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An Interview with Kelly and Ryan from By Mutual Desire

Conducted by Dalton Diaz and Dr. Chase

(Kelly and Ryan are seated on the small couch in Dr. Chase’s office in Boston, facing DD and Dr. Chase.)

RYAN: (One arm around Kelly, foot going a mile a minute…) “Why are we doing this here?”

DD: “Relax, Ryan. I just thought it would be easier for everyone to talk in a neutral place.”

RYAN: “That’s what makes me nervous. If either of you tries to tell me I can’t have sex with my wife, I’m out of here.”

KELLY: “We’re both out of here.”

DD: “No one is saying you can’t have sex. Well, I’d rather you didn’t do it here. In fact (DD turns red), that’s what I meant by a neutral place. You guys hijacked the story and went places I didn’t even know about.”

(Ryan, Kelly, and Dr. Chase stare at DD, brows raised.)

DD:Seriously? You think I came up with places like, The Toy Factory, Anal Mountain, and Punishment Hall? Tongue Alley, maybe, but…”

KELLY: “Hey, Punishment Hall was all Jackson and Mai. We weren’t even there.”

DD: “I wasn’t at any of them!”

(Again, brow raised silence.)

RYAN: “Alrighty, then. About Reunion Island…”

KELLY: “Ooh, yes! If you already have a list of adventures, I have a few things to add.” (Smacks Ryan on the arm when he starts laughing.)

DD: “You’ll have to wait your turn. Caroline, Jordan, and Seth from Illegal Moves have been waiting forever for their sequel, so they’re first.”

RYAN: “Yeah, we read that one. Fair warning: don’t get any ideas about me and Jackson. You and that Samantha Cayto seem to have a thing for—”

DD: “Oh. My. God! How many times do I have to tell you, it’s not the author? I write what you show me, plain and simple.”

DR. CHASE: “I think this interview is over.”

DD: “But it’s only been five minutes.”

DR. CHASE: “Kelly and Ryan can go. You stay right where you are. We have some work to do.”

(Ryan is laughing outright while Kelly bites her lip to keep from doing the same.)

DD: “Fine, but I have a little surprise before they go.” (The couple turns at the door to look back at DD.) “I was able to contact Jackson and Mai, and they have a message for you: One of us has a new piercing. See you on Reunion Island.”

(It’s DD’s turn to laugh as the door closes on their groans. It’s short-lived.)

DR. CHASE: “So tell me. Do people often take over your thoughts to describe their private sex lives?”

By Mutual Desire

Dalton Diaz

Married for ten years, adventurous Kelly and Ryan are thrilled to take part in a fantasy come true—a week-long sex therapy study on a tropical island. The resort is first class, the sex off the charts.

Ryan’s always denied the issue that stands between them—the issue that threatens to destroy their marriage sooner or later. As they learn new sensual tricks from the other couples on the island, each x-rated assignment brings them closer to breaking down that barrier. When they do, will the pieces fit back together?


Reader Advisory: This book contains voyeurism, m/m, group sex and BDSM. Can you say “WOOHOO!”?


Kelly sighed. “I’ll never look at another butterfly the same way.”

“At least not purple ones.” Ryan was stretched out over her, still in her. He leaned down and kissed her again. “Christ, that was good. Wanna go back to the bungalow and do it again?”

“Okay, but then that’s it for a few days. You heard what Cheryl said about using either toy too often in the beginning.”

“Yeah,” he glanced to the right. “And she’d know.”

Kelly turned her head to the next quilt. “Oh my god!”

Between Cheryl and Tom they must have been using at least five items. Kelly thought it was amazing that they knew what they all were, let alone found a way to incorporate more than one at a time. They had a pile of cleaned new toys on their quilt and as soon as one of them orgasmed the other removed the toys and threw them in the sudsy water, then replaced them from the pile. A pile they’d only managed to dent.

Cheryl had been a great tutor. She had guided Kelly instead of taking over, much to Ryan’s obvious relief. Still, he hadn’t been able to fully relax enough for it to be pleasurable until the lesson part was over. Kelly had felt the same way when it was Tom’s turn to guide Ryan on the application of the butterfly.

Exhibitionism was clearly not their thing when it came to making love with each other. Once they were the only ones on the quilt, it had all been worth it.

They had waited until Ryan was over her, inside her, to turn on both toys at the same time. She had no recollection of anything but pleasure after that, pleasure so intense it was literally blinding. She had no idea how much time had passed or how many orgasms were involved before Ryan had somehow managed to turn off both remotes and collapsed on top of her.

She had no idea how much time had passed while they’d regained their wits either.

“I’m going to clean up, okay?” Ryan asked.

