The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!
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It’s that time again. Palooza time! The Smutketeers have had a few of them before. The great Para-Palooza and the record breaking BDSM-A-Palooza, but this time we aren’t restrained by sub genre. It is the SUMMER OF LOVE and everyone is welcome!

So sit back relax and get ready for your TBR list to explode with naughty romance goodness! Read through the blurbs and check out the author messages, then read and follow the contest directions below to enter to win one of 3 prize packages!! Let’s begin :)



It’s spring break, and a group of teachers from Half Moon Bay Middle School are planning to cut loose. History teacher Meg Phillips hadn’t planned on being one of them—Vegas isn’t really a town for a bookworm—but somehow she let her friend Anne talk her into it.

Though honestly, she’d rather indulge in some poolside reading than co-star in an R-rated edition of Teachers Gone Wild.

It took some major arm twisting for Finn Walsh to convince his fellow gym teacher, Anne, to do whatever it took to get Meg to Vegas. For over a year he’s been looking for the chance to get to know her outside of work. He’s drawn to her quiet beauty and intelligence—and the hint of fire beneath her understated exterior.

When he finally gets the opportunity to peel away those layers, the result is far more explosive than he ever fantasized. Now to convince her that the week isn’t a wildly out-of-character mistake, but the start of something amazing…

Crystal’s summer secret: My favorite part of summer is cooking out on the BBQ. Grilled steak and potatoes along with some ice cold watermelon. Yum.

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Once in a Blue Moon

When testing an enemy for weaknesses, prepare for things to get hard.

Bryn Cavanaugh and her coven like that the community they live in is isolated thanks to a storm that destroyed the bridge between them and the outside world. Now the state wants the bridge rebuilt. When the construction crew checks into the inn, Bryn begins to suspect something about the crew’s boss isn’t quite…human.
Bridges are Ethan Thorne’s thing—after all, he’s a troll—so building a simple span over a remote canal in backwater Louisiana shouldn’t be this much of a problem. When he follows the pretty little innkeeper to a midnight rendezvous, he discovers why his crew keeps running in to trouble. Bryn and her coven are casting spells in the moonlight.
As a troll, Ethan feels the sting of his low place in demon hierarchy. But finding an unprotected coven of witches in the middle of the bayou could lead to all sorts of adventure. And it’s better to keep your enemies close…
Warning: Contains a handsome troll (Hey, it can happen!) who’s skilled at building sexual tension with his hands—and several other body parts, as well—and a witch who’s determined to protect her home, but forgets to shield her heart.

Pre-order at Samhain: Once in a Blue Moon

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When Kylie Wilson receives a mysterious invitation for an all expenses paid trip to a tropical, all inclusive resort, there’s no doubt in her mind who it came from—Marcus Stone, the only man she’s ever really loved. The same man who’d promised her forever and then promptly left town to pursue his dream without so much as a backward glance. Kylie owes it to herself to take a chance, and despite her conflicted feelings, she decides to risk her heart again and is soon jetting toward the island of Eden and the man she hopes will finally fill the void in her life. But when she arrives, all is not as she expected it to be. More to the point, he is not who she expected him to be. And on an island that is supposed to ‘know exactly what you need’, can Kylie open body, mind and more importantly—her heart to someone and something, she’s never considered?

Elena’s summer message: Finally, it’s summer! If you need me I’ll be sitting by the lake with a hot book and a cold drink!

Elena’s Giveaway: Ebook bundle of Summer of Change, Falling Into Forever, Winter’s Burn and Second Glances (Invitation to Eden) PLUS a $20 Starbucks E-Card


An aspiring actress, an amnesiac heiress, a tarnished movie star…and the men who love them. Love like this could only happen in LA.

Waiting for the Big One: One girl, two guys and a quest for ultimate satisfaction.

Aspiring actress Gabby Brown refuses to consider her best friend, and personal trainer, Derek Novello for the role of soul mate fearing sex will ruin their beautiful friendship. When she meets Zach, she’s convinced that he could be The One. Too bad Derek isn’t willing to share—leaving Gabby forced to choose between two sexy co-stars.

An early morning earthquake provides Gabby with the impetus she needs to stop waiting for the stars to align and finally cast her leading man.

Love, from A to Z: When April’s memory goes missing, not all her millions can buy it back.

Zach Harris was sure the girl he’d picked up in the bar last night said her name was Angel. Too bad she didn’t tell him anything more about herself, because this morning, she can’t remember anything—not even her name!

What poor-little-rich-girl April Valenzuela views as a problem, however, Zach sees as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a chance for her to discover who she really is. Not her name or her address, but the important stuff. Her personality. Her likes and dislikes. Her preferences—in and out of bed.

Let Me Count the Ways: She’s thinking fling, he’s thinking forever.

Sexy former film star Claire Calhoun is used to having her pick of studly young men. Now that she and Derek have called it quits, however, the actress-turned-entrepreneur is feeling vulnerable. After one mojito too many at a party one night, she decides it would be fun to try something new—in this case, Mike Sherman, her staid accountant and long-time fan.

Claire has been Mike’s fantasy since the first time he saw her bare it all for the camera. Now that she’s in his bed he’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep her there. But he’s not a stalker, right? He’s just a devoted fan.


PG’s message: Hey everybody! Hope you’re all having a sizzling summer of love. And thanks to the Smutketeers for hosting such a fabulous party! I spent my summer vacation in Bali this year where I was introduced to the joy of fresh ginger tea. Just add a couple of slices of fresh ginger to a cup of boiling water and let steep for a couple of minutes, then sweeten to taste. It doesn’t seem to make sense–drinking hot, spicy tea to cool down–but it sure seems to work!

PG’s giveaway: a digital copy of each of the three books that make up the trilogy. 


Girl, Interrupted meets Beautiful Disaster in this thrilling and sexy debut novel, in which a college student learns her perfect life is a lie and finds new love where she least expects it—a mental institution.
Freaks, misfits and psychopaths. Those are the kinds of people found at Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital, and high-society girl Lucy White’s new home.

Freaks, misfits and Jayden McCray. Jayden has his own set of rules for life at Newton Heights, and in this contradictory guy Lucy finds a way to live with the events that left her cheating boyfriend and best friend dead and Lucy in the middle of the investigation into their demise.

The problem? Jayden makes her want things she’s not supposed to have, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and making Lucy feel more at home in Newton Heights than she ever did at home. But this isn’t how her life is supposed to be.

Or is it?

Note: Hollow releases August 11th, but you can preorder it now. Normally $4.99, it is now only $1.99…but the sale will only last until the end of the summer. Get it while it’s cheap! :)
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Suzanne’s summer message: I love to read, but often find myself too busy to indulge. I believe that slowing down to do things you enjoy is so important, and often overlooked in our society. With this in mind, I’m challenging myself to read more this summer. I know that I can find a few minutes in my day here and there to read. While waiting for the kids, in between appointments, etc. There is always time if you are passionate about something. I need to rediscover my pasion for reading and indulge in some good books.
How about you? Do you read every day? I’m challenging myself to read one book a week. That’s only 10 books this summer. Small challenge for some, but a large one for me. Who’s with me?
Suzanne’s giveaway: ecopy of Hydrotherapy from Invitation to Eden continuity series



Two’s Company. Three is perfection.
Second Chances, book 5
Shelly MacIsaac has pretty much given up all hope. Hope that she’ll lose weight, that she’ll find any excitement in life, that there will ever be any man in her bed besides Barney, her cat.
When her friend Zoey suggests the wine girls come up with resolutions for the New Year, Shelly latches onto the one everyone expects her to choose—the tried-and-true commitment to go on a diet and get into shape. Deep inside, however, Shelly knows she needs to change a lot more than just her physical appearance.
After a year licking his wounds over a broken romance, Christian is through. He’s been quietly lusting after Shelly at work, and he’s not wasting any more time. There’s something about her that makes him believe she’s the one. Unfortunately, Shelly’s kickboxing instructor, Lance—Christian’s best friend—has set his sights on the sweet blonde as well.
Instead of pistols at dawn, the two friends come up with a deliciously erotic answer to their shared dilemma—if the shy beauty will accept their racy proposal.
Warning: There is a chance this story will encourage you to go on a diet and begin an intense exercise regime. After all, flavored body lube is low cal, right? And sex is a great way to burn calories.
Mari’s summer message: My favorite part of summer is…NO SCHOOL!
Mari’s giveaway: ebook bundle – the first four books in the Second Chances series.


