untitled but should be out later this year. Check my website for updates!



* * *

Annabel Joseph

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I write mainly to arouse! And entertain, yes. I write dubious consent scenes, I write edgy BDSM scenes sometimes, but they’re there because they advance the story. When I do a scene like that, it’s not out of some malicious intent to misguide people about BDSM. I think I make it clear during those scenes that what’s going on is iffy…so maybe it is educating in a way. But I’d rather engage people by showing characters’ mistakes, imperfections, and eventual growth, than by always writing perfectly safe, sane, and consensual BDSM. Fantasy is more exciting–to me, anyway–when it knocks me off my feet a little bit.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

To be honest, most of the BDSM romance out there dilutes or homogenizes what we do. I’ve been told by publishers to “tone stuff down” because readers don’t want real BDSM, just the vanilla fantasy of BDSM. Obviously there is a more sizable audience for soft-edged kink than for realistic kink. So…as much as we would like be authentic in writing BDSM, books like 50 Shades appeal to more readers. What’s an author to do? Write what sells or write what’s authentic?

Sometimes I get annoyed, but then I think, if 50 Shades or other diluted books create some spark of arousal for a reader that wasn’t there before, that’s good. And maybe for some, the softer books will act as a gateway to some deeper, more realistic depictions of power exchange in BDSM fiction. I suppose in the end it’s best to have a continuum of BDSM books so people can have the level of realism they like.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

For me, Molly Weatherfield set the standard with Carrie’s Story and Safe Word. I also enjoy Anneke Jacob’s books for their refusal to sugarcoat kink. I read submissive female stories only, and I suppose the titles I appreciate most are the ones where the submission isn’t all about the submissive’s fantasies being fulfilled. I want there to be pain and sacrifice too, real submission on her part. D/s should go both ways. If one person–especially the submissive–is having all the fun while the dom does all the work, it’s a total turn-off for me. But then, I’m a maso-sub at heart.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

My fantasy dominant has to have that edge that says, “I will nurture you to a point. But I’ll also take what I want, because it’s my right.” There has to be some conflict there. He has to be slightly wild–how else can he be tamed by love? My fantasy dom is also very alpha, very handsome, and of course, packing a massive cock.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

I’ve very excited about my next books, because I’m trying something I’ve never tried before. I wrote a book called Club Mephisto a couple years ago about a slave being loaned to her Master’s friend for a week, written completely from her perspective. I decided to go back and write the same week from the friend’s point of view, and ended up with a book called Molly’s Lips: Club Mephisto Retold. I really enjoyed getting to show the two contrasts in POV: Master/slave, sadist/masochist, dominance/submission.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I wrote a sequel to the story called Burn For You. Both books will be available in early June, and Molly’s Lips will be a free read–a no-risk opportunity for readers to try out an Annabel Joseph book!

* * *

Shayla Black

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I’m absolutely striving to entertain, but I think it’s also important to be responsible and let readers know what BDSM is and isn’t, as well as educate within the bounds of entertainment so readers who might want to try some play of their own will understand that everything should remain safe, sane, and consensual.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I haven’t read the books myself due to pressing deadlines. But my sense is that the book has opened up more mainstream readers to the idea of BDSM. If 50 Shades has sparked curiosity among readers to find and embrace positive, loving depictions of BDSM relationships, then all the better.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

Master of the Mountain, Masters of the Shadowlands series – Cherise Sinclair

Bound Hearts series – Lora Leigh

The Dom Who Loved Me – Lexi Blake

Safeword: Oasis. Yes, Justin – Michele Zurlo

Petals and Thorns – Jennifer Paris

Surrender – Kimberly Zant

I know there are more, but those are a few off the top of my head.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

Fair, firm, loving, consistent, and communicative. As the very first Dom I ever wrote, Jack Cole, says: His most important goal is to earn his partner’s trust. Trust is important in any relationship, but especially in one involving Dominance/submission. Without that, how can a woman freely put herself in a man’s care and know that her well-being and safety will always be first? How can she know her Master will understand her so he can make her every wicked fantasy come true? It’s also an exchange of power. A woman chooses to give her master dominion over her body and her mind. She surrenders her flesh and free will to anything and everything he desires.

 Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

In addition to the Wicked Lovers titles with BDSM theme (WICKED TIES, SURRENDER TO ME and BELONG TO ME) I’ll soon begin writing the seventh book in the series, which will be a BDSM themed ménage book titled OURS TO LOVE, releasing May 2013. The third title in my collaborative series, Masters of Ménage, co-written with Lexi Blake will be titled THEIR VIRGIN CONCUBINE, releasing this July.

* * *

Portia DaCosta

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

Answer: I write primarily to entertain, but I do like to present characters who behave in a humane and respectful way towards each other in general, with all the discipline consensual and performed with underlying care and love.


Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

Answer: I like to see positives, so I believe that the popularity of 50 Shades will prompt at least some of its readers to seek out other BDSM fiction, allowing them to discover the rich variety that lies beyond that particular story.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

Answer: there are far too many to list, but the titles that originally prompted me to write BDSM fiction myself are the three installments of The Domino Trilogy by Cyrian Amberlake, THE DOMINO TATTOO, THE DOMINO ENIGMA, and THE DOMINO QUEEN. These books aren’t erotic romance, they’re erotica, and very extreme, intense and brutal in places. But, the writing is quite superb, literary and yet accessible, and with amazing characterization. I think I can safely say that without Cyrian Amberlake, there probably wouldn’t be BDSM erotica by Portia Da Costa.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

Answer: I like very quiet spoken, elegant, subtle dominants. No shouting, no harsh orders, no stomping around. I’ve a particular fondness for masters who are still feeling their way into BDSM, and still learning, in a mutual exploration, with their established partners. I like little moments when they drop out of their role sometimes and reveal their doubts, but then are able to assume the cloak of dominance again almost immediately and rise to a new level without ever losing the respect and awe of their submissive.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Answer: Yes, I have a few things in the pipeline. In July I have a Spice Brief coming out, called A VERY PERSONAL ASSISTANT. While it isn’t full on BDSM as such, this story does feature strong elements of power play. Miranda, a harassed businesswoman, is offered a delicious escape from being “in charge” for an afternoon, when her handsome P.A. Patrick takes the upper hand sexually. The sensation of being submissive to this gorgeous man is so blissful that it quickly dawns on her that she loves him, and has done for quite some time.

