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Hello, everyone! Angel Payne and Victoria Blue here…and we’re so happy to be visiting with our goddess friends from the Smutketeers!

We all had such a great time trading “naughty secrets” with each other during our luncheon in New Orleans, at Channing Tatum’s place, Saints & Sinners–so Victoria and I thought…why not continue the fun by dragging–errr, we mean bringing–Killian and Trey Stone, stars of our new contemporary erotic romance, NO PRINCE CHARMING, along with us to share some of their own naughty secrets…

Killian: *Lifting a commanding brow* Angel, you know the Stone family doesn’t share the dirt from under our rug with the rest of the world.

Trey: *Rolling his eyes and putting his feet up on the coffee table* Damn, Kil. You’re such an uptight ass. What do you want to know, babe? I’m an open book–especially for cuties like you. I have a soft spot for redheads…just sayin’.

Killian: You have a “soft spot” for anyone with a double-X DNA strand, brother.

Trey: Beats the hell out of living like a goddamn monk until I find The One–like a certain Stone Global Corp CEO I know.

Killian: It’s called being a productive member of society. You should try it sometime.

Victoria: *Spreading her arms* Boys, you have an audience! Can we just pretend to be civil?

Trey: *Giving her a very long once-over* Well, hel-lo there, creator of mine. When did you sneak your gorgeous ass into this cozy little blog?

Victoria: Behave. Or we’ll take your “i” devices again. Seriously, we’re here today on this fantastic blog to talk about NO PRINCE CHARMING, so let’s do that.

Killian: I’m glad you brought that up, Victoria. *Arching another really irresistible brow*. I really want to talk to you and Angel about the title of this thing.

Angel: *Steps over* Don’t get any wild ideas, Mr. Stone. The title sticks. No negotiations.

Killian: *Pinching bridge of his nose* But…this constantly comparing me to a fairy tale character…it’s impossible to live up to.

Angel: *Taking advantage of the opportunity to palm his amazing chest through his tailored dress shirt and tie* You’re very up for the task, baby.

Victoria: And actually, we said you’re NO Prince Charming…not the other way around.

Killian: People still think it’s a play on words. I’m destined to fail.

Victoria: I agree with Angel. I think you can handle it, handsome. I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of pity from the ladies out there, but nice try.

Killian: Where’s Claire when I need her?

Angel: So…you are admitting to needing her?

Killian: *Eyes growing soft* More than my own breath.

Trey: *As Angel and Victoria sigh together* Gag.

Killian: *A soft smile curling his sinfully full lips* I guess it’s not such a bad thing, having the world read about how I fell hard for my little fairy queen.

Victoria: Yes, Killian…we feel fortunate to have put your story to paper. But what about that big secret you’re still keeping from her…hmmmm?

Trey: Yeah, brother, what about that? *Chuckles* Shit like that could really ruin a man as great as you. *coughs*

Victoria: Hey! What’d I say before? Keep this one clean, boys.

Killian: *Straightening his sleeves and lifting a brow at Trey.* The lady has spoken, brother.

Trey: *Eyeing Victoria again.* And what a fine lady, indeed.

Angel: *Whacking his shoulder.* Behave. Now.

Victoria: Killian, why don’t you tell us how you actually meet Claire in the book?

Killian: Finally. A subject worth talking about. Asshat here *motioning to Trey* can’t keep his dick in his pants to save his life, so Claire and the company she works for come to clean up the PR nightmare he created for our family and our company. From the minute I saw her, I knew I had to have her. *Gives an awkward shrug.* It was that simple.

Claire: *Walking in, earning her the instant smile of a certain tall, dark, and gorgeously-attired hunk on the blog.* I don’t quite remember it in such basic terms, Mr. Stone.

Killian: *With a flirtatious smirk.* Is that so, Miss Montgomery?

Claire: You caused me quite a few restless nights. And angst-filled days, too.

Killian: Including the one where I called and woke you up, then asked what you were wearing, and commanded you to start touching yourself, and–

Trey: Oh, God. Now I really am going to hurl.