Publishers Weekly Best Summer Book 2014

“You have to go. I won’t be able to control myself. I’ve wanted you so bad for so long and after I’ve been in the cage…I can’t think straight.” He gives a guttural groan and his fist clenches on my hip.

Primitive. Primal. His need speaks to me. I tighten my grip on his neck and rock up to kiss him. He takes over. His kiss is hard and demanding.

“Mine.” His voice is raw, savage and for a moment I truly believe he may lose control.

He rules in the ring

Two years ago, Jake and Amanda were going hot and heavy. But when Jake wanted more, Amanda walked away. Jake immersed himself in mixed martial arts, living life on the edge. But that didn’t dull the pain of Amanda’s rejection-until a chance encounter throws them together.

A high-powered lawyer, Amanda was a no-strings-attached kind of girl. But two years after her breakup with Jake, she still hasn’t found anyone who gets her heart pumping the way he did. And then he shows up in her boardroom, hot as sin and needing help…

But can he rule her heart?

Jake is darker, sexier, and impossible to resist. As their chemistry builds, Amanda’s not sure if she can stay in control, or if she’s finally willing to let him claim her body and soul.

Sarah’s summer message: My favorite part of summer is practicing my “One Click” technique while sitting in the shade with a cool Mojito and Kindle full of hot reads!
Sarah’s giveaway: Ebook Bundle: Yield to Me, Barely Undercover, Against the Ropes
After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station. To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible. Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become – or risk losing her for good.
A woman who needs to run her own life. A man who needs to exert control. Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?

Carly’s summer message: Happy Summer! I hope you will take a chance on Dare to Surrender. Gabe and Isabelle are my hottest couple yet and add in the island of Eden where anything can happen? Well, it’s a hot summer read.

Carly’s giveaway: $10 Amazon Gift Card












Before I met Smoke I’d never been kissed, really kissed, by a man, let alone a biker sex god bent on taking my virginity and my heart.

I got dragged into the deadly world of the Iron Horse MC by my crazy twin sister who is engaged to the club’s President and even crazier mom who only cares about herself. Smoke has been assigned by the club to keep me safe even though he’s everything that I should be afraid of. He’s the kind of man who lives by his own rules and does whatever he wants whenever he wants, but he treats me like I’m something rare and precious, not a socially dysfunctional basket case who has no idea how to love, but needs him more than her next breath.

Not that my feelings matter, because if we don’t find my mother soon, the only thing I’ll have to be worried about is who is going to kill me first.


Ann’s summer message: Nothing says summer like riding around on the back of motorcycle with the sun on your face and your arms wrapped tight around a devastatingly handsome biker like Smoke from ‘Exquisite Trouble’. I hope your sultry summer nights are filled with the kind of men (and maybe women-no judgement here) that will keep you up until the early hours of the morning with a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart. If you need someone to spend those nights with, Smoke from ‘Exquisite Trouble’ would be more than happy to take care of you.

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Temperate_Warrior_Cover Final


He was her champion. She was his weakness.
Together, they loved with wild abandon.
Gustaf Ræliksen lives by the blade of his sword. After avenging his father’s murder and reuniting with his family, he wants nothing more than to settle down and have sons of his own. Only one woman will do—a fiery redhead he saved from the spoils of war.

No longer forced to warm the beds of the men who’ve taken everything from her, Æsa has nothing to offer the noble warrior but her heart.

When someone with a deep score to settle seeks revenge upon her, Gustaf’s world is torn asunder. He has but one vow—saving the woman he loves from the ignorant fool who dared to best the temperate warrior.

The Temperate Warrior
Warrior Saga Series, Book 1
Available at: Amazon | B&N | ARe | Kobo | Smashwords | iBooks
Renee’s summer message: Hello Smutketeers! I hope you’re enjoying your summer and finding time to sit back, relax, and read. If you’re like me, I bet you have a lot of great romances on your TBR list. Might I help add to it? How about a $25 gift card to Amazon so you can stock up on plenty more hot romance novels from your favorite authors!
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ATD large

From the bestselling author of HERE, HOME, HOPE, comes a novel of suspense and choices, with a nod to the best of Susan Isaacs’s tales of suburban murder.

Everything isn’t what it seems in the wonderful suburb of Grandville. ALL THE DIFFERENCE is the story of three women whose lives become entangled by the choices they make and how, ultimately, one of them turns to murder to achieve her goals.

Roommates Laura and Angie couldn’t be more different. Laura is a local celebrity, the television anchor who is motivated to move out of small-time media markets and on to the big time, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Angie, a luckless waitress, spends her time waiting for Mr. Right to save her from temporary jobs and a life spent making bad choices.

On the other side of town, Ellen abandons her life as a successful fundraiser for that of an isolated housewife in the country estate she shares with her husband, whose affairs become increasingly hard to ignore. When the city’s gossip columnist, Maddie, and restaurant reviewer, Dixon, become involved in the mystery, the unlikely duo stir up more than they intended. But will anyone be able to stop the next murder?

Kaira’s summer message: Reader greeting: Summer is my favorite time of the year! I hope you’re having a fabulous time and happy reading!

Kaira’s giveaway:$10 Amazon gift card


Crashing Down

When reckless meets responsible…Straight A student Kathryn Lane is all work and no play. She’s determined to keep her scholarship, and that means no distractions…until she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort and meets bad boy Noah Ryan. She knows she should keep her distance—after all he’s not the kind of guy she can bring home to daddy—but his disarming smile and dangerous ways are entirely too tempting.College dropout, Noah Ryan takes one look at Kathryn and instantly knows her type—ambitious, driven and determined, just like he used to be, before the accident that derailed his life and left him an emotional wreck. He vows to avoid her, but when a co-worker backs him into a bet he can’t refuse, everything he’s been running from is challenged and he’s forced to confront his demons.Soon, Kathryn and Noah are lost to everything except each other. As their lives become entwined, their passion is reckless, their heat all-consuming but when hurtful truths spill out, can Noah prove himself worthy of the one girl who can heal his wounded heart, or will the fire they ignited turn to ash when it all comes crashing down?

Cathryn’s summer message: Ahhh, summer is finally here.  I live in Nova Scotia, and since we have the longest winters, I try to take advantage of every sunny summer day I can.  My favoritie thing to do is power up my kindle, sit on the back deck with a great read, and sip on my lemon iced tea, my favorite summer time drink!
Cathryn’s giveaway: ecopy of Yours to Take and $10 Amazon Gift Card



Wooing a life mate can be hard enough for a wolf, wooing one while under the threat of a curse even more so.
Wooing a mate while pretending to be her dog? Nearly impossible.

After being drugged and captured by Animal Control, Max Adams is on Hoboken’s doggie death row when his life mate adopts him, takes him home, and promptly names him Fluffy. While JC, in all her new-pet-owner-ness, feeds “Fluffy” vile kibble, dresses him in mortifying dog couture, and schedules to have his manhood removed, Max’s human side gets to know JC. Especially in the biblical sense.

Hopefully well enough to make her fall madly in love, mate with him under the full moon, and move with him to Cedar Glen to live happily every after forever and ever amen. And fast.

Because the curse comes with a deadline…and the clock is ticking.

Dakota’s summer message: So it’s summer. Beaches, sand, sun, exotic cocktails–YAY! While you allow scantily clad, well-oiled men the right to fan you and pop endless juicy grape after endless juicy grape into your mouth, I hope you can squeeze in a good read. And if by chance you’re too busy reading and you have scantily clad, well-oiled men at your house you’re too overwhelmed to oversee, call me, maybe? I can help! Happy summer, all!

Dakota’s giveaway: 3 winners will each get digital copy of American Werewolf in Hoboken



My Hunger (Inside Out, #3.2)

An Inside Out Novella in Mark’s POV

While Chris and Sara have traveled to Paris to avoid the chaos of press and police after the tragic night we’d shared, I have stayed to face the reality of what has happened. But there is no peace to be found in facing the truth, and no truth to be found in the confessions that have been made and retracted. I am a Master, all about control, and yet right now, facing great tragedy, I feel as if I have none. With my club and my relationships of the past in the spotlight, I find sanctuary in the one place I’ve promised I will never be again, but cannot seem to resist. Her arms.

