The Smutketeers Annual 12 Days of X-mas Has Begun!
by R.G. Alexander on Dec 9th, 2013 leave a response

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R.G. The Xmas Elf: Is it that time again already? I gotta be honest, the Elf got a little behind on the big performance this year. The male models were no-shows, the unicorn masks never arrived, and don’t even get me started on the tutu situation. So we may have to make do with stringed popcorn and paper hats, but we made it! Another year! Another 12 days of authors and goodies and X-mas!

This year is all about you. Don’t look over your shoulder, I’m talking to you. The Smutketeers and TONS of our author and blogger friends would like to thank you for another year of being the best readers in the universe, and give you their own special holiday message. Each day will bring another post full of friends and giveaways…and occasionally singing and dirty limericks.

***CONTEST***IF you hang with us until the end, comment every day and maybe let your friends know about our party, you have the chance to be one of 12 winners (a winner for each day) and you’ll also be entered to win The Smutketeers grand prize…a $300 gift card to Amazon or B&N!!

Let’s start you out with a little music video from last year’s celebration (I promise you all male models and unicorn masks next year *G*), and then on to the party!!


Lexi Blake:

2013 has been an incredible year and I have all you amazing readers to thank for it. I was so glad to get to share a great year of reading with you all and look forward to more stories and books and great events with you all in 2014. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any other holiday you celebrate at this time of year. Best wishes to you and your families!

Much love, 


Lexi’s Giveaway: Your choice of one of my ebooks or print books, along with some swag


Lissa Matthews:

Dashing through the holidays

In family sleighs packed tight

Over the roads we ride

Missing all the wonder in sight

Our noses buried in phones and pads

Not red with cold and cheer

We hope for more to bring us bliss

And change throughout the year

I wish you all a happy season

Friends and loved ones too

That you will find your smile of happiness

In an app made just for you

The Cupcake Cowboy

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance eBooks

 Love & Tattoos

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance eBooks  

Lissa Matthews Giveaway:

an ebook copy of both of my new releases, The Cupcake Cowboy and Love and Tattoos as well as a $25 gift card to the e-tailer of your choice.

Kit Rocha:

Hi, y’all!  We’re awful busy writing book four in the BEYOND series, BEYOND JEALOUSY.  It doesn’t have a blurb yet, so I whipped up a limerick to give you all an idea of what’s to look forward to!

There once was a hero named Ace,

He gave Rachel a hell of a chase.
But then they met Cruz,

and they need no excuse

for hot fucking all over the place.

Kit Rocha’s Giveaway: ebook bundle of our first 3 books

RG the Xmas Elf: Someone is VERY good friends with the cover fairies… *drool*


Lexxie Couper:

May your Christmas holiday be as hot and wet as the Australian beach in December. May your Christmas wishes be as hot and sweaty as the Aussie lifeguards who patrol those beaches. May your Christmas nights be as hot and breathless as the women who watch those Aussie lifeguards on those Aussie beaches. And may the presents you unwrap be everything you’ve ever wanted and more…
XOXOX from Lexxie Couper
Lexxie’s Giveaway: The FIRST FOUR BOOKS in the Heart of Fame series!


T.J. Michaels:

Happy Holidays to all my fellow shoe whores and romance book lovers! So, what’s your favorite type of shoe, or holiday song…or FOOD! Nom nom nom! Tell us your business and the winner of the Amazon card may just get a little something extra *evil grin*
T.J. Michaels Giveaway: $20 Amazon Gift Card

Christie Ridgway:

Happy Holidays from Southern California! Here, Santa wears sunscreen and board shorts and we take to the beach on New Year’s Eve to celebrate around a bonfire (s’mores and champagne…yum!). Wherever you are, I hope it’s filled with family, friends, and of course more than a little bit of sexy romance.

Christie’s Giveaway:

$20 Amazon gift card + ebook version of my contemporary romance, Beach House No. 9.


