With A Bang and 3 Contests!
by R.G. Alexander on Jul 30th, 2014 leave a response

We started July with a contest about the Billionaire Bachelors, and now that they’re all out? We’re ending it with a BANG!

*Winners have been picked–announced below

22600803Dean Warren is the billionaire CEO of Warren Industries. He’s spent the last five years proving his worth and repairing his family’s reputation. But the rules he’s had to live by are starting to chafe, especially when it comes to one particular employee. He doesn’t believe in coincidence, but when Sara Charles shows up suddenly unemployed and asking him to agree to a month of indulging their most forbidden fantasies–there’s no way he can refuse.

When reality is better than his wildest dreams, will the CEO break all of his own rules to keep her?

22600797Book 2

Tracy Reyes is a man who enjoys having control. Over his family’s billion dollar land and cattle empire, over the women he tops at the club, and over his life. When teacher Alicia Bell drops into his lap with a problem that needs solving and a body that begs to be bound, he can’t resist the opportunity to give her the education in kink she needs. But can he walk away from his passionate pupil when it’s time to meet his future bride?

22600814Henry Vincent and Peter Faraday have been friends forever. The royal rocker and polymath playboy have more than a few things in common. They’re both billionaires, they both love a challenge…and they’ve both carried a long-lasting torch for the woman that got away. Finding Holly again brings back feelings and memories neither one of them wanted to face. But they’ll have to if they want to share her. Keeping her from running again and making her admit how she feels about them will take teamwork. Hours of teamwork…and handcuffs


1st contest
Prize: $50 Amazon or B&N gift card
To enter: Share The Playboy’s Menage release on FB, Twitter, Social media, blog groups etc and post link here
Bonus entries: If you’ve read it and liked it–each review you post–Amazon, Goodreads, B&N adds another entry
2nd contest
Prize: $100 Amazon or B&N gift card
To enter: Share the whole series-The CEO’s Fantasy, The Cowboy’s Kink and The Playboy’s Menage and post link here.
Bonus entries: If you’ve read and liked any of the books–each new review you post–Amazon Goodreads, B&N adds another entry
3rd contest
Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N gift card
To enter: Share this contest on Smutketeers!!
Bonus entries: Answer these questions in comments below. Name of the gossip columnist. Name of the driver in all 3 books. Which cover is your favorite?

Winners will be chosen on Sunday!



1st contest–winner of $50 gift card is Pansy Petal!

2nd contest–winner of $100 gift card is Tina B!

3rd contest–winner of $25 gift card is Shannon!

Congratulations!! Thank you everyone for making July such a blast!

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    Love these giveaways!!! Love R.G.’s books too. Thanks for the chance to win!!!! Good luck to everyone.

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    They look soo good! I want :)

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    Thank you! I’ve shared the giveaway on Facebook and here on Twitter

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    I love The Cowboys kink cover best it is just sexy

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    -Shared giveaway on Twitter, @sierramcbride

    -Shared about whole series on Twitter, @sierramcbride

    – Shared about New Release, The Playboy’s Menage on Pinterest and Twitter

    Thank you for the amazing Giveaway !!

    stamper_sierra [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    The smuttier, the better! (Who said that?)

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    Shared the release on twitter

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    Shared the rest of the series

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    I was so excited about seeing The Playboy’s Menage was out (congratulations) I had to take a break and go read it. Loved it! Now let’s see about entries into these contests:
    Contest 1:
    Contest 2:
    Contest 3
    Gossip Columnist – Ms Anonymous
    Driver – Roy
    Favorite Cover – CEO’s Fantasy
    Thank you for the wonderful stories. I loved them and thank you for the contest opportunities.

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    Awesome contest. Also, I really like the first cover. I would definitely pick that one as my favorite, even though it doesn’t show a lot of skin.

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    Contest 1 – Share The Playboy’s Menage





    Contest 2 – Share the series





    Contest 3 – Shared the giveaway





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    Good evening Smutkeetes,

    1. Ms Anonymous
    2. Ray
    3. The CEO’s Fantasy is my favorite cover.

    Many thanks ladies

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    Tweeted the release of The Playboy’s Menage:

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    Tweeted contest:

    Ms. Anonymous is the gossip columnist.
    Roy is the driver in all three books.
    My favorite cover is the cover for The Cowboy’s Kink.

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    Tweet for first contest:

    Tweet for second contest:

    Tweet for third contest:

    Bonus entries:
    Name of the gossip columnist : Ms Anonymous

    Name of the driver in all 3 books : Roy
    My favorite cover is : I like The Playboy’s Menage. ;)

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    Love this series! I am happy for the release of the third book in the series “The Playboy’s Menage”! I hope there will be more in the series.

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    These look awesome!! Fingers crossed!!

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    …./…who loves a good contest…me!

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    Shared via email

    1) Ms. Anonymous
    2) Roy
    3) the CEO’s fantasy

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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    1st Contest:

    2nd Contest:

    reviews for CEO’s Fantasy:

    reviews for Cowboy’s Kink:

    3rd Contest:

    Ms. Anonymous
    The CEO’s Fantasy–love the suggestion that you find out what’s under that suit ;)

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    […] G. Alexander is having a contest to celebrate the release of her new series! Go here to enter the contest.Then buy all three books: CEO’s Fantasy ($2.99), Cowboy’s Kink ($2.99), and […]

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    Contest 3

    BONUS Answers:
    1) Ms. Anonymous
    2) Roy
    3) The Ceo’s Fantasy is my favorite cover.

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    I shared the covers here:

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    contest 1: shared fb:

    contest 2:

    shared 3rd contest:

    Bonus ?s:
    1) Ms. Anonymous
    2) Roy
    3) the Cowboys kink

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    Contest #2:

    reviews for Playboy’s Menage:
    Playboy’s Menage:

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    #1 – Shared on Facebook

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    Contest 1 –

    Contest 2 –

    Contest 3 –

    BONUS Answers:
    1) Ms. Anonymous
    2) Roy
    3) The Cowboy’s Kink

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    1) Ms. Anonymous
    2) Roy
    3) I like THE PLAYBOY’S MENAGE cover.

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    Posted about THE PLAYBOY’S MENAGE release here:

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    My Amazon review of THE PLAYBOY’S MENAGE is here, under my Amazon username Trix:

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    Starting this tonight!!
    Congrats on the new release, Rg!!
    The name of the gossip columnist is Ms. Anonymous. The driver’s name is Roy. I like all of the covers, but The Cowboy’s Kink is the one that I like the most.
    Shared the contest ~
    Shared The Playboy’s Menage releaes ~
    Shared the whole series ~

    I will be posting my reviews once I finish them all!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

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    Contest 1 – Shared The Playboy’s Menage release on Twitter

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    I just finished The CEO’s Fantasy and boy was it HOT!! I am starting The Cowboy’s Kink now! YAY!!

    Here are my reviews of it ~

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    Thanks, Smutketeers! What a month! Congratulations and happy shopping, Pansy Petal, Tina B, and Shannon!

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    Wow!!! Thank you so much!! I am devouring this series! Will be starting the Playboy’s soon!
    Congrats to Shannon and Petal as well!