***Mark and Crystal’s story begins in the novella Master Undone.

Lisa’s message: MY HUNGER – The Master is back #MarkCompton #YESMASTER is next in the Inside Out series

Lisa’s giveaway: 3 $10 Amazon Giftcard, 3 copies of Master Undone, 3 Inside Out Totes




Bitten By Vengeance is the climactic finale to the Hadley Werewolves series.

Cursed witch Nevena wants nothing more than to destroy the dark evil that has escaped her coven’s compound. She’s outgunned and on her own–until a band of werewolves from Hadley join in the fight.

Drew is a cop bent on protecting his pack. Hadley has been attacked again, leaving him bitter and determined to do what’s right. He will help the witches bring down what drove them to Hadley, but he refuses to get close to them…Until the curse on Nevena sucks him in.

Drew discovers what its like to love when Nevena traps both his heart and his soul. But he may lose them both in order to bring down the dark evil determined to destroy everything in its path.

Shawntelle’s message: Hope you’re having a cool summer full of hot reads!

Shawntelle’s giveaway: ebook copy of Bitten By Vengeance




Catrina Carter is in over her head. Way over her head. She’s in debt and, short of bankruptcy, which wouldn’t happen fast enough to pay the creditors nipping at her heels, Catrina has few choices. Eviction is coming any day, and even though she traded in her great car for a “more affordable” model, it’s about to be repossessed too. Catrina goes to Debt Management Associates, or DMA, for help.

The cost for DMA’s help is something she never thought she could pay, but out of options, Catrina agrees to serve a man who pays her debt in full, and begins training in how to please him. Jared. Her new benefactor. He is tasked with helping Catrina get her life back on track, in addition to taking his pleasure with her and ordering her to oblige friends, colleagues, and even total strangers sexually on his whim.

When Catrina leaves the DMA program after her one year term of service, will she be able to keep the lessons Jared literally spanked into her topmost in her mind, or will old habits rear their designer heads?

NOTE: The Payment Series is a serial. They are best read in order and are not really standalone stories.
WARNING: This series contains material some readers might find objectionable. If dark erotica themes bother you, please do not purchase this series.


Cassandra’s message: This is a GREAT drink for a hot summer day! It’s like a strawberry shortcake smoothie/milkshake combo.

Cassandra’s giveaway: Choice of my ebook backlist.




Naughty Little Secret by Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley)

Blurb:  After divorcing her never-home husband, Lauren Southall plucked up her courage, dusted off her power suits, and returned to corporate life. Two years later, there’s just one six-foot three, testosterone-packed problem: her ex-husband’s good friend and her current boss, Noah Reeves. Lauren aches for him. But she can’t possibly measure up to the silicone-packed professional cheerleaders he dates. So she hides her desire behind a professional persona and fantasizes.

For ten years, Noah Reeves has waited to make Lauren his. Once her divorce was final, he tracked down and hired the brilliant, dedicated woman. But when he’s with her, it isn’t spreadsheets and profit margins on his brain. Problem is, she’s never seen him as anything but her ex-husband’s pal. Now that she’s finally a free woman and with him 40+ hours a week, well… he’d love to persuade her to throw in her nights and weekends. So Noah decides to romance her by day. By night, he becomes a mysterious stranger devoted only to her pleasure…and discovers she’s hiding a naughty little secret of her own.


Shayla’s message: Happy Summer Smutketeers and Friends!!! I hope you are enjoying hot summer weather wherever you are! I certainly am! For a great summer read that’s perfect for the beach, my Naughty Little Secret re-released this week with a brand new cover. Enjoy!!

Shayla’s giveaway: Signed print copy of Forever Wicked



All For You
The Nephilim Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Format: .epub, .pdf

Someone—or something—is stalking Abby Marcheson. Luckily, she has her brother’s hunky friend Seth to keep her safe. Abby falls easily into her protected life, with Seth constantly by her side, and when he asks her out on a date, she’s eager to accept.

But Seth is much more than he seems. A Nephilim, a son of Angels with wings of his own, Seth is bound to spend his life hunting the Shemyaza, evil descendants of Angels. He’s kept his wings hidden from Abby in order not to frighten her, but as her stalker becomes bolder, Seth begins to suspect that a Shem has Abby in its sights…

As their flirtation escalates into full-blown passion, Seth is torn. Should he reveal his true nature to the beautiful, trusting Abby? Will she accept him, wings and all, or will Abby flee her guardian angel and fall prey to the sinister force that wishes her harm?


Dana’s message: My favorite summer cocktail: A frozen mudslide! Coffee, chocolate AND alcohol?

Where’s my blender?

1.5 oz Vodka
1.5 oz Kahlua
1.5 oz Baileys Irish Cream
1 cup crushed ice
(NOTE: 1.5 ounces is about 2 jiggers, if you’re using those)

Garnish: Chocolate syrup (optional)
Can add some ice cream in place of some of the ice. I like either chocolate or coffee flavored.

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth, then pour into a glass. Drizzle with chocolate; add whipped cream if desired.

Dana’s giveaway: Both books in the Nephilim series, All For You and The Fire Within, in either .epub or .pdf!



His Marriage Bargain

So Inked, Book 3

A woman who loves too much…

When Autumn’s best friend proposes a pretend marriage, the chance to make all the kisses she’s imagined real is too much for her to pass up. She seduces him with her body and enjoys pushing his boundaries and fulfilling their sexual fantasies—but her heart isn’t supposed to be part of the bargain.

A man about to take his last breath…

Sammi has just weeks left to live out his dying wish—the white picket fence, the house and the wife. If Autumn is the last woman he gets to taste he’ll die a lucky man. Her body, her heart—everything about her calls to him. But love isn’t supposed to be in the plans.

In the crucible of passion, these two lovers will find out what they’re really made from, and just how long I do lasts.

Purchase from: Ellora’s Cave | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks

Sidney’s giveaway: $10 Amazon gift card




Sometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.

Rule of Three, Book 3

When the pregnancy test turns positive, Kassidy, Dag and Chris are thrilled they’re going to be parents at last. Their polyamorous relationship has blossomed, and there’s more than enough love to go around for their long-awaited little “Belly Bean”.

Then reality sets in. Dag grew up without a father. Does that mean he’s too damaged to be a good role model? Kassidy is at a critical point in her career, working long hours on a high-profile project. And Chris gets a disappointing—but not exactly unexpected—reaction when he contacts his parents with the news.

As worry nibbles at the edges of their happiness, fate is poised to tear it to shreds, leaving a loving foundation three years in the making cracking under the weight of grief and guilt. And the trio in the fight of their lives to repair their unconventional bonds.
Product Warnings
Our sexy threesome is back for their happy ending. Keep extra tissues on hand for tears, a fan on standby for hot sex, and a post-it note to remind you to take a deep breath. It’s time to find out if the juice is really worth the squeeze.

Kelly’s message: Well, I’d like to say summer is my favorite time for reading, but that’s not true because I read ALL the time. So I’ve never really gotten that whole “beach read” concept. Yes, I love reading on the beach, or by the pool…or on my deck, or on my couch in front of the fireplace or in the bathtub or in bed…pretty much anywhere! But if you’re looking for hot summer reads, this Love-A-Plaooza is the place to find them!

Kelly’s giveaway: digital copy of Rule of Three, Book 1




Book two of the Pleasure Code series.

After the loss of her Dom and first love two years ago, the time has come for Kyla to again allow herself the pleasure of giving up control. She isn’t looking for anything serious yet, just the comforting embrace of rope and a firm hand on her body for the night.

Rope-top Sawyer is extremely skilled and he doesn’t do relationships—but he’s fascinated by the gymnastics instructor who approaches him at a kink con. By the end of the day he’s vowed to help her feel submissive pleasure again, and to introduce her to a few Doms she can choose from.

But as Sawyer breaks down Kyla’s emotional defenses, his barriers also come down. Soon he can’t imagine giving Kyla over to any other Dom—and Kyla can’t imagine being with anyone else. When their feelings are put to the ultimate test, they’ll learn that while taking risks in the bedroom is easy, taking risks in love is terrifying.

Gillian’s message: I just discovered a great summertime activity. Ice blocking!