Later in the year [October, November, December] I have another trio of Spice Briefs with a very intense BDSM theme. DISCIPLINE OF THE BLUE BOOK, RITUAL OF THE RED CHAIR and ECSTASY IN THE WHITE ROOM follow the journey of a committed couple, Simon and Suzanne, from their first tentative experiments in discipline to the pleasures of more intense and experienced play. I’m also working on a new BDSM themed novel for British publisher Black Lace, and hope to have some of my older titles for them rereleased as ‘classics’ too.

* * *

Lissa Matthews

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

Both. For as much as we’re told that it’s fiction, we are also writing about real things, real things that unless explained and researched, can hurt people if they don’t understand. Spanking is painful and different implements feel different, a leather belt feels different than a flogger feels different than a whip feels different than a cane. We as writers have a responsibility to research the difference, to explain it correctly. BDSM means something different to everyone involved, to everyone who practices and explores it. It’s not one size fits all. It’s not one way. And I think we do have a responsibility to explain it. It feels good to some, it serves a purpose to others. It’s not all about pain and it’s not all about sexual pleasure. It’s intimate and it requires trust. It’s definitely not something to enter into lightly. A little slap on the ass is one thing… Being bound, gagged, and spanked until you can’t sit down and your legs barely hold you up is an entirely different thing and one that yes, I feel I have a responsibility to dive deep into…


Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I am one of those authors who did not finish the book. Based on reviews and on conversations with others about the books, I can only hope it will have a positive impact on erotica and erotica romance in the long run. Several things about the first book put me off reading further into it. There are so many amazing authors of the erotica and erotic romance genres, as well amazing authors of BDSM who should have the hundreds of thousands of readers that 50 Shades does. Hopefully, they will. Hopefully, readers of 50 Shades will find their way to better written, better quality, better BDSM, better erotic romance…


What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield, The Darker Side of Pleasure by Eden Bradley, Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph, As She’s Told by Anneke Jacob, Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Phillip Miller, The Beauty of Surrender by Eden Bradley, SM:101 by Jay Wiseman, Master/Slave by N.T. Morley… Along with Ava March historical erotic romances, Tibby Armstrong’s No Apologies, Qwillia Rain’s Diablo Blanco Club: Under Control, Wrapped Around Your Finger by Fallon Blake… And there are so many others…


Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities? Communication, open and complete communication. Confidence. Experience. Intelligence. An interest in learning more. Proficient with a flogger. Knowing his own mind and limits. While a physical attraction is necessary as well, a mental attraction is more so. He can look like a God, but I don’t want him acting like he is God…lol. It’s all about compatibility for me. The whole package, not just the spanking. ;-) Having that connection on another level, something akin to actually LIKING the other person, makes the play all the more pleasurable. Kinks vary and there’s a Dominant out there to fit every kink, but finding one that fits the person you are as well as fits your kink(s)…that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Planning stages yes. BDSM is different for everyone and my versions, based on my experiences, are different than the next person’s version. It’s a lifestyle near and dear to my heart. What’s important to me within BDSM is often different than what’s important to another. I had given up on writing another one, but some very special authors and friends have convinced me to write more… I have a 5 part BDSM story that I’ve been working on here and there for a few years. I hope to get it all written by the end of this year. I have a M/M BDSM coming that I’m working on the plot for. As well as a M/F BDSM that I’m finishing up.

* * *

Kris Cook

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I am a storyteller first. I want to deliver books and novellas that readers can lose themselves in. Entertaining is my main objective. Remember, I am writing fiction. That said, I do try to be accurate with BDSM protocols so that those in the life won’t be pulled out of the story when they are reading my books because of blatant inaccuracies. Still, BDSM practices are not codified rigidly, even by practitioners. The intimate lifestyle is ever evolving. For those that are interested in learning more about BDSM it is best to seek out non-ficition works and blogs. There are some amazing resources available.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I see mainly an upside to this. Even a few months before this sensation occurred I couldn’t have even imagined that The Today Show, Good Morning American, and more would cover erotica and erotic romance. “There is no such thing as bad press” is attributed by some to P. T. Barnum and is still true today in my opinion. What those of us who have been writing BDSM prior to the explosion to the mainstream do with 50 Shades is up to us. Shall we modify our stories in ways to become more similar to E.L. James’s books to reach a possible larger audience? I believe trying to chase the market is a bad idea. Most successful writers I know write the books that come from their heart. Sure, we want them to be marketable, but we also want them to be our own stories, our own words, our own vision.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

You’ll see by my list that my tastes are varied. Some of these are spot on with accurate depictions of BDSM relationships… others are not. Some are harder than others. Some are complete fantasy. But I lost myself in all these stories.

Melissa Schroeder’s – A Little Harmless Pleasure

Eden Bradley’s – The Dark Garden

Tymber Dalton’s – The Reluctanct Dom

Shayla Black’s – Wicked Ties

Sophie Oak’s – Bound

Eliza Gayle’s – Submissive Beauty

Cherise Sinclair’s – Make Me, Sir

Annabel Joseph’s – Caressa’s Knees

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

What an excellent question. Of course, a sexy, muscled hunk comes to mind first. LOL! Seriously, for a Dom to help a sub reach a trance-like state that is wonderfully euphoric, he must have patience, will, and even some mind-reading talents. Trust is the vehicle that both Dom and sub ride on to enjoy the intimacy that BDSM can bring. Trust comes slowly at first, then grows and grows. Ultimate trust isn’t found in a single session, or even several. It is a lifetime of being together, learning the unspoken signals, and deepening their bond.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

I have two novellas that have come out recently that are going into print together in a bundle.

Mia’s Spanking Diary is a story about a grad student who is working on her thesis that is about BDSM. She’s read everything she can find on the subject but has no practical knowledge on the topic. Enter Lex Brogan, owner of a high-end BDSM club. He’s never saw himself as being a one-sub man, until he meets Mia.


Lea’s Menage Diary is about Mia’s cousin, who has recently been dumped by her finance of many years. She’s a BBW who has a poor self-image of herself. When Mia takes her to Lex’s club to try to pull her out of the dumps, she runs smack into the middle of two sexy twin Doms – Rance and Kade. Oh Boy!

These will be out sometime in May in a print version titled Secret Diaries Mia & Lea, Vol 1 – along with bonus story A Perfect World available on Amazon.

I’m currently working on Misty’s Bondage Diary, which should be out this summer.

* * *

Cherise Sinclair

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you
write simply to entertain?