Kelly nodded and let him slip off the butterfly. She sat up on their quilt, still not quite comfortable checking out the others in action but too curious to not do it. The first thing she noticed was Sabrina and Derek’s empty quilt. Susan and Doug had been first to start and he was now buried in his wife, sneaking peeks at her still-spread pussy every chance he got, so it was a surprise that someone else had finished who‘d started way down the line. Then again, Kelly and Ryan were done too.

Ian and Wes were on their sides, tongues, arms, legs and dicks tangled together as they held controllers for each other’s vibrating anal plugs. But it was Marisol and Dina she couldn’t peel her eyes from. Dina was crying softly, clinging to Marisol as Joe squatted behind them, talking softly. Just as he had that night with Susan and Doug. Something big had happened there.

“Ready?” Ryan asked. He held out his hand to help her up and they walked out, the best goody bag ever in hand.

The walk back felt so mellow and she felt so close to Ryan. She had to admit that sex really was great therapy. It just had to have a little follow-up.

“What happened to you in there before we got started?” she asked, hoping he’d open up about it.

“I honestly don’t know. I probably hadn’t quite recovered from our little revelation and I wasn’t ready to share intimacies with other people. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, very much so.” They walked in silence but Kelly’s heart sang with every step. It not only made sense, it was deep and thoughtful and so full of feelings that she would have had to pry it out of him with a shoehorn at home.

“Why didn’t you say anything all these years? I really had no idea you would be into…that.”

He laughed. “You can’t even say it, so how can you ask me with a straight face?”

“Just because it’s not something I enjoy doesn’t mean you don’t or won’t. God, here I am getting on your case about that and I’m guilty of thinking the same thing.”

“You enjoy it. Or you would if you’d just let yourself.”

“Is that what you think?” She was floored. “But I have let you. I mean, we’ve done stuff. Yesterday. We did stuff yesterday.”

“What did we do yesterday?” He was smiling. No, wait, he was trying not to laugh!

She whacked him on the arm. “Stuff!”

The laughter won. “Christ, Kel. I hate to tell you, but I’ve fit more of my finger into your bellybutton. And there’s a manila envelope at our door.”

“Perfect. You can roll it up and shove it—”

He took her mouth as he pressed her up against the outside of their door. “I love you.” He rested his forehead against hers. “I love you whether we do that ‘stuff’ or none of it at all.”

“I love you too.” She closed her eyes and simply breathed him in until he gave her a quick peck and stepped back so they could open the door.

“That’s better. Now where is our next adventure?”

She tore open the envelope as he punched in the key code, excited to see what was in store. The excitement was short-lived.

11 a.m. at Anal Mountain

Oh god. Maybe it had been about her fears and doubts all along.


Contest Time!

If you’d like to win a copy of By Mutual Desire or Illegal Moves, or if you’d prefer a different digital book in my backlist, all you have to do is answer a simple question by posting right here in the comments. The answer itself (& the backlist!) can be found right on my website,  I’ll randomly pick a winner at midnight on Sun, 4/28, EST.  Since the prize is digital, non US residents are welcome to play.

Ready? Play fair! No looking at other comments first, and don’t forget to check back to see if you’ve won.

What number is Winters’ Thaw in the Cougar Challenge Series? 


 My turn to answer questions from the Smutketeers!

 Why erotica?  I tried toning down the sex for series books. My dark side just wouldn’t comply.

Do you collect anything? Books!! I am also an unapologetic toe ring whore.

Do you incorporate people you know into your stories? All the time, though just the names. It can get kind of gross to write erotica about people you know. One exception – Cheryl and Tom in By Mutual Desire are very real.

What are you reading right now?  As you read this, I’ll have finished up JR Ward’s Lover at Last. I pre-ordered that sucker. Been waiting a long time for that one.

What inspired this story?  EC started a new line with married main characters, called Branded. It started out being for that, but quickly morphed into fitting the Exotica line. Hmmm, too erotic for basic erotica? What a fantastic compliment!

Hugs or kisses?  Hugs all around. Kisses depend on who and where.

Boxers, briefs or commando? Boxer briefs. Tight boxer briefs.

Quiet dinner in front of the fire or hot night on the town?  Quite dinner and a hot night going to town in front of fire.

Cop or fireman?  Both, in uniform.

Rough and ready cowboy or corporate big-wig in a sharp suit?  Both, in uniform.  ; )

Vampire or werewolf?  Vampire. I’ve read sexy werewolf stories, but personally, I can’t get past the idea of all that hair and wet dog smell.

Soft, sensual make out session or throw you up against the wall?  Yes, please.

Dog person or cat person?  Um. Full disclosure? Guinea Pig person.

Huge thank you to the Smutketeers for hosting me. I had a blast!

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