What you need:

1-2 blocks of ice per person

1 hand towel

1 grassy hill

What you do:

Climb to the top of a hill. Place the towel over the block of ice. Sit down on the covered ice block and let physics do the work for you. It’s like sledding but in summer. We found success in placing two blocks of ice side by side and sliding down on both. Warning: Mixing alcohol & ice blocking is NOT recommended. Hilarity might ensue but so will ‘grass rash’ or something worse!

Gillian’s giveaway: Since Up In Knots is book two of my Pleasure Code series, I’ll be giving away a copy of book one, Wicked Weekend!




All the military training in the world won’t help him knock down her walls.

Years ago a terrifying attack left Kenzie McLaughlin trusting only a few men in her insular life on Whidbey Island—her brothers and her father. But when a sexy Navy guy who waltzes into the family pub doesn’t hesitate to makes his interest known, no amount of mental red flags are enough to keep her from being tempted to dip a toe back into the dating pool.

Twice burned in the past, Brett Craven has sworn off serious relationships, at least while he’s still in the Navy. A gorgeous redhead with a fiery wit and wariness of men, though, has blown his well-reasoned strategy out of the water.

There’s no denying the attraction between the two, but Kenzie teeters on a tightrope anchored on one end by hope, the other by caution.

Because if she lets her guard down long enough to fall for Brett, it could leave her vulnerable to the one man who’s been left free to prey upon her fear.

Shelli’s message: Hello all! I hope you’re soaking up the sun this summer, and the only melting you’re doing is because you’re reading hot books! If you like sexy Scots, I’ve got them for you!

Shelli’s giveaway: Any ebook from my backlist and an e-arc of Highland Fling as soon as its available!




Before she became Manhattan’s  most famous dominatrix, Nora Sutherlin was merely a girl called Eleanor…Rebellious, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn’t want to break. She’s sick of her mother’s zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she’ll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic Father Marcus Stearns—Søren to her and only her—and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Eleanor is consumed—yet even she knows being in love with a priest can’t be right.But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. When she vows to repay him with complete obedience, a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets that will change everything.

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed.  Everything is about to begin.

Tiffany’s message: Hi Sinners! If you’re looking for a fun beach read try THE SAINT. A kinky Catholic priest and a troubled teenage girl fall in love. It’s a romance! Happy sinning!

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Genius scientist Mason Riley can cure world hunger, impress the
media and piss off the Vice President of the United States all before
breakfast. But he’s not sure he can get through his high school class

Then he meets the new girl in town.

Adrianne Scott loves Sapphire Falls. The sleepy little town has been the
perfect place to escape her fast-paced, high stress lifestyle. Her only
plans now include opening her candy shop and living a quiet, drama-free

Until Mason Riley bids four hundred dollars just to dance with her.

Mason sure doesn’t look—or kiss—like a genius scientist geek. In fact, he
makes Adrianne’s heart pound like nothing she’s ever experienced. Passion
like this with a guy who travels the world and parties at the White House
should probably be a red flag for a girl who wants a simple boring life.

Good thing no one falls in love in a weekend.

*And look for the other books in the series. Getting Worked Up and Getting Dirty!

Erin’s message: One of my favorite summer memories was the week of the big annual festival
in the little town where my grandparents lived when I was kid. The
festival meant rides and cotton candy and bright lights and staying out
late. I loved everything about it. We now live in a town where the annual
county fair is held and I still love every bit of it. It wouldn’t be
summer without a Ferris wheel in my opinion!

So when I decided to write a small town summer series, I automatically
included a town festival. That’s just *summer* to me! And the festival in
Sapphire Falls has it all– rides, dunk tank, kissing booth, funnel cakes,
petting zoo… the whole nine yards!

So you’re cordially invited to join us in Sapphire Falls for lots of
summer fun! Though, I will say, this festival gets even hotter than most
I’ve been to :)

Erin’s giveaway: Set of all three Sapphire Falls book: Getting Out of Hand, Getting Worked
Up and Getting Dirty in winner’s choice of e-format and some swag :D




She has complete control…and he’s determined to take it away

A librarian in the small town of Hood River, Natalie Clayton’s world is very nearly perfect. After a turbulent childhood and her once-wild ways, life is now under control. But trouble has a way of turning up unexpectedly—especially in the tall, charismatically sexy form of Paddy Hurley….

And Paddy is the kind of trouble that Natalie has a taste for.

Even after years of the rock-and-roll lifestyle, Paddy never forgot the two wickedly hot weeks he once shared with Natalie. Now he wants more…even if it means tempting Natalie and her iron-grip control. But there’s a fine line between well-behaved and misbehaved—and the only compromise is between the sheets!


Lauren’s giveaway: Winner’s choice of epub or mass market paperback ARC of The Best Kind of Trouble



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Book 1 in the NA rock star series, Lost in Oblivion
Love definitely wasn’t on the setlist.
Opening for their idols on their first tour, Oblivion is living the dream. Mostly. Frustrated at being shoved out of his mediator role by their new manager, Deacon McCoy loses himself in brutal workouts. He only comes up for air long enough to refuel–and to tease the deliciously cute chef who makes him crave a lot more than what she’s offering on her serving plate.
As the child of roadie parents, Harper Pruitt has heard every pickup line twice. To her, musicians are one step above the scraps on her cutting board. All she wants is to get enough experience to run her own catering company, but Deacon and his bottomless stomach are too tempting to resist. He’s far from the typical rock star and before long, she finds herself experimenting with him, inside and out of the kitchen.
Apron – and panties – optional.
When Harper sees that Deacon’s dream band with his best friends may be turning into a nightmare, she can’t walk away. Deacon’s so much more than just a peacemaker and the man behind the bass. But she has her own dreams to chase…even if she’s starting to think what she’s building with him might be the biggest one of all.
You met Deacon McCoy in SEDUCED, now you can watch just how far a big man can fall.

Cari’s message: Hi everyone! Happy summer! If you’re looking for a summery treat, may I recommend a serving of Harper from Rocked’s dried strawberries? They’re a yummy, fun way to get your fruits in! Harper’s a chef and a foodie and if you read Rocked, I bet you’ll get hungry more than once…and in more than one way. ;) Have a great time beating the heat and thanks for stopping by!

Cari’s giveaway: $10.00 Amazon/BN e-gift card and backlist ebook of mine, winner’s choice



What happens when a prostitute falls in love with her client, but doesn’t plan to quit her job?

I’m Star, a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light district. I invite you to step through my window. Careful, though. Observing my passionate exchanges may destroy your preconceptions.

I adore my profession. I’m many things in the course of one evening—whore, lover, nurse, psychologist and friend. But above all, I’m still a woman. Maybe the truths I’ve discovered about myself by serving others will help me deal with one customer who’s come to mean more than all the others.

There’s no doubt Rick desires me, but lately our business arrangement seems personal. How can I choose between the profession I love most, and the person I can’t live without?

I’m greedy. I want both.

Jayne’s message: Hey everyone, Jayne here, I’m having a fantastic summer steaming up my office writing sexy new stories.  I hope you’re all staying HOT!

 Jayne’s giveaway: 3 autographed copies of my collector guide


PRE-Order for August!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye comes the exhilarating conclusion to Mal, Adele and Dorian’s story—the improbable young romance that began in Three Little Words…

Adele Cavanaugh wasn’t looking for a man at all… and she found two.

Happy for the first time ever, Adele is finally moving past the tragedy that tore her world apart. But everything changes… and Adele knows that only too well. Just as soon as everything goes right, it falls to pieces yet again.

Dorian’s band gets an opportunity that will take him away from her and Mal.

Adele’s tormentors reappear.

And Malachi’s ex-girlfriend Emma wants him back.

There are too many hearts on the line… and all three question if they can make it in a world set up to run two by two.

Please note: this story also includes a sexy new tattoo (his), an abduction fantasy (theirs), a roller derby music video and, of course, Humper the cat.

Lauren’s message: My perfect summer day involves lying on a lounger at the side of the ocean, ereader in one hand, frosty margarita in the other… mostly naked cabana boy fanning me from nearby. I hope your summer is just this awesome!
Happy reading!