Well, if a book isn’t entertaining–and hot–then what’s the point? LOL

Yet I do feel a certain responsibility, especially since I write BDSM-lite, and often have readers who haven’t read this genre before. But it’s not difficult to educate, since I often have heroines new to the lifestyle, and as they learn, so do the readers. ;-)

Here are a couple of examples:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is from Dark Citadel, and Kari is in a BDSM club for the first time:

He touched his lips to hers, kissed her sweetly, thoroughly, his tongue tangling with hers. When he drew back, she smiled with pleasure.

“That’s called vanilla sex,” he murmured.

Suddenly he gripped her wrists with hard hands, holding her so she couldn’t move. “And this is nonvanilla sex.” He took her mouth again, plunging deeply, possessing her ruthlessly. When she tried to move, his grip tightened on her arms, holding her in place.

She couldn’t move. Every nerve in her body shocked to life as if lightning struck her. Arousal seared through her. She bit back a moan.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And this is from Master of the Abyss where Jake is instructing two men about domination:

Jake ruffled her hair, then closed his fist around the short strands, pulling her head back as he’d done earlier. His other hand cupped her cheek. She felt the warmth of his body as he pulled her closer. “Steve, Andrew, you’ve started seeing how verbal control works. Physical control is very similar—exerting your will and keeping your submissive feeling helpless. She must know she has no choice except to do what you want and take what you give.

“Holding a submissive by the hair succeeds on a couple of levels. Immobilizing her so you can enjoy.” Jake kissed her. “Baring her neck to you—the animal in us interprets that as the ultimate submission. There is nothing more vulnerable than a throat.” His free hand curved around her neck to press very, very lightly, and a flash of instinctive fear shook her.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?
I’ve enjoyed seeing the popularity of 50 Shades and the controversial discussions. But whether the readers venture into the lifestyle, spice up their relationships, or merely enjoy a good read, I think increased interest is healthy.

Diluting or homogenizing? Well, change comes to everything, whether it’s a genre of literature or what is acceptable for two people to do in bed.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?
There’s far too many to list. But for just a quick sample: I love Joey Hill’s Ice Queen, Shayla Black’s Wicked Ties, Eve Berlin’s Pleasure’s Edge, Kallypso Master’s Nobody’s Hero, and Sophie Oak’s Siren Enslaved.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?
He has to be a man, not a ‘grown-up’ boy. He’s mastered himself.

He’s responsible, self-confident, honest, and ethical. Firm and consistent. Kind and caring and a person who likes to give as well as take. He doesn’t have to declare that he’s in charge; he just is. When you need comfort or help, he’s there–protecting and sheltering and standing strong.
Now if he’s a little demanding, a little rough, has a wicked sense of humor, and a tiny touch of sadism? Well–you asked about my fantasy, right?

Strong is nice too, and mmm, personally, I have a thing for powerful hands. LOL

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.
Right now, I’m working on a book for the Dark Haven series. Although the first two books were anthologies, the owner of Dark Haven required a full book of his own.

Mini-blurb:  The owner of Dark Haven, Xavier assumes his volunteer receptionist wants to learn about BDSM. He’s wrong. Threatened by university cutbacks, Abigail needs to publish or perish, and she’s in Dark Haven for research paper. Little does she realize that under the Master’s hand, the observer will become the participant.

* * *

Kallypso Masters

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?
I’ve been called a “gateway to BDSM” author. Gawd, that sounds like I’m trying to lure unsuspecting readers into a world of illegal kink or something. But because so many of my readers are new to the genre, I do feel a responsibility to educate them about safe, sane, consensual BDSM, although definitely not in a tutorial way. I also chose to write the series as a serial, where one book flows into the next and characters continue to develop over several books. I don’t wrap everything up in a bow at “the end.” Because I then expect that the reader will have read the series in order (as I and my readers advise strongly), I don’t like to repeat myself. So I try to take readers a little deeper into what I call the BDSM spectrum with each of the books.

In Nobody’s Angel, there is information about a bedroom/club only couple and building trust. The negotiation and communication scenes are some of my favorites as they try to learn what each one likes (and doesn’t!). As I said before, safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) practices are a must-do in my series. After Nobody’s Angel, I chose not to keep beating readers over the head with the new suede flogger I bought in Chicago for RT, but I do make sure all my scenes between heroes and heroines are SSC. To further the education of my readers, in Nobody’s Hero, I included a Shibari suspension scene (Shibari is an ancient Japanese martial art using ropes to bind someone) that spanned several chapters, but mostly telling about the experience from the emotional connection between Adam and Karla. Still, while I was in the head of the hero (a Shibari master), I let him describe the techniques he was using with a little more technical information than I did while in the heroine’s head. But that’s just how he would have thought while he concentrated on the scene. That book also described subdrop in more detail than many authors have, and had a twist on safewording which one reader of more than a thousand BDSM titles (who knew there were that many?) told me she had never seen in erotic romance before (although it happens in real-life BDSM). I like to use the terms for the techniques or activities, because usually my Doms are introducing their subs to the lifestyle and I think they would describe things more like they would to a beginning, rather than assume she knows what’s going on. As I continue into the series, I plan to have a Master/slave relationship, a Femdom/malesub relationship, and possibly one involving a character with physical disabilities that lead to some creative alterations to scening for the Dom. Some readers tell me they continued their education online and thanked me for giving them the correct term so they could google it!

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?
I thought it was interesting to note the other day that Fifty Shades is no longer categorized as erotica on Amazon. I’m sure that’s because it’s under contract with Knopf now (and New York publishers don’t tend to categorize books as erotica, which they do not see as being mainstream). But I do think the series had an impact on the subgenre all those months it was at the top of the erotica bestseller list at Amazon. I hope that, when readers finished that series, many of them went looking for something more.

But what I love most about the media hoopla over E.L. James’ series is that people are talking about “those” books now in public and with friends. Women are sharing what’s been hiding in that Kindle or Nook all these months (or years, in many cases). It’s no longer taboo to read erotic romance or even erotica. (To me there’s a definite distinction between the two—the first being focused more on the romantic journey but with hot erotic sex and the second on the sexual journey.) One of the things that keeps a lot of readers from trying the BDSM romance subgenre is the idea that all BDSM includes humiliation and non-consensual (or dubious consent) sex and violence between the hero and heroine, which is far from the case in most of the books I’ve read and certainly absent in the books I write. Even in my sadomasochistic couple’s book—Nobody’s Perfect (see below)—I show that being a sadist doesn’t make the hero a monster and that being a masochist doesn’t mean the heroine is just continuing to be abused, now by the hero. She has her needs met with the endorphin rush she gets from the intensely painful scenes and by redirecting the harmful, negative messages about herself and her sexuality that have been a part of her psyche since she was eight. His needs are met by executing the perfect, controlled SM scene for the woman he loves and wants to help her overcome that past abuse.