RG The Xmas Elf: Look at all that awesome. And we are just getting started! Stay tuned for more authors, more prizes….and a rhyming Elf dancing on the table (once she gets a hold of the egg nog)

Happy Day One of Xmas!!!

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    Wow, this looks amazing. I’m not personally interested in any print books with my arthritis, but I’d love to snag any ebook copies… these look very interesting!

  2. 2

    Obviously I either need more sleep or more caffeine if I can’t even type my own name right…

  3. 3

    You girls ROCK…who wouldn’t want to hang with you for 12 days!
    Gotta get my head around the time zone difference though

  4. 4

    Love visiting with you for 12 days. Love the books featured.

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    A little something special to help with all the Christmas rushing around!! ME Time!!!

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    What a way to start off my birthday!!!! I’m drooling over all the authors, some that I need to add to my TBR list! What a way to make 2013 end in a blast of fun.

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    It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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    Wow, what an incredible giveaway, thanks.

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    WOW!! These all look SOOO good! This is some shindig that ya’ll are throwing.

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    Awesome guys rock :-)

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    OMG Dang these books look so awesome.

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    Great books to add to my to be read list! Definitely going to hang around for the next 12 days!

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    Well the weather is snowy with predictions of more snow, so Happy Hollidays. Enjoy the party & plenty of reading.

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    Don’t enter me in any contests, of course, but I couldn’t resist posting a comment – LOVED the video from last year. I think male models and unicorn masks would have a LOT to live up to in order to do any better than that. Thanks for the big-assed grin this morning. Now I’m going to go tell everyone to come over here and watch it and join in the 12 Days of fun! See you later this week! Thanks, Smutketeers!

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    Awesome prizes and great authors what a way to start the first day

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    What a selection of books! They all look amazing! Thank you!

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    I am so glad that I found your party on The Book Tart because there are so many great authors and prizes.

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    I loved the video!! It was hilarious! I loved seeing all the authors and reviewers have some fun! I agree with RG the X-Mas elf Kit Rocha has amazing covers! Merry X-Mas and may 2014 bring you all kinds of good luck!! I tweeted about the giveaway!

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    Loved the video from last year!! It was awesome. Thanks for putting together such a fun celebration!!

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    Great video! I’d love to join in the X-Mas fun!

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    Wow!! What great giveaways, I loved reading the books by Kit Rocha and Christie Ridgway.

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    Yay!! So glad to see everyone stopping by! yes-last year’s video was an amazing production, so why not revive it for this year’s celebration?
    And BTW-Happy Birthday to Melinda Stevens!
    Eden :)

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    Awesome authors, hot covers,great stories.
    Happy Holidays!!!!

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    love your blog, there is always something to about

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    This is WAY awesome!!!! Thanks for the chance!❤️

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    I so enjoyed this contest last year and it sounds great this year, too!

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    Well,have a few things to say:Happy Holidays to all..i’m glad to be entering in this contest ..This blog is very can find the upcoming book,author that i did not know,give me also idea for Christmas gift …the video was very we have also a sexy cover for this blog,books cover very nice,must be great story to read…there i think i said it all…Happy Holidays to all..

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    Love this contest and blog. Now I need to go find out more about Kit Rocha!

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    You are all such amazing authors! I love hanging with you wicked women!!

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    Love Christmas and I really getting prizes and gifts.. Just ask my children!! lol

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    Great Way to start off the Holiday season!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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    Let the fun begin!! :)

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    Better than a tree, Christmas carols or good food…the Smutketeers Christmas party! Woot Woot…I look forward to this all year.


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    What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. Will be putting most of these books on my TBR list for Santa.
    Shared on facebook and twitter.

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    I love that you ladies do this every year. I am not a fan of the holidays but the 12 Days always makes me smile. I see some favorite authors and some new to me authors and I can’t wait to find out more.

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    Fantastic giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance!

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    Now I’m singing along with the Chipmunks!! “Christmas, Christmas time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer. We’ve been good, but we can’t last, Hurry Christmas, Hurry fast.”