Lauren’s giveaway: $50 Amazon gift card



After she infiltrated his business and betrayed his trust, a disavowed CIA agent must seek sanctuary in the bedroom of a man who will either help her, kill her, or bring her to her knees…
Becca Ford is on her own. Eight months after she headed up a sting operation to take down millionaire club owner Jarrett Holt, the other agents in her special ops team have been eliminated under odd circumstances, and she needs a place to hide.

Jarrett is a man who prefers darkness to light. He deals in the only truly valuable currency—information—and his supper club caters to an exclusive clientele. It was an uncharacteristic moment of weakness when he let a woman into his life. But it’s not luck that the criminal charges disappeared . . . as did the evidence.

When Becca returns to the club seeking his help, Jarrett doesn’t want to hear her story. But he does want her body, and demands that she give it to him. He’ll keep her safe—for now—but it’ll be in his bed and on his terms, until he says they’re done.

HelenKay’s message: Hello!  I happen to live in Southern California, which is sort of like living in a place with perpetual spring. The summer does get a bit warmer, and when it does I love to sit under a tree with a great book and a cold drink. I hope you all get to do that this week!
HelenKay’s giveaway: a digital copy of my Cosmo Red-Hot Read, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Members Only, Book Five

It’s been years since Angel and Davis said “I do” but husband and wife are no longer their most important labels.

He demands nothing short of her complete submission and she finds her place in the world. On her knees—at his feet. Now as members of The Library, a private BDSM club catering to the dark and decadent, they get to explore fantasies they never expected to have.

Marriage. It was supposed to be everything. But for Angel and Davis, it is only the beginning.

Jennifer’s message: My favorite part about summer, other than the hot temperatures which I love, is the SWIMMING! I love everything about it. Smelling like sun tan lotion, laying out by the pool, swimming with my son, getting to wear a bikini (I have a slight bikini obsession), flip flops, and sand, and cabana boys, snow cones. I absolutely love it. Wish everyday could be a summer day. I would definitely be a happy girl!!

Jennifer’s giveaway: any e-book from my backlist. Winners Choice!



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You can’t keep a bad girl down…at least not without restraints.

Wild Crush, Book 2

After an affair with a Dom turns sour, Jasmine Campbell returns to Leyton’s Headland to build up some good karma by keeping her sister’s business afloat. For that, she needs help from real estate developer Aaron Sanderson—an old school mate who’s grown up movie-star handsome.

When Jasmine knocks on his office door, Aaron can barely contain his triumph. In high school he had an unrequited crush on Jasmine, but ten years on he’s better at close encounters with the opposite sex. He thinks he knows just how to handle Jasmine—with an aloof demeanor and a firm hand.

Little does he know just how firm a hand Jasmine needs.

Jasmine figures a fun vanilla fling will cleanse her sexual palate. Yet her lover proves himself surprisingly adept at satisfying her submissive desires. And soon she’s in serious danger of doing the one thing she swore never to do: fall in love.

Warning: Contains casual sex, intimate sex, slow sex, fast sex, rough sex, roleplay sex and spanking. So basically, lots of sex and spanking.

Sami’s message: What do I love about Summer? Margaritas! LOL. Actually that’s totally true, but it’s not just the poolside drinks, it’s the time spent with family, the sweet relief of diving into the pool after a long hot day, the aroma of sunscreen and sand, and the short amount of time it takes to get dressed in the morning. I love to write summer-themed books, too. I hope you check out my latest from Samhain Publishing, it’s called Irrepressible Jasmine and it’s book 2 in the Wild Crush series that’s all about surfing, summer and coming home.

Sami’s giveaway: a copy of Unforgettable Summer


JESS DEE at Amazon: / Barnes & Noble

Two men, one woman, and a romantic vineyard. Summer’s never been this hot…

Tastes of Seduction, Book 1

Angus Lowe feels like he’s just stepped onto the set of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. He’s checking out a luxurious boutique hotel and winery, lured by the possibility of landscaping the gardens. And he’s crazy mad about the woman giving him the tour.

Problem is, Lily Hemington is way out of his league. Not only does she live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she is also crazy mad about the owner of the hotel, Blake Seymour.

Issues get cloudier—or could that be steamier?—when Angus meets Blake. It’s clear Blake has deep feelings for Lily, but it’s also obvious he can’t take his eyes off Angus. While Angus doesn’t find this at all unpleasant, he’s painfully aware Lily and Blake are perfect for each other, and that he doesn’t belong in their perfect world.

Now it’s up to Lily and Blake to convince Angus the only world that counts is the one they all create together.

Warning: This book should be enjoyed with a bottle of chilled white wine. You’ll need it to cool down when the heat among these three characters burns out of control.

Jess Dee’s message: While all of you living in the Northern Hemisphere are lucky enough to be soaking up the gorgeous summer sun, relishing the steamy, hot days and sultry nights, please spare a thought for poor, little ol’ me. 

I’m stuck down here in a wintery Sydney, freezing my &%*ing #$@s off.
If you’re looking for a perfect read to complement those gorgeous summer days and nights (or heat up the winter ones), I have just the thing:  SUMMER WINE – book 1 in the Tastes Of Seduction series.
Jess Dee’s giveaway: Winner’s choice from my backlist




It all starts with sex under a desk…

Heart of Fame, Book 7

After yet another month without a lead singer, the band Synergy is on the verge of calling it quits. Which drives Jaxon Campbell, keyboardist and perpetual player, to do something dangerous—hit up a woman with contacts—and curves—in all the right places. Trouble is, the last time he saw her, he kind of broke her heart. And stole her cherished, autographed AC/DC album.

Natalie Thorton, Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, knows everyone who’s anyone in Australia’s music industry. She’s driven and utterly professional and doesn’t have room in her schedule for relationships.

When Jaxon strides into her office, all of Natalie’s suppressed sexual urges—the ones born in Jax’s arms—surge to the surface. He wants something from her? Well, she wants something from him. Orgasms. Lots of them.

How can Jax say no? He’s never forgotten her, and it’s not like they’re going to fall in love. But just who’s playing who? And whose heart is going to fall first?

Warning: Contains a sexual challenge involving sex in public places, sex in private places, sex in moving cars, sex against windows and sex in the company of an oblivious federal politician. So basically, we’re talking about getting laid. A lot.

Lexxie’s message: May your summer be as hot and wet as a summer Down Under…and by hot, I mean full of half naked men with arses like this (picture of sexy bums sadly did not come through)

and by wet I mean….well…I’m sure y’know what I mean, right? ;)

Lexxie’s giveaway: $5 Amazon gift card and the first ebook in the Heart of Fame series




It’s all fun and games until their hearts are on the line.

Are You Game? Book 1

Cassandra Moreland’s hard work to build her party-planning business is starting to pay off. There’s only one thorn in her side – a six-foot-five wall of testosterone throwing his weight around while she supervises her friend Lil’s first party. Butting heads doesn’t work. Ignoring him really doesn’t work. Not when he makes her pulse race and her palms sweat. But no way will she give in to his demand to shut the rowdy party down.

Lucas Wilhelm, head of McDermott Security, can’t believe the pint-sized brunette has the balls to go toe-to-toe with him. Strangely enough, that sassy mouth of hers isn’t ticking him off. It’s tightening his groin and stirring something much hotter than anger.

A stolen moment in a pantry leads to a challenge that pushes each other’s sexual boundaries to the limit. Except the rules go up in flames when they realise they’re not just playing around. They’re playing for keeps.

Warning: Contains an alpha male who’s used to being in charge, and a tough-as-steel woman who isn’t going down easy. Involves the use of beads, but not in the way you might think.