To illustrate how society is changing in regard to BDSM, while I was at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Chicago last month, I took some of my Facebook friends (authors and readers) for a limo ride to a local BDSM Club. There were so many people wanting to go, we had a wait list! I had to rent the biggest limo they had and filled it with 20 of us giddy women, most going to a club for the first time ever. (Safety in numbers, perhaps?) At the Galleria Domain 2 club (a REALLY nice club, if you’re in the area!), we took a tour and talked with members and other guests. (The social was a public event, so no play scenes occurred, but we did get to see and hear how the equipment was used.) While there, another large group of women came in—perhaps 15 of them. Afterward, while waiting for our limo to pull up, I watched this other group of women board a Chicago commercial tour bus. You know BDSM is going mainstream when the tour bus companies make stops at BDSM Clubs! Whether that’s a result of Fifty Shades or perhaps the increase in television shows and Romance novels portraying BDSM in a more positive light—I can’t say. But I’ll take it! (We did ask the club director who gave us our tour if he’d seen an increase in membership and he said no, but that there was greater attendance at their open-to-the-public socials with those curious to learn more. I know a lot of my readers are still working on getting their hubbies to play at home, so they’re not quite ready for clubs. That’s a shame, though, because so many at the clubs are eager to show newcomers the ropes, pardon the pun. It would eliminate a lot of needless injuries if they attended some hands-on workshops and learned more before they begin to play.)

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?
The first erotic romance with BDSM I ever read was Club Shadowlands, by Cherise Sinclair. I didn’t realize at the time I had started with the author I now refer to as the Goddess of BDSM. She pulls you into her kinky little world and doesn’t let go. It actually got me excited about writing Romance novels again (because it had become such a water-down genre after New York went PC and been-there-done-that with authors since the 90s). I immediately penned my first two (one of which I have since published). I love all of the books in Cherise’s Masters of the Shadowlands series. I also love her Doms of Dark Haven novellas and The Dom’s Dungeon. I’m not a fast or frequent reader, especially when I’m writing, so I haven’t read a lot of other BDSM titles that have grabbed me the way Cherise’s fantasy Doms do. (Okay, so I WISH Master Z or Master Marcus would grab me!) But I recently finished “31 Flavors,” by Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood. (It’s being re-released under a new title by LooseId and isn’t available at the moment.) Rather than the fantasy Doms and BDSM-by-the-book, this was based on a true story about a married couple with a dysfunctional sex life finding the joy of sex after a five-year dry spell by adding BDSM elements to their play time. While they make a lot of BDSM beginner mistakes, I’ve recommended it to readers who have asked me how they can get their husbands interested in BDSM. One even wrote back to thank me for the recommendation. It had made her cry because Sidney’s story was so close to her own. I also tend to write more realistic BDSM, so I appreciated the honesty in Leia and Cari’s story and the lack of perfection in the characters as they explored their newfound kink. (I’m not a fan of those who believe there’s “one twue way” to do BDSM. Rather, it’s up to each couple to negotiate what works for them, educate themselves to keep it SSC—or to at least make themselves aware of the risks involved in certain activities and play as safely as possible. As for others who are supposed to be really good, the TBR pile on my Kindle is long and includes Joey W. Hill, Melissa Schroeder, Eliza Gayle, Tymber Dalton, and many more who have come highly recommended to me by fans of the subgenre.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?
The uber-Dom in my Rescue Me series is Adam Montague, a 25-year veteran of the Marine Corps who tells it like it is, has surrounded himself with a new “family” to replace the ones he’s lost, and is a rock to those around him. In looks and some of his characteristics, I based him on Mark Harmon in the role of Gibbs on NCIS. (I’m afraid Harmon doesn’t come across as a Dom in real life—only in this role.) My readers love to quote “Master Gibbs” or see who can post first on my Facebook wall when he goes “Dom” on the show. You should have seen the frenzy on my wall during the 200th episode in February. It had so many parallels to Nobody’s Hero, which I had published two months prior to this show airing. We’re hoping the NCIS writers someday will give us a scene where Master Gibbs has got a woman tied to his bed or the workbench in the basement (ouch—splinters!) or SOMEwhere. Hey, it could happen, because there have been so many episodes where they have used BDSM. (Remember when Gibbs looks at the photo of the woman abused by her husband and said, “Somebody needed a safeword”? That’s my favorite Master Gibbs-ism, I think. I turned to my vanilla husband asked what he thought that meant and he said it must be some kind of Marine codeword. So, obviously, we kinksters are getting this series on a whole different level than are non-kinky viewers.)

Anyway, Master Adam is definitely my fantasy Dom (and the fantasy Dom of the majority of my readers). While his communication skills leave a lot to be desired (and he will continue to have to work on them in future books in the series), he is protective, takes care of Karla’s needs and some of her wants, supports her in her career, and is not a 24/7 Dom (although sometimes you’d think he was, but that’s the Marine master sergeant in him, I think). He admits when he’s screwed up (hey, that’s the fantasy part—like his being able to find a parking spot in Lincoln Park while visiting Karla’s parents during Thanksgiving!). And he learning to provide great aftercare (or special time, as he calls it). I love it when the Dom cuddles his sub in his lap after a BDSM scene, lays his chin on her head, and just envelopes her in his warmth and caring. *melt*

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.
I’m finishing book four in my series—Nobody’s Perfect—which should be out by early June. It’s the story of an incest survivor (Savannah who first was introduced in Masters at Arms and then reunited with Damián, now a wounded warrior, in Nobody’s Hero). Theirs has been a particularly difficult story to write, dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse, rape, forced sexual slavery, and some very deep-seated emotional issues. A reader of the series who also happens to be a clinical psychologist, offered to beta read it for me and she says the PTSD and flashback scenes are some of the most emotionally honest ones she’s ever read. Unfortunately, with the child sexual abuse aspects, this is a case of writing what I know. But I got my own happy ending (we’ll celebrate 29 years of marriage next month with MY hero) and I can’t wait for Savi to get hers, as well. Damián is also a broken character. He lost his foot in Fallujah, had his sergeant die on his chest in the same explosion, and had to be brought back from the brink of suicide by Adam and Marc (two fellow Marines) in the introduction to the series. Also, in scenes before the war in Masters at Arms, he’s a gentle, protective soul, which sometimes gets him in trouble while trying to take care of his sister and later Savi. But after his war traumas, his way of regaining control of his life is to become a sadist, albeit a cuddly one. With Savi being a masochist after her years of abuse from an early age, she is the perfect mate for him (if only I can get her to see that!).