    Awesome authors today!! Love two of them and can’t wait to read some of the others!

    Thanks for doing the 12 days again this year!

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    Sharing this on FB so my friends can check it out too! This looks like a really good set of books! Maybe my plea to Santa to overlook my naughtiness got through ;-)

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    Wow!! Awesome giveaways for 12 days!! I’m in!! Thanks for the chance!!

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    Love the video ladies! What fantastic give-a-ways! I’ll be sharing on my blog, and my FB personal timeline and my new “FB, blog page” and of course on Twitter! Happy Holidays Smutketeers!

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    I love all the authors involved and have to say that you are all so generous and giving with your fans!

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    I love when u guys do the twelve days! I had so much fun doing the video last year! I love you guys and hope you all have had a wonderful year. Thanks for providing us with so much reading pleasure and thanks for how you go out of your way to interact with us readers and bloggers.

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    :D Oh hey look two authors with my name…and lots of hot covers…i’m down for the 12 Days of X-Mas!

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    12 days of FUN!!! Looking forward to it all everyone!! Happy Holidays!!! <3

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    What a wonderful time of the year. Books are the best gift one could receive. A trip to somewhere grand or just a hot and steamy forever kind of love. 12 days, I am ready and I was not with you last year but the video is great.

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    Love the singing! … looking forward to some wonderful reading!
    Merry Christmas!

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    Wow I see so many authors that I adore! And a few more that I will also be adoring soon! You guys rock! The books and cover look amazing. Loved the video. Have a great day!

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    This will be so much fun–thank you all!

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    12 Days of Fun with the Smutketeers!

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    A 12 day book party… COUNT ME IN!!

    SO hope I win ‘The Cupcake Cowboy.’ Seriously, if I win ONLY that, I’d be happy!!!

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    Yayyyy! So excited about this event! All of these gifts look amazing!!!!

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    I love this time of year. Always looking forward to the Smutketeers 12 days of Xmas.

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    I loved your video. I am the smutbookjunkie. You can find me over at Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews. I would love to team up with you girls in any way that I can. I am on Lexi Blake’s street team and the first time I met you was at a release party for Carrie Ann Ryan. I love, love, love smutty books. The smuttier the better. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

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    Awesome list of books…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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    I joined in last year in your party, it was awesome. I am looking forward to this year’s party. You gals are awesome. That video rocks, I watched it so many times! :D
    Thank you for the awesome party I know we will have.
    Merry .. and smutty Xmas !!! ;)

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    Sounds like fun

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    I loved the video.It look like you all had fun making it.


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    Sounds like a fun way to warm up for Christmas. I look forward to the future posts and thanks for the titles

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    Love that video! No contest entries for me, but I won’t be able to resist popping in to say hi and drool over covers and share Xmas joy. Glee! Glee!

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    I love this time of year :). I had so much fun last year and I’m sure this year will be just as much fun. Thank you.

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    Happy Day 1 everyone!

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    What a way to start the Christmas season off..can’t wait to see what y’all have in store for us the next 11 days!!!

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    Happy Holidays! I still love the video, you ladies are amazing. I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

    All for smut and smut for all!

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    Wow what an awesome giveaway. So many great authors and books. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love the blog. :)

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    you guys throw the best parties! Who wouldn’t want to hang out here for a few days ;)

    Thanks for having us!!

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    Woot! Sounds amazing! I love this! Definitely starting to feel like Christmas! Thank you all!

    Shared on fb:


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    Y’all ROCK! This is amazing! Thank YOU for all the wonderful books you wrote for us all year. Now you want to give some away too. WOW!

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    *tj waving to everyone*!

    So glad you all could come say hello!

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    Merry Smutmas to all.

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    The prizes are great and this looks like a lot of fun.


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    I loved the video. It looked like so much fun to make. What a great party and giveaway!

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    WOW – lots of great authors and books! And I agree with RG about those covers – H. O. T.!!!