Rhian’s message: I’d like to be an adult about this and tell you to get out there in the sun and have a good time but you know what? I’m not gonna. Instead I’m going to sit here and sulk :(  because while all you people in the northern hemisphere are enjoying summer I’m stuck in the arctic freeze masquerading as Sydney, Australia. So when you’re sitting on the beach or hanging out in the park or enjoying the great outdoors under the gorgeous summer sun think of me hiding out in my office under a heated blanket with fifty billion trillion layers of clothes on. *some one pass me a hot book to read*

Rhian’s giveaway: $5 gift card and digital copy of Truth or Dare–another book in the Are You Game? series

BONUS from Sami, Lexxie, Jess and Rhian


Burning Up by Sami Lee
Pam Spencer is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places. Sure, she wants a solid relationship, but if steamy casual sex is on offer, who is she to turn it down? Especially when the offer comes from not one, but two smokin’ hot firefighters.
Compliance by Lexxie Couper
Bethany’s got a thing for two hot guys: a nerd and a jock. She’s also got a fantasy that will be mutually pleasurable for them all. She isn’t expecting complete and utter sexual domination though…nor losing her heart to one of them.
Party Of Three by Jess Dee
Spencer Allen’s quest for true love just hit a brick wall—his best mate, Levi Barret. Their mutual lust for the same woman, Chelsea Holden, could spell the end of their friendship…or the beginning of a whole new relationship.
Pass the Parcel by Rhian Cahill
For one night Kitty will be everything Ethan and Finn want. But living out her wildest fantasies was never meant to be this good. And when the sun comes up she’ll discover she’s given them more than her body. She’d given them her heart.



Bad Idea by Damon Suede


All Romance Ebooks:


Barnes & Noble:

Bad Idea: Some mistakes are worth making.

Reclusive comic book artist Trip Spector spends his life doodling super-square, straitlaced superheroes, hiding from his fans, and crushing on his unattainable boss until he meets the dork of his dreams. Silas Goolsby is a rowdy FX makeup creator with a loveless love life and a secret streak of geek who yearns for unlikely rescues and a truly creative partnership.

Against their better judgment, they fall victim to chemistry, and what starts as infatuation quickly grows tender and terrifying. With Silas’s help, Trip gambles his heart and his art on a rotten plan: sketching out Scratch, a “very graphic novel” that will either make his name or wreck his career. But even a smash can’t save their world if Trip retreats into his mild-mannered rut, leaving Silas to grapple with betrayal and emotions he can’t escape.

What will it take for this dynamic duo to discover that heroes never play it safe?

Damon’s message: Hope y’all are having a groovy Smutketeer summer, reading hard and living slick. I’m doing my annual writing binge at the moment, sleeping bizarre hours and eating gummi bears by the metric ton. I do think I shaved once last week, but it’s getting freaky up in this joint while I finish the new novel. LOL

Damon’s giveaway: Any one of my audiobooks (Bad Idea, Horn Gate, or Hot Head) along with the ebook copy of that title



InkHeart Authors Steamy & Sizzling and Sexy & Sweet Boxed Sets

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Look for TJ’s  Juicy, Book 1 in Twilight Teahouse series
TJ’s message: Hey all! This is TJ, and I’m sure you’re enjoying your bright and long summer days. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to live and live large. Why? Because, as Hunter Thompson says, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” So live large and enjoy life…even if it’s through a good book! Happy Rest-Of-Summer to you!


TJ’s giveaway: a complimentary copy of Mastered for Nook or Kindle



Strip Club Series, Book 1.
There once was a place the women of Austin, Texas could mix fantasy with flesh and experience erotic temptations for the price of admission and a handful of dollars. Iron Rods. The strip club is now in disrepair though and Bennett Truitt, estranged son of the club’s aging and half-crazy owner, wants to replace the landmark with condos. He hires feisty Tatum Reynolds to manage the club, sure she will fail, but not before he has a chance to sample her skills in bed.
After another rejection letter, Tatum realizes she’ll never be a professional dancer on or off Broadway. Down on her luck, she’s determined to make the run-down club successful no matter what, or who, it takes. She never expected her new boss to be so enticing they’re breaking doors down to get to each other, get their clothes off, taste each delectable inch.


Brenna’s message: I can’t imagine a summer without a cool drink and hot men wearing next to nothing. And at Iron Rods – the best little fictional strip club for women in Austin, Texas – women can certainly have BOTH!  Why not pour a cold cocktail of your own and check out the book that’s receiving five star reviews from the critics? Or are you afraid to get too hot this summer?

Brenna’s giveaway: Prize package! Win an Iron Rods T-shirt and a copy of my August 15th release, Touched by Midas, from the SEALs Going HOT series with Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland and Samantha Cayto



When power play becomes more than just a game…

BDSM. Submission. Spanking…These are the things Skye has always craved, the desires she has never allowed herself to explore. Until now. She thought she was looking for a single experience, something to purge these strange yearnings from her system. Instead she finds a man whose absolute authority and stunning good looks leave her breathless, willing to do anything he asks of her. But only for one night…

Adam has other ideas. Skye could be the perfect submissive once he’s done training her—for someone else. For him, that’s always the way it’s been. But Skye is different. Enticing. Intoxicating. Irresistible. Soon all he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.


DangerouslyInked-Final-NYT-200x300When the submissive he played on New Year’s Eve turns out to be his tempting tattoo artist…Finn knows Rosie may soon have him on his knees.

Aussie Dom and ultimate ‘player’ Finn Carter is in New Orleans to spend New Year’s Eve with his friend Mick at The Bastille, the city’s infamous BDSM club. A night of play with a beautiful sub leaves him wanting more…more than he’s ever imagined with any other woman. When the tattoo artist he has an appointment with turns out to be her more than his flesh may be marked forever.

Roisin ‘Rosie’ Gallagher’s past and working as a tattoo artist has taught her to be tough. Even in her scenes as a submissive she’s strong, always fighting to give herself over. Tattooing Finn may give her a thrill at being the one in command now, but as they explore the kink dynamic in private the control ceases to matter, and all that’s left is pure pleasure…and the possibility of something that could last as long as the ink on his skin.

*Originally published as part of the Midnight Ink Anthology


Eden’s message: It’s summer, and that means it’s time to lounge! This is my favorite form of summertime lounging: Start with one cool, sparkling pool, mix in a frosty, fruity drink, add a good book (this summer it’s going to be RG’s super-sexy The Billionaire Bachelors series!), stir with a hot, shirtless cabana boy to rub in the sunscreen and you have my perfect summer day! Hope you find yours!

Eden’s giveaway: A $10.00 Amazon Gift Card *plus* e-copies of winner’s choice of any *TWO* of the following books: DANGEROUSLY INKED, OBSESSION, BREAKING SKYE, TEMPT ME TWICE, SUMMER SOLSTICE, THE SEEKING KISS.




What’s better than one hot alien at your service? Two hot aliens in your bed.

After four months of orbiting Earth in a spaceship bursting with sex-starved aliens, nurse Shelley Bonham will do just about anything to get off. The ship, that is.
Not that the aliens aren’t hot enough to put her hormones on red alert. In fact, the more time she spends with the Garathani leader Cecine and his personal guard Hastion, the more she wants them. Knowing what Cecine and Hastion are doing to each other when nobody’s looking only makes it harder to keep her hands to herself.
But she’s already been betrayed by one alien–her dead douchebag of a husband. Can she trust her future–and her children–to another?

Warning: Contains the usual Robin L. Rotham smorgasbord of m/m/f menage and D/s elements, plus a shipload of alien alphas in outer space.

Book 3 in the Aliens Overnight series.


NotSoOverEli72Buy HERE

Paramedic Bart Rigger finally has the life he wants rather than the one his father dictated, thanks to hot new fiancée Rhonda Giannetti. But a whirlwind trip to New Orleans puts it all at risk when he’s forced to confront unresolved feelings for his first love, tattoo artist Elijah Bell.

Originally published as part of the Midnight Ink anthology.


Robin’s giveaway: $10 Amazon gift card






Book 1 of the brand new Billionaire Bachelors Series

Dean Warren is the billionaire CEO of Warren Industries. He’s spent the last five years proving his worth and repairing his family’s reputation. But the rules he’s had to live by are starting to chafe, especially when it comes to one particular employee. He doesn’t believe in coincidence, but when Sara Charles shows up suddenly unemployed and asking him to agree to a month of indulging their most forbidden fantasies–there’s no way he can refuse.

When reality is better than his wildest dreams, will the CEO break all of his own rules to keep her?



Book 2 in Billionaire Bachelors

Tracy Reyes is a man who enjoys having control. Over his family’s billion dollar land and cattle empire, over the women he tops at the club, and over his life. When teacher Alicia Bell drops into his lap with a problem that needs solving and a body that begs to be bound, he can’t resist the opportunity to give her the education in kink she needs. But can he walk away from his passionate pupil when it’s time to meet his future bride?