I am writing the story in a realistic way, too, so it might be the first erotic romance published without much (if any) sex in it. But there will be some intense, hot BDSM scenes, which is what Damián will use to help Savi reconnect with her physical body and her long-dormant sexual self. As I said, I write in serial fashion, so I’m sure they will continue to become more intimate as the series progresses, but I wanted to show how long and painful this process of reconnecting to your body can be, rather than do a quick paragraph telling the reading that she did this and that over the last three months to get her ready for this hot sex scene.

* * *

Lauren Dane

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

I feel a responsibility to make what my characters do, and their stories make sense. So to me, that’s about being sure the BDSM I write is realistic. I like to write about D/s more than other types of BDSM so my focus is usually there when I write. But there’s no one true way, so what rings true in one book for one set of characters may not work for another. I’m not out to educate, but I do think it’s my job as an author to be accurate.


Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

Trends have always been around so while I do admit to getting agitated by the idea that this book “invented” a genre I’ve been writing for 8 years, I think this is how people always react.  Things get sensationalized and because it’s about women, by women and for women it’s going to be marginalized and mocked because how dare women have desires?

I’m not worried about mainstream or dilution. What people do and what people like is their business. I’m not a fan of the idea that if lots of people like something it’s less real or authentic. If anyone reads a book and finds out something about themselves they didn’t know before, I think that’s a win. If a stranger decides they like a kind of BDSM I don’t, or don’t really think of as BDSM it’s not really anything to me. But they’re happy and so really, good for them.

I don’t like the idea that some of the non-sexual behaviors would be considered romantic far more than the authenticity of BDSM in the book.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

I think Joey Hill is seriously one of the best out there – I love that she gets in the heads of her characters. No matter what it is they’re doing on the page, as a reader you can feel it, understand why they’re doing it. Her characters are connected. I love that about her writing.

Lilli Feisty’s Bound to Please – LOVED this one.

Eve Berlin’s Pleasure’s Edge (also her alter ego Eden Bradley’s Forbidden Fruit)

Megan Hart’s femme dome stuff is some of my favorites – she does it so well in Taking Care of Business and No Reservations (FYI – she and I wrote these books together, but we wrote our own couples so Brandon and Leah are hers) and also more subtly in her Order of Solance books

Emma Holly is one of the first authors I read in this genre and remains a favorite to this day as well.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

(For generalization sake, I’m using “he” but a dominant can obviously also be a she)

Any worthy dominant should understand that he is not entitled to submission, but rather but earn it by being worthy of it. A dominant understands the submissive is his to cherish and protect.

I find a man who knows not only his own worth, but the worth of his partner to be very sexy. A dominant who seduces with his power and doesn’t misuse it. I’m not interested in reading, or writing an asshole who demands you call him master five minutes after you meet him and speaks all in caps. I like the quiet type who owns his power and never  misuses it.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

Just this month as it happens! CAPTIVATED came out May 1 and is a futuristic ménage mmf with D/s and some bondage. Our heroes are in a committed relationship (with a fair bit of switching going on) when the heroine comes into the picture. There’s a fair bit of bondage (she likes being restrained) and some mind fucking/ control as well. They’re all very strong people in very different ways.

And in August, I’ve got SWAY, which is the first in a new series called Delicious. Sway is an older man/younger woman story with lots of D/s as our hero really does love to call the shots.



* * *

Jayne Rylon

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?
I am writing mostly to entertain but I’m always careful to make sure I consider how I am portraying the subculture I’m incorporating into my story, whether that’s BDSM, ménage, same sex love affairs or any other variety of naughtiness.  I hope that I am always respectful and open in my depictions.  At the end of the day I focus on characters and just as some of them like rock music while others like R&B, some prefer specific kinks over others.  Now, I will say, I do try to pick new and unique things to incorporate because as a reader I get bored easily and I hope I can bring something creative or new to the table.  Some of my more… obscure… practices have been fisting, electrophilia, partner swapping, and frotage.  So I suppose, for both myself and readers that probably involves a good deal of education as well as (I hope) entertainment.


Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow? 

I sure hope that it will have a positive impact.  I love that EVERYONE is talking about dirty books these days.  I had several contractors at my house this week to give me quotes on converting a lower level into an office.  After seeing my promo items out including images of my cover, one of them even asked, “Are you the lady who wrote that 50 Shades book?”  LOL Ummm, I wish!  And even though he was joking, he still knew about it.  Better yet, he said he was going to read it to see what it was about and that a lot of people had told him their wives liked it enough to have “some good benefits” to them.  I think buzz like that HAS to be good for us all.  All boats are lifted by the rising tide and all that.  I admit, I haven’t had time to read the books myself but even if they are less intense than what we write (as I’ve heard) I have to think it will increase the acceptability and legitimacy of what we do to the average, mainstream reader.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?
Ohhh, this is a great question.  I have so many!  For me… Joey Hill is the undisputed QUEEN of BDSM.  When I read Ice Queen and the rest of the books in that series, I thought.  Wow.  Just… wow.  That was a loooong time ago, and I still remember the books pretty clearly, which says a lot.  When I read Joey’s books, they transport me somewhere else.  I absolutely adore them all.


Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?
How do you know I don’t actually have a fantasy submissive?  Just kidding!  :P  There are a lot of important qualities for a fantasy Dom, but most critical of all… trustworthiness.  How can you really explore if you have even a tiny kernel of doubt?  He would have to be ironclad in that regard.  After that, someone intuitive, insightful, daring and tender.  A complex blend of divergent characteristics are what make a fantasy Dom so appealing from my perspective.


Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.
I always have something naughty in the hopper!  My December release from Samhain is a sequel to the very first book I ever wrote, Dream Machine.  It will feature Luke Malone, a sexual therapist.  As was the first book, Healing Touch will be heavy on device bondage and medical fetish themes.  I can’t wait to get started on that project!  Also I have another book planned in the Men in Blue series that will pick up Jambrea, Matt and Clint’s story.  I expect Mistress Lily and her dungeon to play a pivotal role in convincing the three they belong together!  More to come on that :)

* * *

Eliza Gayle

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

First and foremost I always hope to entertain my readers with each book that I write. I adore this genre as both a reader and a writer so it means the world to me when a reader tells me they’ve enjoyed my books.