  112. 112

    Taking a page from R.G.’s playbook – video of my participation in last year’s Xmas bash.

    Warning: If you’re drinking, put the cup down!

    <a href=";

  113. 113

    Now these are some prizes that will definitely warm up the cold winter days!

  114. 114

    2013 was such an amazing year for books. I’m still drowning in my TBR pile.

  115. 115

    2013 was such a FABULOUS year in books and I very much look forward to 2014 and all the new Print books to come out.

  116. 116

    Wow! I’m new to this site, but I’m thinking this will be a heck of a deflowering! Love it.

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    Loved the video. All of these authors are on my author auto buy list. Just finished books 1 & 2 of Kit’s “Beyond” series. Awesome stories. great party and giveaways. :-)

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    Fan-freaking-tabulous Ladies!!! My favorite time of year!!!

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    Loved the video. All of these authors are on my author auto buy list. Just finished books 1 & 2 of Kit’s “Beyond” series. Awesome stories. Great party and giveaways.

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    I hope I win but these certainly look good to buy too.

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    So many fantastic authors, and such great books, can’t wait to see what you have yet to come.

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    So many fantastic authors, and such great books, can’t wait to see what you have yet to come. I need to start making new lists of what I want so I can hint to those family members I trust to get what I want.

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    Tweeted at


    So many fantastic authors, and such great books, can’t wait to see what you have yet to come. I need to start making new lists of what I want so I can hint to those family members I trust to get what I want.

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    Hooray, it’s time to party with the Smutketeers and friends!! Such a lovely way to count down to Christmas! Thanks for giving us reasons to cheer :) (And stay warm! ;) )

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    Oh yeah it’s that time of year again ;)

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    Awesome giveaway :)

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    And so it begins Thank you to all of the amazing authors! Happy Holidays!


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    This would be awesome! They don’t call me smutty for nothing!

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    I’m a Smutketeers virgin, but don’t feel the need to be gentle with me, ladies.

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    It was purely accidental that I found Kit Rocha. HS definitely become one of my go to authors!

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    You guys always have amazing parties and giveaways!

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    I heart you guys – each and every one of you. Thanks so much for doing this annually and all your incredible generosity! <3

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    OMG… I just learned of you today….I am so excited to hear of you and learn more about you.

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    I’m new to the smutketeer’s page. Saw it promoted on Lexxie Couper’s page. Looking forward to participating!

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    It’s always fun to hang out here! I always find new authors I haven’t heard about before.

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    Hi ladies,
    I loved your video last year and just as much this year.
    I love all the books and goodies that are being given away and thank you ladies for your generosity to your readers.
    So let’s rock the 12 days of Smutkeeters Xmas!

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    My favorite shoe is flip flops (I know, boring, but so comfortable!). My favorite food is Italian, almost any type of pasta with a cheese sauce.
    I hope all of you wonderful authors/bloggers/readers/friends have an amazing holiday!!

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    and print copy or gift card hum such good prize ( yes some do prefer print to ebooks^^)


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    I would love to win print, digital, swag…just let me have some fun!

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    That video is so awesome!! I love it to pieces!!! The books look great too!! Oh my gosh! So much wonderful stuff and prezzies!!
    Ashley A
    Oh! I tweeted it:

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    Thanks RG, Robin , and Eden!

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    You always have the best parties

    Can’t wait to add some new titles to Kindle, I want them all…so even though I was a bit naughty, I hope Santa brings me some $ for more books.

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    Am I entered into the contest just by posting a comment here? Anyway looks like there are really a lot of nice gifts some from my favorite authors and some from new to me authors whom I’ll definitely explore more into.

  201. 201

    Excited to start reading all of these wonderful books!

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    Fun contest.

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    Wow, I am late to the party. Love Lissa’s jingle! I love December and Christmas. (My birthday is this month too.). Thanks for this great opportunity to win some awesome books. I love finding new authors to love.

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    HI !

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    This is so cool can’t wait for all the contest thanks Merry Christmas

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