22600814 Book 3 in the Billionaire Bachelors series
Henry Vincent and Peter Faraday have been friends forever. The royal rocker and polymath playboy have more than a few things in common. They’re both billionaires, they both love a challenge…and they’ve both carried a long-lasting torch for the woman that got away. Finding Holly again brings back feelings and memories neither one of them wanted to face. But they’ll have to if they want to share her. Keeping her from running again and making her admit how she feels about them will take teamwork. Hours of teamwork…and handcuffs
Coming in July
Coming soon…look for Book 3 in the Bone Daddy series!

RG’s message: I went crazy this summer and planned to have a release out every week of July…I blame the heat, but you can benefit from my temporary insanity. Enjoy!

RG’s giveaway: $20 Amazon gift card



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-Sarah Castille’s giveaway: Ebook Bundle: Yield to Me, Barely Undercover, Against the Ropes

-Erin Nicholas’ giveaway: Set of all three Sapphire Falls book: Getting Out of Hand, Getting Worked Up and Getting Dirty in winner’s choice of e-format and some swag

-Jess Dee’s giveaway: Winner’s choice from her backlist (e-book)

-TJ Michaels’ giveaway: a copy of Mastered for Nook or Kindle

-Cassandra Carr’s giveaway: Choice of 1 book from her ebook backlist.


Until then!




144 comments to “The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!”

  1. 1

    Some wonderful reads here! Some I have already and some I just got. Thank you for sharing this. I need to go read now.

    My favorite thing about summer – what jumps to mind first is all these wonderful books to read. ;-) Other than that, I love the fresh produce that we start to get in the markets. Cherries and raspberries, rhubarb and asparagus. Yum!

  2. 2

    Yay Palooza time!!!! I see so many of my favorite authors here and more that look like they could be added to my favorites. This is awesome.
    My favorite things about summer…hmmm…I would have to go with the fact that it’s a chance to go outside and have some fun in the sun and sand. :D I love going to the beach with my husband and our puppies. It’s definitely the highlight of my summer.

  3. 3

    Living in Florida is pretty much live in summer weather, but is would have to be taking the time off the visit family. And being able to read anytime and staying up as late as I would reading and not having to got to work. :)

  4. 4

    Summer is all about the beach, swimming, warm weather and vacation time :-D

  5. 5

    My favorite thing about summer is….laying in the sun and my son being out of school

  6. 6

    My favorite thing about summer (I live in Florida so it’s really summer all year) is actually being able to have Friday lunches with a couple of friends who are teachers. It’s nice to have girl time :)

  7. 7

    The best thing about summer is more time to read because I don’t have to get my boys to bed and ready for school the next day!

    tweeted on twitter but can’t figure out how to see the link @kporter65

  8. 8

    My favorite thing about summer is that I get to spend more time with my kiddos and hubby (he’s a teacher) since school is out. Lots of family time and day trips, just exposing them to all kinds of different things.

  9. 9

    The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!— Tammy Cyr (@TammyCyr1) July 14, 2014

    My favorite thing about summer is the beautiful weather, for spending time outdoors.

  10. 10

    Sun, fun Terrace dining- this is summer in my city!!!

  11. 11

    My favorite thing about summer is reading and the beach!

  12. 12

    Best thing of summer is nice nights and days at the beach!

  13. 13

    I tweeted!!!

  14. 14

    I tweeted! My favorite thing about summer is no homework. My weeknights are not frantic and harried getting through kids homework, school projects, items to be gathered, papers/permission slips to be signed.

  15. 15
    Spenings the summer at the lake with my grand daughters and reading

  16. 16

    Favorite thing about summer:
    Beautiful gardens
    Abundance of fresh foods; peaches, blueberries, zucchini, cantaloupe, sweet corn, tomatoes

    Long evenings to sit outside drinking wine and reading
    Laying on a raft in the ppol

  17. 17

    One of my favorite things about summer is the local annual rodeo. This is always a fun time. I never dreamed that there was actually a rodeo held in southwestern Pennsylvania until I saw a writeup about this one in the paper a few years ago. YeeHaw!

  18. 18

  19. 19

    My favourite thing about summer is that it’s warm! I really don’t do well in the cold weather.

  20. 20

    Favorite summer thing? Summer fruit, in all its many delicious variations!



  21. 21
    Told several friends

    My favorite thing about summer are the longer days so I can read outside in the sun longer!

  22. 22

    Favorite thing is the beach!!

  23. 23

  24. 24

    What I like about summer is……..fall is not far behind!!!! :) Haha…

    Actually, summer in the PNW is great, even though lately it has been a little hot….but I am near the water, and I love watching the sunshine reflect off the water and being able to see such gorgeous sunsets over the Casacde Mountains :)

  25. 25
    The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!

  26. 26

    I commented on the Samhain Yahoo group here:

    In summer, I love the concerts and the opportunities for travel!

  27. 27

    I don’t really have a favorite thing about summer.

  28. 28

    Best thing I like about summer is the warm weather, swimming, being able to spend more time with family..

  29. 29
    I love the beach and swimming, or even just chilling….

  30. 30

    Best thing about summer? Swimming, laying in the sun reading and less clothes!

  31. 31

    The best thing is it signifies vacation time!

  32. 32

    I feel like I have found nirvana ;) So excited! Summer is best for reading and enjoying all of life’s pleasures

  33. 33

    My favorite thing about summer is that it’s so HOT outside, I can just stay inside and get HOT from reading these awesome books!!!!

  34. 34

    Sharing on twitter and FB!

    And … my favorite thing about summer? … MY BIRTHDAY! XD

  35. 35

    Shared on Twitter

    I shared on Facebook (Timitra Cozier-Bobb) but can’t figure out how to get the link

  36. 36

    Ooops forgot to answer question, I love the heat means I can have ice-cream, blizzards, slurpees, slushies…

  37. 37

    I shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is under my name and Twitter is under FichtM. I do not know how to get the link codes.

  38. 38

    My favorite thing about summer is the longer days.
    I posted on FB under Jill Merriott-Hasker.

  39. 39

    favorite thing about summer is the warm weather. i love to sit outside with a book and read while catching some rays!

  40. 40

    What a giveaway!!! Shared on FB & Twitter. My favorite part if summer: NOT working!!

  41. 41

    Please see above response– forgot to include links. Shared under my FB name & twitter:The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!

  42. 42

    I love Summer for ice cream, warm sun and cool water to play in. And reading in the shade.

  43. 43

    My favorite thing about summer…I have 2. One is running around barefoot and the other is no school.
    Thank you for the giveaway! So many yummy books!!

  44. 44

    Favorite part of summer would simply be the beach snd books. It’s the ideal combination if you ask me.

  45. 45

    Favorite part of summer going on vacation!!!!

  46. 46

    My favourite thing about summer is all the free time I can spend reading.

  47. 47

    Summer to me is about the beach and vacationing and spending time with family and friends.

  48. 48

    Thanks for the AMAZING Giveaway! My favorite thing about summer is… Not having to wake up early in the morning to get kids up for a school.

  49. 49

    My favorite thing about summer is not having a schedule!

  50. 50

    Holy hot smokin books. I can’t wait read some of these this summer. Where to start!

    My favorite thing about summer is quiet nights on my deck with a good book on my kindle. Of course that’s my favorite thing all year!

  51. 51

    I love to spend time reading on the beach. I look forward to all the new books coming out.

    I have shared on FB, twitter, text msg to friend, and will be sharing on instagram as well.

    I so wish I could come but I am dealing with a mother going through Chemo and many other health issues.

  52. 52

    Wow what an AWESOME giveaway!
    I love BBQ`s and going to lakes.

  53. 53

    My favorite thing about summer is that I don’t have to shovel snow so I get more time to read! :)

    Share on fb:
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    Shared on pintrest:

  54. 54

    My favorite thing this summer is having my son home from College and spending time with us
    I’m tagging Ashley Reader Granger on FB with my share about this. I don’t post directly on FB cause there are too many that see my page that wouldn’t appreciate my taste in reading material…

  55. 55

    Shared on FB ~

    Google+ ~

    Twitter ~

    Favorite thing about summer ~ the chance to spend more time outside hiking, biking, and of course READING!!

  56. 56

    Hot summer nights!! And laying be the pool. Too bad damn work gets in the way most of the time.