As for education that’s a bit trickier. Real BDSM is not only complex it is completely unique to each person. What I hope readers learn from my books is that there are many ways to approach the lifestyle and if what it means to me is different than what it means to you is not only okay but expected.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

At the outset it seems to have caused a lot of misconceptions about what BDSM can be, but it’s hard to deny that it has opened the genre to a new group of readers that are eager to find and read more. This I love. For many it will remain a taboo fantasy but as more and more readers discover the genre the more exciting it becomes to me as a writer.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

It’s almost impossible to name just a few but some that stand out off the top of my head are Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph, The Dom’s Dungeon by Cherise Sinclair and The Chronicles of Surrender series by Roxy Harte.

Unfortunately since I won’t read the genre while I am writing a BDSM book, I don’t get to read nearly as many as I would like. However, you can bet my TBR pile is growing by leaps and bound during this event. Every author attending inspires me with their incredible tales.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

Ooh such a dangerous question. I try my best to write every dominant different and if I were to point out one over the other as my fantasy dominant I’d probably be in big trouble.

Of course some of my favorite qualities are doms that are firm in their convictions, a little bit sadistic and incredibly patient. (Patience is a big one for me. Trust in a BDSM relationship takes time and must be earned. The time it takes to get from the beginning of a relationship with a new or skittish submissive to the point of complete trust is as unique to each relationship as is each individuals needs.)


Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning stages? If so, tell us about them.

I probably won’t have another BDSM book out until September but I have three different stories in various stages of completion. Submissive Beauty has been my best selling title and I’m happy to announce that I am writing a sequel to that story tentatively titled Her Master’s Mercy. When a submissive shows up at Sanctuary in the throes of a free fall after her Master’s sudden death things get a little rocky.

In The Dom’s Toybox, I’ll explore my favorite friends to lovers theme when my heroine’s old high school buddy informs her she’s on his bucket list.

* * *

Saskia Walker

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you
write simply to entertain?

I do feel it’s important to convey the BDSM cornerstone, i.e. safe, consensual play within a trusting relationship. My personal introduction to the BDSM scene was such a positive and creative experience that I’ve always wanted that to be part of my writing. Hanging out at fetish events such as UK The Torture Garden( showed me that people want to explore BDSM in their relationships for many different reasons. There is no one way or one correct attitude. I try to explore some of those reasons by getting into the headspace of my characters. It’s always an exciting and liberating journey!

In my novella, MASTERING MEG, the protagonist has a secret desire for BDSM in her relationship but thinks her partner will be shocked. When he finds her hidden stash of BDSM reading material he pursues her and shows her how much he loves her by playing out her ultimate fantasies and taking that journey with her. In MONICA’S SECRET the BDSM angle is for a completely different reason. Monica has psychometric skills. She experiences visions though touching objects or people. When she gets involved in a ménage à trois her lovers introduce her to bondage and submission. Monica finds that she can let go and enjoy because her
hands – and her unique power – are restrained. Sexual and emotional nirvana quickly follow. There are so many paths, so many creative elements to explore. BDSM is the ultimate adult physical and emotional playground.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have
a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this
book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

It can only be a good thing because it raised awareness of the genre in the mainstream. It’s ironic, and almost unbelievable that one book (originally written as fan fiction, to boot,) can cause that huge change, but I feel it’s something we should definitely celebrate.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?
I love stories where the author explores the emotional push and pull through the physical relationship.  Some of my favourites:
DESIGNED FOR SIN by Dorothy Starr
TAKEN by Selena Kitt

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?
For me it’s always important that the dominant be self assured and confident, and that he/she has the ability to make the sub feel safe enough to expose and offer their deepest self. Other characteristics can play into that depending on the individual relationship. It might be their sense of humour or an aptitude for disciplinarian control that makes the dynamic work. It could be a change of tone of voice or posture that triggers the scenario, or it might be a complex ritual.
It can be dark or light in mood, but ultimately the Dom has the responsibility for making the sub feel secure enough to let go and fly. That’s key.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning
stages? If so, tell us about them.

Next up from me is FORBIDDEN RITUAL, a Spice Brief that explores the dynamics of a younger man/older woman relationship through the ritual erotic art of Shibari, Japanese rope bondage. I’m also working on a novel entitled LOVE IS WAR which is my most complex and romantic BDSM relationship to date.

* * *

S.L. Carpenter

Do you feel a responsibility to educate when writing BDSM, or do you write simply to entertain?

The BDSM I write is introducing people to the lifestyle.  More learning what’s going on. I know there has to be trust and respect involved. It’s easy to sit back and write about spanking, ropes, whips and cheese whiz but to go into the mindsets and not get carried away. I do have a lighthearted humor in the books I wrote but never disrespectful of the lifestyle.

Do you think the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books will have a positive impact on erotica and erotic romance, or do you feel this book going mainstream dilutes or homogenizes what we do somehow?

I HOPE it opens doors to writers that have written this genre for a long time.  Like most of these writers on this group here, they have been writing this for a long time and now that it is in the public eye some of them may get a chance to be read. People are going to try to flood the market but they should read some of what is out there before the flood hits. It’s like werewolves and vampires. There are thousands of stories about shifters. I’m writing about a were-raccoon soon and his sidekick were-gerbil.

What are some of your favorite BDSM titles?

OWNED by S.L. Carpenter and PURE SIN by Sahara Kelly and S.L. Carpenter.

Wait, those are mine.  I know a lot of the writers in this group and they are all phenomenal creators of stories. Anything they have written is great.

Tell us a little about your fantasy dominant-what are the important qualities?

OWNED was brought to life after a conversation I had with a woman. She was asking about what I really wanted to write. I brought up 7 muff-munching-midgets as Snow Whites dwarfs and she asked what else. OWNED came to mind. As a man I always thought having control over a woman was exciting. Yes the sexual power would be mind boggling but to control someone was intriguing.

Most women rule the men (you all know it’s true) but I didn’t think of it as a BDSM hard edge idea. More a BDSM light portrayal of a couple delving into things. For a woman to let go completely to a man she trusts. I could talk forever but that was my fantasy and I wrote it.

Do you have any BDSM books coming out soon or in the planning
stages? If so, tell us about them.

I’m contemplating something like OWNED again. About control. The DOM female is hot to see but I think a man taking over is more erotic. There are so many different areas to cover and I did think about writing some humorous BDSM tales but at this time I am probably going to write a book titled WANTED, about a woman in a bad relationship that really just needs to feel wanted at any cost, so submits to a man’s intense desire to have her. I love the idea of someone wanting you so badly they are consumed by it. Hey, I’m a guy…

Again, this great group of writers are all the best at this type of story. They all write BDSM from different views and I truly hope everyone gives them a try. Mine too if you want something a little lighter but fun.