Angel: On that note, perhaps it’s better if we all get our asses out of here…and let these two have a bit of room. A-hem!

Victoria: Speaking of hems…wait up, writing partner of mine. We have to finalize our fashion choices for the RomCon conference, coming up June 19 – 22! We’ll both be there, signing paperback copies of Killian and Claire’s story at Friday Night’s book fair. We also have a very fun game for the “Dancing Through the Decades” party following that!

Angel: I can’t wait!

Trey: *Flashing an alluring smirk* Perhaps I can come along and…help you ladies.

Victoria and Angel, in unison: No!

Such an effective word, that “No”! Remember it for easy reference when you next hit up Amazon or your favorite e-reader outlet for an exciting new start to a sexy new series: The Secrets of Stone series begins with NO PRINCE CHARMING…available everywhere right now! **Buy Links for the book are also given below**


Before you dash–WHY YES–we ARE giving away some prizes, too! We’re giving away a couple of SIGNED paperback copies of NO PRINCE CHARMING, as well as a third prize of a set of imprinted wine glasses with the “Prince Charming pump” on them!

A fourth Grand Prize Winner gets the book, the glasses, and a $10 Amazon gift card!

In return, we are looking for some CREATIVE posts on this thread, detailing one *moment* in your life that emulated the one in which Claire and Killian met in the book. We’re talkin’ electricity and major WOW factor here, girls. Was it your 5th grade crush? Your college art professor? A cute boy at a club? And what happened afterward? Don’t be shy…c’mon, bring out your inner Smutketeer and let it rip!

In order to give you time to create some SUPER good answers, we won’t pick a winner until Tuesday, May 31st.

**EXTRA CREDIT: Preclude or follow your story with your favorite piece of dialogue from the scene we just referenced from the book: the very first time Killian and Claire meet. Remember, there are a few other people in that scene, too, so perhaps your favorite didn’t even come from Killian or Claire, but somebody else in the sequence. We look forward to having your feedback!

We are so thrilled and excited to bring Killian and Claire to the page for you. Their story will continue in October 2014, with Book 2 in the Secrets of Stone series, NO MORE MASQUERADE.

In the meantime, if you haven’t bought the book yet, here are the nifty Buy Links:




Available on iBooks soon!

Thanks again for the support and love, you wonderful, sexy Smutketeers!

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    And by the way…Angel’s a dork…May 31st is a Saturday, not a Tuesday. I blame the photographic resplendence that the Smutty Goddesses have been dazzling me with on Facebook! Next time, I want in on the graveyard fun. Tee hee.

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    Gurl…this is “Evil Tammy” we’re talking about…hell, I’m STILL waiting on that moment! Good Luck with the book sales! You ladies Rock!

  3. 3

    Love you, Evil Tammy!!!! Mmmwaaahhhh

  4. 4

    I just started No Prince Charming and I am already hooked!

  5. 5

    Ohhh, so good to know, Dawn! Thank you for the wonderful shout-out!

  6. 6

    There was a record store clerk singing along to a pretty obscure Dusty Springfield song. He cocked his head and closed his eyes, and I was a goner for months, dammit…

  7. 7

    Ohhhh…I love that story! I actually worked at a record store myself, in college. It was awful because I spent all my paychecks on vinyl. Look where THAT got me. LOL.

  8. 8

    “I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas?” Oh, Killian, you were already hooked!

    My crazy story– calling the boss “dear” for his to reply with a snarling smile that he didn’t have antlers. Only for me to answer “No, but I bet you’re always horny.”

    Dear God, that man was built! He even matches this description of Killian
    “His thick, shiny hair made my fingers twitch, wondering if it was soft as satin, rough as plywood, or both.”

    About a week or so after my no brain to mouth filter comment, he snuck up behind me, pressing himself against me and whispered “Follow me home tonight?”

    “You know why,” as he pulled me even closer to him. “You’ve turned me into a deer.”

    Yep– We were young and had lots of fun

  9. 9

    Holy shit, Lisa…that’s a hot story.

  10. 10

    Oh Angel. .the stories I could tell…lol