Happy Birthday to RG!
by edenbradley on Jan 8th, 2014 leave a response

Today is a very special day-IT’S RG’s birthday! In tribute to one of our most beloved Smutketeers, we’re going to take a look down memory lane at some of the amazing books she’s written…books that have torn at our hearts, made us gasp, made us cry, made us hot all over! If there’s an emotion in our being, RG will find a way to pull it out of us-and that makes her unforgettable.

Of course, RG is unforgettable for many reasons. She is the most loyal friend anyone could ever have-the Smutketeers can attest to that! She is so smart and clever and funny. Warm and generous and she has the prettiest blue eyes and the most beautiful smile. She is just one of the loveliest people anyone could hope to meet. We are proud and a bit sniffly that we can call her friend. So raise a glass, eat a piece of chocolate, read a smutty book, and help us celebrate RG Alexander! We love you soooooooo much! Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!


One of her newest-a hot cowboy story! Notice the rope…;)

Everyone loves her Wicked series!

Her Fireborn series is amazing-erotic urban fantasy at its best! And these covers are so beautiful!

…and who can forget her Bone Daddy series! Some of our favorite stuff! Bone Daddy…mmm…possess me, baby!


The Children of the Goddess Series started right at the beginning of her career. A beautifully complex world, characters who will break your heart, books you will never forget…It all began with REGINA IN THE SUN….

Her Temptation Unveiled series started with LIFTING THE VEIL, nominated for a CAPA award!

Then there’s her Shifting Reality series! Just pure, sexy fun! Vampires and Demons and Shifters, oh my!

What would a good RG book be without her infamously sizzzzzzzling menages?

And if you like steampunk with one of the most incredible, beautiful, complex world, and sexy heroes-and heroines!


What a varied bounty of books! There’s something for everyone! In fact, we should give away some of her books in her honor-why not? How about e-copies of her Midnight Ink story, TO THE BONE, and her Kinky Christmas Carol book, MARLEY IN CHAINS, plus a $25.00 Amazon gift card! To enter, just cruise through her books and talk to us about them-what’s your favorite? What was your gateway drug? Which cover most attracts your eye? Why do you adore RG? And don’t forget the birthday wishes for our birthday girl! (we’ll be back to announce a winner on Friday!)

Happy, happy birthday, RG! We wish you a year of success and happiness in all things! *big, wet smooches* with a boobie rubbing squeeze so tight you can barely breathe!

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    I discovered RG by reading the Midnight Ink and Kinky Christmas Carol collections. Loved both! RG’s peek at Bone Daddy in these stories intrigued me and I want to read more about this. . . entity. And I have to say, going over this list here – Big Bad John – Be still my heart. Need that on my list!

    RG, Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best for a wonderful day and an even better year!

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    Happy Birthday, RG! I should have remembered you almost share a birthday with my daughter. (hers is tomorrow). Of course, I love all of your stories but lean more toward your ménages and their covers. Oh, those covers! Mmm mmm good. The website you share with your friends and fellow Smutketeers is one of my favorites. You give so much of yourself to us through your stories and your website, the least I can do is to wish you the very best of birthdays and many more to come!

  3. 3

    For me, I first fell in love with RG’s books with The Children of the Goddess series. It’s a series that I’ve gone back to and re-read a couple of times. After that, I scooped up whatever I could find written by her!! Keep it up RG! Happy Birthday!!

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    Oh please don’t make me choose. I love all of R.G.’s books. one of my first was “Marley in Chains”. I was hooked.

    A Very HaPpY BiRtHdAY R.G.!!! Have a fabulous year ahead!

  5. 5

    Y’all already know Regina was my gateway smut. Lol :) I love you my RG!! I hope you have the best birthday evah!!!!


  6. 6

    Happy Birthday R.G.! I love your books. Regina in the Sun was the first I read. Love the cover to Geared for Pleasure.

  7. 7

    Started with the Wicked Series and went mad from there. A Very Happy Birthday R.G.! May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

  8. 8

    You are new author to me,but from what excerpts I have read I can tell I will enjoy your books. Hope you have a great day.

  9. 9

    Regina in the Sun was my gateway drug. I found it and was hooked on RG. Now I’ve read most of the ones up there and pimp her regularly.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RG!!! I hope to meet you soon. Until then have the best birthday ever!

  10. 10

    Happy Birthday! Regina in the Sun was my gateway drug! I was hooked and then devoured the entire series! Since then she is an auto buy for me! Love the diversity in her series. Have a fabulous day!

  11. 11

    I have a few of the books waiting for me to read them. The one that stands out is “Three For Me?” Looking forward to reading them.
    Have an awesome bday R.G. and wishing you many more in health and happiness HUGS

  12. 12

    Happy Birthday RG!!! I hope you are having a deliciously naughty day :)

    I love love her Wicked Series. The covers are hot, the stories are even hotter. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

  13. 13

    Regina in the Sun…no doubt! LOVE it! It was definitely the one that pulled me in! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

  14. 14

    No need to enter me, just wanted to drop by and wish R.G. the best birthday ever. Love ya kiddo. ((hugs))

  15. 15

    Just stopping by to say Happy Birthday, R.G.!!
    I hope it’s fabulous!

    I read Midnight Ink and LOVED Christie and Etta’s story! I have Possess Me and will be reading it as soon as I get time!

    No need to enter me in the contest. I own both TO THE BONE and MARLEY IN CHAINS. I just need to find time to read all of these wonderful stories.

  16. 16

    Happy Birthday RG!! I first discovered RG when I read The Children of the Goddess series and just fell in love with that series! From there I made it a mission to read everything that RG has written lol My favorite of all her books are the Bone Daddy series, The Children of the Goddess series, and the Shifting Reality series. I truly love all of the characters from those books. I hope your birthday is fantastic RG! Happy Birthday again!

  17. 17

    Hi RG,
    Happy Birthday! May you be so blessed with many more.
    Tidbit: you share a birthday with The King aka Elvis.

  18. 18

    What could be sexier than the Bone Daddy series? And *all* the covers are so freaking hot! I ove not only RG and her writing style but the Smutketeers as a whole. this is one of my favorite blogs and I probably spend more time hanging out here than I should lol. I am such a bookwhore.

    Happy, happy birthday RG: sex, love and rock & roll 4ever

  19. 19

    Happy Birthday RG! I started reading your books with Geared for Pleasure that I purchased from you at RT in Chicago (I believe I got your last copy) and have enjoyed Bone Daddy and menage stories from you since then. I am still working my way through your books, such a “chore” lol! Have a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich in honor of your B-day buddy, Elvis!

  20. 20

    Happy, happy (late) birthday! I hope it was filled with everything that is amazing!