* * *

* * *

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Meanwhile, the Smutketeers have more amazing events, book releases, guest authors and giveaways coming right up, so stay tuned!

Eden/Eve :)

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    Awesome post! And now I’ve got so many more books to add to my tbr. I’ve really wanted to read Carrie’s Story for a while, but now I absolutely have to!
    On the 50 Shades of Grey issue, I haven’t read it yet, but I love the idea of BDSM erotica becoming more mainstream. However, I really hope that 50 Shades doesn’t just spawn a bunch of crappy copies of it. I like BDSM erotica, but I like it GOOD (and kind of dark too).
    Thank you for the giveaway! Is it open internationally? I know ebooks usually are, but not always the print, and seeing as I’m still clinging to paper books I really hope it is.


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    Happy BDSMing to you all and thanks Eden and the Smutketeers for inviting me to your party. I had a great time reading all the interviews. Not surprising since I love so many of the featured books! Good luck everyone.

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    What what a great contest and what great interviews. I’ll be honest, I just skimmed over most of them this morning with the thoughts that I’ll be back to take notes. Some of my favorite authors are in that mix and I want to know what they read PLUS I want to see what those authors I don’t know offer to read. I’m always looking for good books to read in what spare time I have.

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    Hi guys!

    Just swinging by to see if the fun’s started yet. I love reading all the other interviews, to see what my fellow authors think and read in respect of the fascinating topic of BDSM.

    Many thanks to the Smutketeers for hosting this great event!

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    Loved all the interviews! Several of the authors are already in my favs list now I have even more to add to my Must Buy NOW list! Thank you so much!


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    Hey this was aweome, Two of my favourite authors were in this post and now i have the names of other authors to find. New zealand doesnt have a huge print media range of BDSM erotica so finding these e books has been fun. Vanilla is all nice but sometimes a fuller flavour is called for. Cheers again.

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    I’ve read 50 shades and enjoyed it but the best thing to come out of it for me is having my friends finally get why I read the books that I do. Now I’m getting pm’s on Facebook asking for book recommendations! I loved reading this post.. some of the authors I’ve read before and love and others I haven’t and can’t wait to start reading their books!

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    OMFG! you guys are amazing, and i’m stoked there are sooo many more books than i thought out there for people interested in/ thinking of embracing the scene…from what i’ve read so far, its nice to see that you guys dont just do the all the frills make sure you explain the dangerous side of BDSM, alot of people think its all fun and orgasms but its so much more thank you.. and my reading list just got a helluva lot bigger lol this site is awesome and i’m so glad i found you…great work everyone..

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    Some of these authors and others I haven’t so I can’t wait to check them out. I loved where the auhors choose their favorite bdsm books. :) Bdsm books are the only kind of books l love to read now.

    I hope people will see that bdsm is not bad and offensive. I get so upset when I hear such negative comments being made about it. Why is it ok for fathers to read playboy type magazines but woman can’t read erotic novels? There’s nothing wrong with it and maybe with all this hoopla people will finally see that.

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    This is amazing! Thanks so much to Eve/Eden for pulling it together. I’m particularly fascinated by author’s different takes on the teach/delight question… and Brandi, I’m so with you about being annoyed by people thinking this genre is new, or new to women (especially when Newsweek does a cover story virtually saying that).

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    Cherise, I own EVERYTHING you write, so I love your stuff… bank account not so much! LOL!
    I’ve been eyeing “Yes, Justin” for months, so I know her series will be mine soon.
    Kate Pearce’s “Simply” series has a new twist on BDSM and I love that too.
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    I’ve read quite a lot of these authors but their reading lists were great to see for more tbr’s.
    I loved 50 shades and I have encouraged my fellow readers too, however it was quite light in the BDSM department but a great love story – a very easy and fast read. I think it will encourage readers to look for more erotic books (which they can hide on their ereaders). lol

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    This is absolutely AWESOME! I enjoyed reading each and every interview. I enjoyed reading up on authors I have been following for years and have found a few authors I have never read before, but am on my way to check them out!! As for the Fifty series, I have not read it as of yet, but have been following the Hype surrounding it and am truly happy that it may open doors for y’all that have been writing this genre for quite some time. I love pimping y’all out on my page and wish you much success once more of the general public wakes up and begins to search for some juicy reads!! Thank you for sharing!!

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    I am in complete and udder BDSM heaven right now! Amazing post, my TBR pile has grown to scary heights right now. BDSM is my comfort go to genre, I’m so happy to see it getting the attention it deserves and want to thank all of you for the fabulous stories you write.
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    I just have to chime in and say that oh, back in 2006 probably, I wrote to Pam Rosenthal about her Carrie stories, about how much they floored me and inspired me. So much, in fact, that I was thinking about writing my own BDSM books. She wrote back the most encouraging and gracious response, I’ll never forget it.

    Now, here I am participating in a book event with Pam, which is definitely a pinch me moment, a never-forget-this kind of thing.

    In fact, to be in the company of such a diverse and talented group of BDSM scribes is such an honor. As I read everyone’s answers, I think to myself how wonderful it is that we all bring our own unique voices, our own unique turn-ons and kink preferences and character dynamics in the lifestyle, so there truly is something out there for everyone.

    It’s so WONDERFUL!

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    What a great giveaway!! I loved reading this page while familiar with some of the authors here it was great to know some new authors. I am always looking for a new series or author to read. Thank you for putting this together!

    Now as for reading 50 Shades, I did and I loved it! However it is not what broke me into the mainstream of BDSM books. In fact it was Shayla Black who got me interested in reading more books like hers.

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    Hi everybody! Thank you so much, Eden, for inviting me to take part in this. To be among the authors I consider to be the gold standard in BDSM is awesome! And much like the other commenters, my TBR list (already about 200 books long) just got a lot longer! Better go write more books so I can afford this habit…

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    I loved 50 Shades, I thought it was great! Thank you for the wonderful blog post- I really enjoyed reading it :)

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    HOLY COW! What a great selection of authors! Most of my very favorites are interviewed here and that makes me a happy girl! You are all so very talented and I LOVE reading your work. I, myself, was annoyed by the whole Fifty Shades popularity…..mostly because I felt lime there is SO MUCH BETTER stuff to read out there! Thank you all for your brilliant writing!