  57. 57

    shared via email

    going to the beach

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  58. 58

    My favorite thing about summer is being able to sit outside and read a book!

  59. 59

    Twitter: @dzscgirl02

    (I shared on both, but they are both set to private so I hope you can see what you need to!)

    My favorite thing about summer is reading a good book while relaxing at the beach. There is truly nothing better!!!

  60. 60

    I can read all the “smutty” books I want and everyone thinks I am just enjoying a “summer” read.

  61. 61

    I love to read books I didnt start reading until about two years ago and I am loving every book that I get into and now I cannot stop. No beach here in iowa just corn

  62. 62

    I love floating the day away in a pool, sometimes with a good book!

  63. 63

    My most favorite thing about summer is my birthday. My birthday is at the end of July. I love to eat garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Margaret Herman

  64. 64

    Thanks to all the awesome authors and readers for dropping by to hang with the Smutketeers! *smooches to all*

    Eden ;)

  65. 65

    My fav thing about summer is curling up by the pool with a great book (and some wine )

  66. 66

    My favorite thing about summer is people seem so much more relaxed. I actually like the school year because we have a schedule. I also like that I can usually block out reading time during the summer that I usually don’t get during the school year.

  67. 67

    Great books. I have shared
    Pinned – http://.com/pin/292663675758719562/

    Tweeted –

    Google+ –

    What I love about summer is being outside and enjoying the sunshine. Going to festivals and flea markets with friends.

  68. 68

    wow.awesome books and great prizes.
    My favorite thing about summer is being bale to sit outside in the sun, soak up the rays and read a great book :)






  69. 69

    I love summer warmth, the cool rain, being able to play outside with my kids, and sitting in the shade reading a good book (or three) :)

  70. 70

    First, thank you to all of the amazing authors who are participating!
    Second, thanks for the recipes, sharing your books and stories/wishes for summer!
    Suzanne, I read everyday!
    To you authors who are currently experiencing winter months, sending you warm thoughts from the sunny state of Florida!
    My favorite thing about summer is probably the kids being home and the tourists going back North.
    I shared it.

  71. 71

    My favorite thing about summer is not having to set my alarm clock (I’m a teacher)! :-)



  72. 72

    My favorite thing about summer? I don’t like it being too hot or any humidity, but I like not having to wear coats. It’s also fun to spend more time with my young relative since she’s out of school for the summer.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  73. 73

    I love the lazy evenings spent reading;)

  74. 74

    Summer is my favorite season, it’s why I moved from Ohio to Florida! The best part of the actual summer months is staying up late with my 8yo granddaughter and watching cult classics like Little Shop of Horrors and Roger Rabbit.

    Thanks for an awesome summer giveaway~ so many new books I’m going to be in a 1-click coma

  75. 75

  76. 76

  77. 77

    The Fresh Prince singing “Summertime”

  78. 78

    The ice cream truck!

  79. 79

    […] week I’m part of the Smutketeers Summer-of-Love-A-Palooza! Head on over there to enter to win dozens of prizes including Amazon gift certificates and back […]

  80. 80

    My favorite thing about summef is spending more time with my family! I love BBQs & the smell of mint fields. Those are some of my most favorite things! :0)

  81. 81


    My favorite thing about Summer is my family’s yearly Summer vacation!! This year we went to Pigeon Forge, TN! Was a blast!

  82. 82

    Love this great giveaway. I like summer because it’s cherry season and vacation time.

  83. 83

    My favorite part of the summer is being out on the water on a boat. You can have a drink in one hand and a book in the other all while you’re soaking up the rays! I did post on facebook but I have no idea how I was supposed to prove that to you. It is under my name though.

  84. 84

    My favorite things about summer is BBQ and Renfaires. LOVE THEM both!

  85. 85

    What I love about summer is the weather and laying on the beach.

    Robin Womack

  86. 86

    My favorite thing about summer is putting the top back on my little Del Sol and hitting a nice long ride by the lake.

  87. 87

    The thing I most like about summer is getting to go to the beach in San Diego. Living in Arizona, that is my escape from the triple digit heat.

  88. 88

    Wow!!! So many great authors and books!! Super thrilled and excited about the next Bone Daddy book My favorite thing about summer is being able to go on vacations and a lot of my family that lives out of state comes and visits during summer. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  89. 89

    I love that it’s warm enough that I can hang outside for hours and just read- not really possible for 7 months of the year in Canada

  90. 90

    Summer means barbeque!

  91. 91

    Summertime is for catching fireflies

  92. 92


  93. 93

    The smell of newly mown grass

  94. 94

    All the restaurants have seafood specials

  95. 95

    Swimming pools and ice cream. :D

  96. 96

    I love summer ! Fun, sun and not have to wear a coat!

  97. 97

    My birthday is in the middle of summer so that is always fun. My favorite thing though is grilling and spending evenings outside with friends. The inner pyromaniac likes playing with BBQ a whole lot because fire + food = WIN!

  98. 98

    shared again!

  99. 99

    I love summer because I can sleep in.

  100. 100

    Tweeted again:

  101. 101

    Summer fun is drive-in movies

  102. 102

    Summer is the time for fireworks on the weekend just because it’s fun

  103. 103

    My granddaughter’s birthday bash is always a summer highlight.

  104. 104

    Fire pits and a bottle of wine at 3 am with my sister: gossip girls!

  105. 105

    Oops, just realized that I was supposed to prove that I shared (response 89), but can’t figure out how! I did RT Eden’s tweet tho & it’s in my profile (@cayenne9T1)

  106. 106

    My favorite thing about summer is getting to stay up late reading whatever I want to, the Smutketeers definitely fall into that group, and getting to sleep late in the morning!

  107. 107

    What a fantastic group of books. My TBR list is growing quickly.

  108. 108

  109. 109

    My favorite thing about summer is having more time outdoor bbq time with my family.

  110. 110


  111. 111

    Summer movies! Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone??? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  112. 112

    Tweeted again:

  113. 113

    This has to be my favorite giveaway!! My fave thing about summer: my bday!!
    Just tweeted: The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!

  114. 114

    This has to be my favorite giveaway!! My fave thing about summer: no work & my bday!!
    Just tweeted: The Smutketeers Summer-Of-Love-A-Palooza!

  115. 115

    Shared on Twitter –

    My favorite thing about summer is more time with my family enjoying the evenings…no homework so we can play and work in the garden.

  116. 116

    The best thing about summer is no running from here to there and more time to read good books like these

  117. 117

    Ooh, so many great reads!! My favorite is being able to read outside in the sun, enjoying my garden while reading on my Kindle =D Awesome!!
    Shared on twitter and FB
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Friday!

  118. 118


    2) Here we have summer at the same time we have Christmas and I love how people seem happier and enjoy the long days even more than in winter and we go out with my friends a lot. Besides, I have my birthday, that’s a plus. :P

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. 119

    Shared it again!

  120. 120

    Wow some really greats books here! I posted on my wish list and TBR list. I love the long lazy days of summer. The balmy twilights.
    well I shared this in my reading Group the Smut Sluts!

  121. 121

    Ooh, barefoot in the grass

  122. 122

    Summer afternoon rain showers

  123. 123

    Pedicures and wearing flip flops

  124. 124

    Cruising with the top down ;)

  125. 125

    Fresh garden vegetables

  126. 126

    Sleeping with the windows open

  127. 127

    Favorite thing about summer—vacations

    shared on twitter

  128. 128

    My favorite thing about summer is BBQ’s in the backyard… and the vegetables from our garden…

  129. 129

    Shared here:
    Chilling out by water with a great book & enough to drink.

  130. 130

    Hot summer days with balmy nights and cold glasses of white wine with a good book to read!

    Shared on Twitter:

  131. 131


  132. 132

    You get to break out the flip flops! ;-)

  133. 133

    Water balloon and super soaker fights

  134. 134

  135. 135

    So many books and authors that I want to read. My husband will kill me for spending so much money, but …

    Anyway my favorite thing about summer is the longer days.

  136. 136

    Tweeted again:

  137. 137

    Picnics in the park

  138. 138


  139. 139

    Growing my own vegetables~ yum!

  140. 140

    Flip-flops and tank tops

  141. 141

    Tending my flower beds

  142. 142

    Long days and balmy nights

  143. 143

    Sleeping with the windows open

  144. 144

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