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    Wow! Great interview. It is really interesting to see the different views on 50 shades as well as how BDSM is portrayed. I haven’t read it yet and probably won’t anytime soon. There are so many other authors I have on my kindle that I want to read first. Many of them were mentioned here.
    This summer will be educational and entertaining as I work on reading through my TBR. Thanks for the many suggestions.

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    Wow-such great responses! let me have a cup of tea and read through-it may take me a while-lol!
    BTW-The Smutketeers are launching our own chat room, the Brass Chattery-check back for the launch info-we’ll be having a huge live chat with some of your favorite BDSM authors talking about kink. It’ll be an open ‘ask anything’, so have your questions ready! We’ll announce the launch here on the blog soon!
    Eden/Eve :)

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    It seems I am constantly saying to people these days “50 Shades is nothing new…if you want good erotica, let me get you some titles.” Now I can just refer them to this post!

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    OMG… many more books to get!!!! The fifty shades of grey was good but not nearly as well written as many of the authors interviewed here today. With that said…..reading these authors has definitely open me to exploring BDSM (in a safe consenual manner, of course). I have learned so much from just reading the different writers here and from their answers to the blog. Thank you to all the writers that participated……definitely a page full of titles to read (should fill my summer…..I hope)! Keep the stories coming……PLEASE!!!!!! ;)

  64. 64

    I was a bit annoyed about all the hoopla over 50 Shades of Grey books. I thought that BDSM erotica books have been around for decades; NOW folks are talking about them in the open?? But your post brought up a good point. Due to 50 Shades, more folks will be looking for other books like the series and they will discover authors like the ones listed. YAY! That’s a good thing.

    I enjoyed reading the post with all the interviews and comments and the great listing of books. Yeah, my must have list has exploded.

  65. 65

    Whoooo hoooo! One of my Favorite genres!

    While I am glad that the fifty shades series is opening the door a bit wider for some of the Authors I love, I do feel that there are MUCH BETTER writers of this genre. But, as I said I appreciate that it may afford the better writers to get their manuscript picked up and published quicker.

    So here is to the hope that this frenzy gives those BDSM writers I adore another reason to write another for meeeeeeeeeeeee! ;p

  66. 66

    Oh. My. God. I cannot WAIT to read all these responses AND comments later tonight, but my daughter and mama say it’s time to get off the computer and go sightseeing in Carmel and Monterey.

    I had hoped to get this comment made sooner, but fell asleep before the post went live.

    FOR A FREE COPY of Masters at Arms, the must-read introduction to my Rescue Me series, use Coupon Code GC89C at (good throughout the month of May).

    I so can’t wait to see what my favorite authors have said in response to these awesome questions–and to discover some new authors in my favorite subgenre!

    But Clint Eastwood land awaits! Later!


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  74. 74

    JessS-yes, the contest is open internationally, except that only some of the print books can be shipped out of the US. But should that issue arise we’ll find a way to take care of it. :)

    Vanessa-one of the things I love about the 50 Shades phenomenon is exactly what you mentioned: more people realizing that it’s okay to read erotic fiction.

    Tina-some of us mix our BDSM with paranormal-my Midnight Playground vampire series have a lot of BDSM (THE SEEKING KISS, BLOODSONG, THE TURNING KISS, EVERSONG), other than the first in the series-and they’re all m/m/f, in case that interests you. One thing I love about my Samhain e-books is the warnings and sub-genre description, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

    Rana-thanks so much for the pimping-always appreciated!

    Debra-Shayla is an excellent BDSM gateway drug. *G*


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  76. 76

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    I’ll accept the term “Mommy Porn.” Since I get the same stimulation of a great story with hot sex without the awful bow chica bow bow sound track.

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    musicalfrog at

  145. 145

    kitblu (post #120) -I’m not seeing the ‘blackout’ you described-you’re missing Saskia Walker and S.L. Carpenter. I don’t know what the issue could be-I’m not very techy. Let me ask around. But to answer your question-yes, most erotic romance authors are women-not all-but when it comes to erotica (erotic stories without a happily-ever-after and often marketed to a different reader) there are probably nearly as many men as women writing them.

    Cherise-I’m not surprised you’re loving Molly’s Carrie’s Story! :)

    **NOTE: we’ll still be here tomorrow-contest ends tomorrow night!

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    I don’t think that BDSM or other stories are “Mommy Porn” to me, porn is just sex…no story, no real characters. However, everything I have read in the erotic romance and erotica genres do have stories and characters. Now, there is nothing wrong with porn, you all just don’t write it!

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  179. 179

    As I was reading through the post, I was amazed by how many of the featured authors I already read. Even more amazing, how many of the recommended authors I already read. I always feel disappointed in an author when they don’t try to get the safe, sane and consentual point across. Even if an author isn’t trying to educate, they should be careful not to mislead. I was not at all surprised to see that this group of authors want to pass along a message of safety! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! BTW, backlist bonanza!

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    P.S. Shortcut to you has been made on my lappie, Thanks!

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    I also wanted to add a thank you to all the readers for supporting this genre. I love writing it, and could never do what I do without you all loving it. Thanks so much for your support, and I hope we keep you happily buried in naughtiness for a long time.

  220. 220

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    And I must echo what the other authors say… this event has been fantastic! Many thanks to my fellow authors, and to our wonderful readers who we strive to entertain with our writing!

    I think I’d probably pen BDSM fiction [im]purely for my own entertainment, but it’s infinitely more fun writing it when I know other people are going to share and enjoy it too.

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    I have to say LOVE Kallypso Masters and her Rescue Me series!!! These DOM as so Yummy not only the physical aspect and how they look and satisfy a woman but the emotionals aspects about them and their loyalty, compassion and care!

    Ever since I read 50 Shades I find myself drawn to buying more and more BDSM books versus the paranormal books that I usually tend to buy. So yes 50 Shades got me started in enjoying erotic romance books with some kink!

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    Prize Package #1: commentor #25 Mel Thomas!!!
    Prize Package #2: commentor #211 Lisa Hague!!!

    Congrats to both our winners! Please email me at: with your best email addys for our authors to contact you to send you their books. Please put ‘BDSM-apalooza winner’ in the subject line of your email. Thanks!
    Thanks to all who played with us! And don’t go far-we have a backlist bash starting tomorrow, more guests, more prizes, and other bits of wicked fun!
    A huge thanks to all our wonderful authors who participated in our first BDSM-apalooza!
    Eden/Eve :)

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    […] Annabel Joseph, in a Smutketeers interview. To be honest, most of the BDSM romance out there dilutes or homogenizes what we do. […]

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